Here’s an Excellent Example of Why I Won’t Spend Money on WordPress

My main news blog is being tinkered with again. The “Re-blog” function has completely disappeared from my main news blog site: I’ve checked the WP “sharing” settings and it’s clicked as “on” – but…. the functional link to reblog a page or post at the top of my blog header has completely disappeared.

Anyone?  Running a search in WP “help” yields no information on why this has happened.

Here is a screen capture:


If the 2016 Presidential Election Were Held Today, Here’s How GOP Contenders Would Fare.

[ Don’t shoot the messenger!  🙂 ]

These ‘election results’ are based on a voting poll which currently appears on the website on 8.27.2015.  Interestingly, neither Jeb Bush or Chris Christie got enough votes to even make the top five. Hmmm. Trump’s whopping 38% of votes is decidedly larger than other official media polls and news broadcasts which show him at about 24-28%.


As I was completing this post, the poll statistics on  The Donald jumped once again, and he is now polling at 40%. Here’s related info along with some other interesting poll numbers:

[ Courtesy article ]

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina three of the top five GOP presidential candidates, have never held office.

The Gravis results were as follows:

Donald Trump – 40.1%

Ben Carson – 13%

Jeb Bush – 10%

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)


– 7 %

Carly Fiorina – 5.2%

John Kasich – 4.8%

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)


– 4.7%

Mike Huckabee – 3.7%

Scott Walker – 3.5%

Rick Perry – 1.5%

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)


– 1.5%

Chris Christie – 1.4%

George Pataki – 1.1%

Rick Santorum – 1%

Bobby Jindal – 0.9%

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)


– 0.6%

The poll surveyed 3,567 voters randomly across the United States. It had a margin of error of plus or minus two percent and was conducted August 21-22.


Top Ten Sanctuary Nations in Which to Seek Refuge in the Event of a Nuclear War

I downloaded this video today, and would suggest others do the same. Because you never know.

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Ashley Madison Data Exposes Which States Are Most & Least Faithful RE: Marriage Fidelity

American Info Maps

Which US state populations cheat the most in marriages? Haven’t you always secretly wanted to know? 

In a sad but enlightening moment for the married and single American public, America’s biggest cheaters’ website has provided enough raw data on marital fidelity, or the absence of same to compile an ‘official’ long list of which states are the “most cheating-est” in terms of breaking the vows of marriage – and which states rank as the “least cheating-est” in marriage. The number one most cheating state in the union for breaking the vows of marriage is Alabama. Surprise, surprise Gomer. While the south has always prided itself on it’s strict interpretation of the moral compass of marital fidelity, it turns out Alabamans are the most eager to cheat on their spouses and break the vows of marriage, while Idahoans are the very least inclined to cheat on their spouses.

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Oh, my. Is there a backup to Hillary’s unauthorized, insecure email server?

Will wonders never cease? If this turns out to be true, we are all about to be treated to a more or less never-ending SPEW of media-published emails from Hillary’s server, as they are leaked to the press. Wow. Maybe, just maybe, this crook of a former first lady will finally get prosecuted for at least one of her many crimes against the American people. Just my thoughts on the matter ….. – Leigh

Public Secrets

Above the rules. What backups?

Well, this news should have Lady Macbeth shrieking: the company she hired to store the unsecure server she kept in basement at Chappaqua (and on which she kept Top Secret information) may have made a backup before wiping and storing it.


Platte River Networks, the Denver-based cybersecurity firm Hillary Clinton hired in 2013 to maintain her old email server, says it is “highly likely” a full backup of the device was made and that the thousands of emails Clinton deleted may still exist, ABC News is reporting.

On Wednesday, Platte River gave the FBI the server Clinton used as secretary of state. The Democratic presidential candidate had stated numerous times prior to that that she would not relinquish control of the server to a third party.

But the FBI became interested in the hardware after the revelation that the Intelligent Community inspector general had determined that…

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