Palm beach county Fl. Deputy shoot unarmed guy in the back, supervisor can be heard telling him “I got your back on this”


This dashcam video from 2013 was released and it contradicts what the cop said happened. This is all part of a larger investigation being done by contact 5 into Palm beach county police corruption.

Just remember, when one of these sworn officers walks into a court room, that court automatically believes him.

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The 9 things protest leaders want from police. Period.


Ever since a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., a new generation of American activism has emerged, which has slowly been building its own ethos and piecing together a way to articulate exactly how it says the criminal justice system has failed them.

After a night of protests and rioting in Baltimore, President Obama on Tuesday also said the nation needs some soul-searching on the issue. “We can’t just leave this to the police,” he said.

Without a doubt, DeRay McKesson, a Minneapolis native, is one of this movement’s most influential leaders. He tweets relentlessly, and people listen to him and follow his direction.

McKesson moved to St. Louis in the wake of the protests that followed Brown’s death in nearby Ferguson. But since making that move, he has followed the movement across the map, up till today, where he finds himself in…

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#Baltimore: Salon Advocates ‘Legitimate’ Private Property Destruction, Cop-Car Burning

I’m stunned by this report. I consider the statements made by as reckless and anarchistic. I won’t ever feel the same way about their publication after read this report. Inciting anyone to violence for any reason is contributing to our nation’s problems, not helping to solve them.

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