U.S. and Iran edging toward direct talks

Originally posted on Q13 FOX News:

Iran’s foreign minister

Iran’s new foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has said that Washington and Tehran have exchanged private messages about the civil war in Syria. Photo courtesy Ahmad al Rubaye/Pool photo

By Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — Signaling a possible thaw in long-frozen relations, the Obama administration and the new leadership in Iran are communicating about Syria and are moving behind the scenes toward direct talks that both governments hope can ease the escalating confrontation over Tehran’s nuclear program.

President Obama reportedly reached out to Iran’s relatively moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, through an exchange of letters in recent weeks. The pragmatist cleric is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24, and after years of the United States cold-shouldering his ultraconservative predecessor, U.S. officials say it’s possible they will meet with Rouhani on the sidelines.

Beyond that, U.S. and Iranian officials are tentatively laying the…

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