7.4 Earthquake in Colombia Reported on 9.30.2012

These videos are mostly from citizen journalist news reporters.

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Ticking Time Bomb? Bayou Bubbles, Strange Bubbling Sinkholes: Bayou Corne Louisiana Evacuated

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We have a ticking time-bomb for a future environmental catastrophe in southern Louisiana and it is being under-reported, if noted at all, on American TV network newscasts. I watch the alphabet channels network evening news as if it were my religion, as I compare what I find online with what is reported on news networks to monitor what they choose to omit and NOT report to the American public. I have not seen a single news report on Network news about rupturing natural gas lines in Louisiana, about natural gas bubbles and sinkholes in Louisiana, or the evacuation of an entire town over it [ Bayou Corne ]  So I am reporting it here.


A possible breach of a butane-filled well 1500 feet from Bayou Corne’s sinkhole, the size of three football fields, is so “very serious,” it has Assumption Parish sheriff and local residents ordered to evacuate worried about a catastrophic explosion, one according to scientists in an Examiner investigation, would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service.

“The disaster is made all the more worrisome because the hole is believed to be close to a well containing 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, a highly volatile liquid that turns into a highly flammable vapor upon release,” CNN reported Friday about Louisiana’s declared State of Emergency.

Louisiana is the main artery for a complex network of buried oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and natural gas pipelines, a literal underground “ball of snakes” pipeline complex which has the potential to create one of the most colossal man-made disasters in United States history.  The warning signs are all around residents in the region, as well as the memory of documented man-made disasters in the recent past.

I know what it’s like to love the land your ancestors settled, yet even so, knowing all of this I would see no purpose in continuing to try to build a future in the bubbling shifting sands of southern Louisiana.

The potential for a near future mega-disaster arising [ literally ] from some sort of dire accident or natural calamity involving these underground pipelines adds to the sense of “time to face the music” for residents of certain parts of southern Louisiana. Added to the bizarre “bubbling sinkhole” issue is the history of devastating hurricanes in the region [ Katrina, Isaac most recently]. It might be time for many of the bravest and smartest in southern Louisiana to consider a permanent relocation. Starting over now will be much less difficult than starting over after a calamity that ruins the region for human habitation for decades.

Apparently it was “officially undetermined” whether huge sinkholes and “Bayou Bubbles” which appeared in parts of Louisiana were a natural earth changes phenomenon or if they were actually entirely man-made when these video reports were published. Underground natural gas domes in the region had begun to leak, and reports would indicate that at least part of the “Bayou Bubble” phenomenon was due to those natural gas leaks.

Most of these videos are from August 2012.

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Muslim Brotherhood President Frees Monster in Brutal Luxor Massacre

Did anyone on the Left in the US who supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt think it was going to be any different? The most naive and gullible people in America are those on the Left who believe that Islam is a peace loving religion which is not intent on planning global Jihad against the West. That fact alone makes the Left in the USA a serious threat to our own national security, by way of their gullible “see-no-evil” approach to US foreign policy.

Bombshell: Obama Administration Deleted State Dept. Memo From Internet After Discovering Al-Qaeda Was Behind Benghazi Attack

I find it hard to believe our State Dept. couldn’t figure this out. It’s another highly public embarrassment for US foreign policy.

Socialism is not the Answer

Gateway Pundit

Yesterday there were reports that the Obama Administration found out that Al-Qaeda was behind the Benghazi consulate attacks within 24 hours of the assault that killed four Americans.

So what was their first action?Did they secure the compound? – No, that took over a week to get FBI agents to the consulate Did they acknowledge it was an Al-Qaeda attack? No, Obama this week blamed the terror attack on a YouTube protest.

Here’s what they did – They scrubbed a damning State Department memo from the internet–

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Obama on the 2012 Campaign Trail: “If you’ve got a successful business, you didn’t build that…”

Let’s be honest. We expect our political leaders to do and say all the right things at all the right times, all the time, and they just don’t do that.  They are mere mortals with all the foibles of people whose every word, action and apparent intent is scrutinized by a cadre of enemies who lay in wait like packs of wolves, ready to circle for the kill. Both Romney and Obama know all about this dark side of politics. It’s the actual scaffolding that both of their campaigns depend on most all of the time. In the absence of real substance, most presidential elections now depend on capitalizing upon the gaffes of the opponent to make the case for their own fairy tale campaign.

Admittedly Mitt Romney has by now just about ruined his chances of becoming the President with his many loose cannon remarks, most noteworthy his private comments to a group of supporters regarding his thoughts about “the 47%” which was candidly recorded on video then shared with the world on TV.

But Barack Obama has made some similarly jaw dropping statements to campaign trail audiences which are just as foolish and outrageous, even comments that would give one pause as to his own intelligence, and he has said these things in plain view of Smart Phone and TV cameras this year.  As you might have guessed,  not a peep has been mentioned by the liberal leaning US media complex about such mega-gaffes by Barack Obama in 2012.

Let’s take the moment he states that any business owner in the United States who is successful didn’t do that by themselves.

“If you’ve got a successful business, you didn’t build that…”

Fair is fair news hounds and gaffe hunters. If you are going to skewer Mitt Romney over his missteps, you ought to exercise the same blood lust to expose Obama’s gaffes as  the real opinions that they are. Granted, politics in America is now little more than controlled pretense, a display of opposing hood ornaments, a pretend game of posturing “show and tell”  which is orchestrated by NWO elites to convince Americans that they are actually really electing a different approach to governance every four years. That Wag the Dog “hologram game” disguised as a presidential election is up with savvy voters by now. We’re not all as stupid as you think we are.

Every four years it becomes more clear that it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House. The CFR’s agenda and the Bilderberg Group‘s policies march forth.  This media charade of not-fair and way-not-balanced presidential news coverage is twisted to the left so far by this point that even younger voters have looked up from their smart phones and noticed it.

I would inquire of the American news media to at least make fairy tale politics a fair blood sport by exposing the true opinions of both candidates when they stagger out loud on the campaign trail. Let’s give the gaffe hunters’ skeet shoot of unending public cruelty an equal opportunity to ruin both candidates, because both of them are saying outrageously stupid and ridiculous things each week.  Let’s be fair: expose the stupidity of both men, because it’s certainly there in plain view.

Cited from The Blaze:

1) President Obama referred to Israel’s concern over Iran’s march toward a nuclear program as “noise” and then called Israel one of the nation’s closest allies in the region.

According to Kristen Silverberg, former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Obama’s commentary is unusual. “There has been a bi-partisan consensus for many years that the US and Israel are the closest of allies.

2) Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was not premeditated. The commentary directly contradicted top Libyan officials who said the attack was planned in advance.

3) President Obama stated that his biggest lesson from his first term was that “you can’t change Washington from the inside.”

4) President Obama said that Egypt was not an ally, only to then be contradicted by his own State Department.

I’ll add more Obama 2012 campaign gaffes to this post as the weeks go on until November. You can see the Romney gaffes everywhere at every second of everyday in 15,000 locations so I won’t need to post those.

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Tennessee Fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha House Suspended For Using Alcohol Enemas aka “Butt Chugging”

We all know that fraternities and sororities and their hazing rituals can sometimes get way out of hand and go terribly wrong. But in our ever escalating “intoxication nation” college students are now experimenting with new, bizarre and truly dangerous ways of getting higher or drunker faster that borders upon the insane. That’s what happened in Tennessee.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the practice came to light this past Saturday when a student was brought to a local hospital with alcohol poisoning. Police said his blood alcohol was measured at above 0.40, a level that can be fatal.Fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha House is offending the culprit. Parents heads up, would-be college students, steer clear of Pi Kappa Alpha in Tennessee. The only successful method of stopping the madness is to shame these stupid sons of bitches to death before they kill somebody.

And just in case you thought this problem was exclusive to the USA, check out this report titled “Booze Britain:”