BREAKING: Serious Vote Fraud Already Discovered in Ohio, NC as Voting Machines Record “Obama” When Voting for Mitt Romney

I began warning my readers about electronic voting machine fraud back in the summer of 2009 after I learned more about the design of the electronic voting machines and how easy it was to go in with a laptop and a passkey and reprogram or hack the machines to literally change the voting outcome. Fast forward to 2012 and look what is happening already:

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In Greece Unemployment To Rise Higher Than Spain

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Trick or Treat! World’s Most Outrageously Carved Halloween Jack O’Lanterns

A very talented sculpting artist who was born and raised in Long Island NY, Ray Villafane, is reputed to be the master carver behind these stunning Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns. The name of his studio appears on some of the photos:  Villafane Studios. Enjoy!

Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

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Tragic Aftermath: Hurricane Sandy Photos, Live Streaming Video Coverage, Weather Channel Reports

Updated Tuesday October 30th 2012

At least 39 dead, millions without power in Sandy’s aftermath

Photos have begun pouring onto the web which tell the story of the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath and destructive power. The jarring snapshot of New York City’s fleet of well known yellow cabs sitting in standing water up to their headlights was particularly striking.

More than 8.2 million people are without electricity on the upper east coast in New Jersey, Delaware, New York State and New England. Power may not be restored in many regions for more than a week. In Rhode Island entire beach houses were washed away and disappeared into piles of rubble during the storm. 43 feet of Rhode Island coastline vanished completely during the storm. It’s gone. 73% of Maryland residents are without electric power. 1.1 million are without power in Pennsylvania. In Appalachia severe snow storms have brought a blanket of white to mountain regions weeks ahead of when heavy snows would usually begin. More than 2 feet of snow has fallen in parts of West Virginia.

Rivers on the upper east coast are cresting at anywhere from 8 to 14 feet above flood stage. As I compile this post flood water and sand is still pouring into city blocks in Atlantic City which are well away from the oceanfront. Many buildings on the Atlantic City oceanfront boardwalk have been utterly destroyed. Others have huge holes blown through them where flood waters surged in when the Sandy made landfall. Fires from exploding electrical transformers broke out in many regions. 50 homes burned to ash in Queens NYC, an entire city block.

The storm’s effects are being felt all the way to Chicago as gale force winds and pummeling rain extend well into the upper Midwest. As far west as Indiana thousands are still without power. Hundreds of homes on the east coast have been literally swept off their foundations. All NYC airports are flooded out with extensive wind and water damage. Flood waters have poured into the NYC subway system. The damage is so extensive it’s difficult to grasp it fully right at this moment. I will let the photos tell the story. This page will be updated all week.


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This represents a sea change in the disposition of the people of Louisiana, where Obama won by 20% in 2008. It’s encouraging to see more people waking up to the reality of our national economic plight instead of taking a fresh dose of manchurian Kool Aid in 2012.

Hollywood Pop Candy

Oh what a difference a few years makes. From “Yes we can” to “Get off the stage!”  This is obviously NOT the Super Bowl Halftime Show anymore Madonna, and you ought to get a clue. It’s not like this is  the first time you have been booed on stage.

The man-child Manchurian golden man whose allure was built on lies is golden no more. The entire nation is sinking into an ominous economic black hole, more than 16 trillion dollars in debt. Kids go into debt tens of thousands of dollars to get a college degree, they graduate then go work at McDonald’s if they are lucky.

If you weren’t so Illuminati Princess super rich and out of touch with the masses you would already know that. Go take a spin down the 40 square mile crusted ghetto hell hole of Detroit Madonna. Go find out why they are booing…

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