Pluto’s Largest Moon Charon Like You Have Never Seen It

Modern Astronomy

Pluto swings about her largest moon in a delicate gravity dance that is not unlike a space ballet of sorts. Charon’s size creates a gravity tug that causes the large moon to pull at Pluto, creating an almost “binary-twin” type of mutual push-pull-spin. Naturally us space geeks have been fascinated to know more about what Charon looks like. Here’s the first breathtaking zoomed photo of Charon up close and personal. Notice the dark region in the north polar area, or northern pole. It has been tentatively named ‘Mordor’ by NASA.


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New Zoomed Photo of Pluto Reveals Ice Mountains Up to 11,000 Feet High

Modern Astronomy

You knew it was going to be stellar. One NASA scientist has already made reference to the “incoming waterfall of data” which would be following yesterday’s historic #Plutoflyby by New Horizons. The photo below, courtesy of The New York Times, reveals a close-up of some of Pluto’s fantastic geologic features. What you are seeing are literal mountains of ice, estimated at up to 11,0000 feet in height.


Cited:  “Mountains on Pluto One of the first images returned to Earth after the flyby shows a small portion of the dwarf planet’s surface, with ice mountains up to 11,000 feet high. The lack of craters indicates that the surface is quite young, no more than 100 million years old. The photo was taken early on Tuesday morning.”


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Finally, Pluto! After an Epic Nine Year Journey, NEW HORIZONS Commences Her Historic Fly-By

Modern Astronomy

It seems like it has taken FOREVER!  🙂 !!

But finally, earlier this morning, New Horizons began her closest approach to Pluto. It will take on average more than 5 hours for her photos and other observations to arrive back on earth, where billions of fascinated people around the world will be treated to a series of ever-sharpening, higher resolution color photos of the little dwarf planet, which might be “the last in the solar system”, but never the least in our hearts. I personally mark this day as being every bit as important as the day we landed on the moon for the first time. It’s a milestone for all of humanity to celebrate and treasure.

Live coverage of NASA’s New Horizons mission is here. You can login to YouTube to participate in live chat about the ongoing mission. This page will be updated all week:

There has been…

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What the Holy Spirit Told Me to Watch for Years Ago Is Happening Now

Biblical Times

Hello to all my subscribers:

Today is July 10th 2015. I haven’t posted much to this blog for several years, as I was told in Spirit to withdraw and take care of many personal concerns in my life which urgently needed attention. But I have not ceased watching and praying about the times we are living in, spending many late nights researching and quietly documenting world events.

Today I decided I should post an update. Back in 2011-2012 I began to pray and query the Holy Spirit urgently concerning what I should watch for in the Mideast concerning the coming rise of the Son of Perdition. I believe this person whom the KJV Holy Bible names as “the Son of Perdition” is the same person whom the Islamic world names as the coming Imam Mahdi.

I was always told by Spirit when I prayed about this topic the same reply…

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