BREAKING: Syrian Rebels Admit Use of Chemical Weapons Supplied by Saudi Arabia, by AP Reporter Dale Gavlak

From May 2013, earlier this year:

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Breaking news: Rebels admit gas attack result of mishandling chemical weapons

The Syria issue getting murkier by the day. Many citizen reporters had already suspected that it might be the so called Syrian rebels themselves who were responsible for the chemical weapons attacks. Now comes this report.

The Muslim Issue

Several bodies being buried in Damascus due to the last week’s chemical attack-AP Photo/Shaam News Network

August 30, 2013  |   Examiner

In a report that is sure to be considered blockbuster news, the rebels told Dale Gavlak, a reporter who has written for the Associated Press, NPR and BBC, they are responsible for the chemical attack last week.

Gavlak is a Middle Eastern journalist who filed the report about the rebels claiming responsibility on the Mint Press News website, which is affiliated with AP.

In that report allegedly the rebels told him the chemical attack was a result of mishandling chemical weapons.

This news should deflate the accusations, against the Assad regime, coming from the U.S., Britain, France and the Arab League.

Since the chemical attacks last week, the Assad government was immediately blamed. On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said: That Assad’s guilt was “a judgment already clear to the world,” according to

As a result of Assad’s government being blamed for the…

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Atoning for Libya:Germany Seeks Low Profile in Syria

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By Daryl Lindsey

Protests against a possible military strike in Syria have been largely muted in Germany this week. Here, Left Party demonstrators hold a sign: "Bombs don't create peace." Zoom


Protests against a possible military strike in Syria have been largely muted in Germany this week. Here, Left Party demonstrators hold a sign: “Bombs don’t create peace.”

All eyes are on the international community this week as the US prepares to strike Syria. In Germany, political leaders are keen to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing mistakes made in the run-up to the Libya intervention. Experts say Berlin will offer political support but little else.

Will it come this weekend? Early next week? Or will it follow the G-20 summit in Russia, which begins on Thursday? Few in Germany doubt the likelihood that the United States will launch some kind of strike against Syria in the coming days. British Prime Minister David Cameron may have suffered a bitter defeat by a negative vote in his country’s parliament on Thursday, but that likely won’t stop the US…

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Obama Just Gave Up The Nobel Peace Prize

And to think they generated the Norway Spiral for nothing. lol.


by Floyd G. Brown,

And the Nobel Prize for Peace goes to…Barack Obama! Sometimes you have to wonder if the Nobel Committee doesn’t regret falling for the “Obama the Peacemaker” rhetoric a little too early.

Earlier this year, I gathered with a group of friends and elected officials to discuss the status of America. I used the meeting to make a provocative claim. I said to the assembled powerful leaders, “How many of you think America will be at war by the end of the year?” Of the dozen, only two of us raised our hands.

The others said they didn’t raise their hands because “we just ended Iraq, and it’s too soon for another war.”

Or I also heard this one: “Obama is weak. He doesn’t have the guts to start a war.”

Or how about this one…”Congress will never approve of Obama launching a major military…

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Syrian Rebels Claim Saudis Involved in Chemical Attack

But wait …. it gets even worse.


And by Friday, a much bigger bombshell, if you will pardon the pun. In an exclusive report for Mint Press News, interviews with Syrians in the location of the chemical attacks seems to point to direct Saudi involvement in providing the chemical weapons for the attack.

via Acronym TV | Syrian Rebels Claim Saudi Prince Bandar Responsible For Chemical Weapons Attack.

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