MISSING PERSON: Police Search for Missing Wayne University Law Studen Tiane Brown

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Police search for missing Wayne State University law student Tiane Brown


Posted: 4:34 PM
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(WXYZ) – The Wayne State University Police Department and the Waterford Township Police Department are asking for the public’s help to locate a missing law student.

Tiane Brown was last seen on Monday, October 28 at 8:15 p.m. at the Wayne State Law School. Police say her parents reported her missing when she didn’t pick up her children at their house in West Bloomfield.

Brown is 5′-7″ and around 145 pounds with brown eyes and brown, shoulder length hair. Brown lives in Waterford.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact police at 313-577-2224.

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My Message to ABC: “Don’t Give Lady Gaga A ‘Muppet Show Thanksgiving Special’ – She’s NO Role Model for America’s Kids.

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Every once in a while you spot a series of news headlines which when combined are so utterly jarring that they strain credulity. Two different headlines have appeared in the last 24 hours which not only give pause, but beg that American TV viewers demand that ABC network executives please take a few weeks off and go get their collective heads examined.

Here are the headlines. So you tell me – what’s wrong with the picture painted below for American TV viewers?

Lady Gaga gets completely naked in London stage performance of new song ‘Venus’

Lady Gaga and the Muppets Team Up for Holiday TV Special on ABC

Any TV program which has the Muppets in it is aimed directly at VERY YOUNG TV viewers which are usually about eight years old or less. WHY would ABC want TV viewers this young to be exposed to Lady Gaga’s questionable and mostly lurid personality during the Thanksgiving holiday? Are ABC executives really going to sink THAT LOW???

Since the TV execs at ABC apparently lack all adult discernment necessary for selecting an appropriate “music celebrity” to headline a holiday special which won’t offend viewing audiences and appall parents as well, I am giving them a helping hand.

America’s young children are already being assaulted in every form of media with explicitly violent, content which borders upon the depraved, and sexually explicit content which exposes small children to WAAAY TOO MUCH information about sex before they are even 6 years old. The last thing America’s young children need is for lunatic Gaga public nudist and psycho-rock-chic-at-large to be presented to America’s young children on TV over the holidays as if she’s some sort of role model for them.

Role model for WHAT? Repeated incidents of public nudity? Nonstop assaults of perverse and morbid imagery?  An ever descending public personna which indicates that sanity is optional for successful adulthood?

Have ABC television executives completely lost their minds? And am I the only person so appalled by this decision by ABC that I will absolutely NEVER watch the network again?

Or I am just the voice of fundamental human decency out here howling in the wilderness of blogland?


Shouldn’t ABC be REALLY WORRIED that Gaga will have another “personally euphoric moment” on live TV and strip naked while she belts out a happy Thanksgiving tune with the Muppets? Or is that going to be ok too now? Will the ABC TV muppet special include a “live sex show” too?

Are ABC’s TV ratings so LOW that they will throw out the last vestige of broadcasting decency on their network and go for the “sheer outrage” factor to drum up TV viewers? I hope this decision backfires on these idiots. If we begin seeing an odd new phenomenon of six year old kids disrobing in public before mommy can get to them and drag them out of the mall, you will know where the idea came from.

The singer stood in all of her full-frontal glory ...

Less Than 10 Seconds Needed For The Police To Murder A Kid With A Toy

Real Science

Ten seconds after their initial report to dispatch, one of the officers called in “shot have been fired.”

FBI to Investigate Shooting of Calif. 13-Year-Old – ABC News

Two days ago they were claiming that the kid ignored repeated requests by the police.

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Caveat Emptor – Washington State Healthcare Exchange Overestimated Subsidies For 8,000 People

The haywire government fiasco otherwise known as “Obamacare” is just now beginning to be exposed for the farce that it is. By this time next year the outrage and uproar over this law will heard from one end of the nation to the other as the full impact and effects of the Orwellian law become more evident. What we are seeing now is just the beginning.

‘Time to reform surveillance state’: Massive ‘Stop Watching Us’ rally challenges NSA spying — RT USA


Twelve years after Americans were stripped of their rights in the name of fighting terrorism, thousands have gathered in Washington DC to protest unconstitutional NSA spying programs revealed by Edward Snowden, and call for repeal of the Patriot Act.

Stop Watching Us campaign demands reform of “Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, the state secrets privilege, and the FISA Amendments Act to make clear that blanket surveillance of the Internet activity and phone records of any person residing in the US is prohibited by law and that violations can be reviewed in adversarial proceedings before a public court.”

United under a banner reading “Thank You Snowden” thousands lined the Capitol to hear a statement by former NSA contractor read out.

“Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no Internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the…

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