Where Are the ‘Radicalized’ Mosques in the United States? Maps, Links, Research


Presently there are an estimated 2,106 Islamic mosques located in the United States. Of those, approximately 4% – or about 83 mosques have been identified as places where radicalized sermons are delivered, urging followers to wage Jihad against non-Muslims.

There is a broad sweep of opinions concerning the hotly debated issues of whether or not certain mosques located in the United States should be shut down. There is no doubt that within the confines of some, not all, Islamic mosques located in the USA, teachings and sermons are being promulgated which could inspire misguided young men and women to seek to do harm to other US citizens. If we have no issue with continuing to be ‘blind sitting ducks’ for another large, gory, devastating terror attack which leaves dozens or hundreds dead, then we should leave them open. But if we value and cherish American lives above all, and are willing to do everything legal within our power to protect the innocent and keep them alive, then we should close them down. The choice is very clear: either keep heads in the sand, or stand up like intelligent men and women – and protect our nation like the patriotic Americans we were born to be. Here are the maps:

Report: Members of Islamic terrorist organizations coming across Texas border

The map above includes 83 – or about 4 percent – of the 2,106 mosques in the United States as of 2010. Map re-posted courtesy of The Daily Caller news website:  See http://dailycaller.com


Mike Adams: ‘UFO’ Video-Recorded Over Los Angeles Was a Thermonuclear Missile Launch

11.21.2015 #BlacklistedNews

This video is part one of a 4 part video produced by Mike Adams, reporter for Health Ranger. After you listen to there should be links that come up for the rest of the other parts.


Published on Nov 8, 2015

The launch of a Trident missile (thermonuclear weapons platform) over Los Angeles is the US Navy’s warning to China and an effort to prevent escalation into World War III.


Huge Unusual “Fireball UFO” Filmed Over Siberian City

This UFO video-recorded over Siberia by someone in an auto while sitting in traffic looks almost identical to the one seen and video-recorded by dozens of people up and down the coast of California just a few weeks ago. See second video below the first clip.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets Photo of Large UFO From The International Space Station, Photo Goes Viral

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True or False? ISIS Training Camps Located 8 Miles from USA Texas Border in Mexico

11.20.2015  #BlacklistedNews

Updated every 2 hours:

Originally published on April 15, 2015

Researchers at Judicial Watch have uncovered an ISIS training camp just 8 miles from the United States border, in the Mexican State of Chihuahua.


Is there actually an ISIS training camp located just eight miles away from our southern border in Texas, close to El Paso? I don’t like this report, I find it just too hard to believe, and I would love to prove it false. I am posting the videos below, and in the meantime I am looking for more evidence to corroborate whether the report is factual.

Everything I have learned to date is posted and linked to in this report, which will updated as I learn more. The majority of available news reporting on this issue is coming out of the Alex Jones YT Channel, which has nearly 1.2 million subscribers. If the story is true, then it ought to be getting urgent media coverage by at least 8-10 other credible news outlets. I’d like to add that it ought to be a felony to suppress news reporting that an ISIS training camp is located in Mexico, just my opinion. If this all took place, and not a single US media outlet reported the news to the American people, way back in October of 2014, then there has been a “bloodless media coup” in this country and we ought to be as furious as any time in American history since the assassination of JFK.

By the same token: if the story is false, then Alex Jones news reporting should withdraw their video reports and post a correction. Here’s what residents of the Mexico town purported to be the location of the camp had to say about it:

Only On ABC-7: Anapra, Mexico residents, US congressman debunk ISIS training camp rumor

To their credit the Alex Jones people have been all over this story, which received the most attention in April of 2015. They sent a man into Anapra Mexico, which is near the purported location of the ISIS camp:

Original video reports of the purported ISIS camp in Mexico:

Islamic State operating in Mexico just 8 miles from U.S. border: report

Report: With Cartel Help, ISIS Crossing Border From Mexico

Cited: “The sources also told the government watchdog that human smugglers working for Mexican drug cartels were helping ISIS operatives cross the U.S. border into New Mexico and Texas. Moments after its release, the Judicial Watch report sparked headlines across the United States and around the world. And while government sources were quick to issue official denials, considering the troubling facts behind the rise of ISIS and the U.S. government’s well-documented relationship with some Mexican drug cartels, it would hardly be surprising if the seemingly unrelated forces were cooperating.”

October 18th 2014: JW Confirms: 4 ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Texas in Last 36 Hours

Cited article re-posted:

“Islamic terrorists have entered the United States through the Mexican border and Homeland Security sources tell Judicial Watch that four have been apprehended in the last 36 hours by federal authorities and the Texas Department of Public Safety in McAllen and Pharr.

JW confirmed this after California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a former Marine Corp Major and member of the House Armed Services Committee, disclosed on national television that at least ten Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) fighters have been caught crossing the Mexican border in Texas. The veteran lawmaker got the astounding intel straight from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Homeland Security agency responsible for guarding the 1,933-mile southern border.

“If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border,” Hunter proclaimed on a national cable news show this week. “It’s that simple. ISIS doesn’t have a navy, they don’t have an air force, they don’t have nuclear weapons. The only way that ISIS is going to harm Americans is by coming in through the southern border – which they already have.” The three-term congressmen went on: “They aren’t flying B-1 bombers, bombing American cities, but they are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico.”

In late August JW reported that Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources confirmed to JW that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.

Back then intelligence officials said they had picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to “carry out an attack on the border,” according JW’s sources. “It’s coming very soon,” confirmed a high-level government official who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as “ISIS and Al Qaeda.” Two days after JW’s report ran, Ft. Bliss, the U.S. Army post in El Paso, implemented increased security measures. The Department of Defense (DOD) attributed the move to vague “security assessments” and the constant concern for the safety of military members, families, employees and civilians.

However, military experts told JW that the increase in security indicates that Ft. Bliss is a target. Military installations in the U.S. only make changes to security measures when there are clear and present threats, according to retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, former commander of the Army’s elite Delta Force who also served four years as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. “That means they’re getting a threat stream. Ft. Bliss had to have a clear and present threat,” Boykin said. Following that news, federal law enforcement sources in El Paso revealed that U.S. Congressman Beto O’Rourke telephoned the area offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) in an effort to identify—and evidently intimidate—sources that may have been used by JW to break the ISIS in Juarez story.”

Only On ABC-7: Anapra, Mexico residents, US congressman debunk ISIS training camp rumor

Texas officials:  “No credible information to confirm Judicial Watch report on Islamic State” in Mexico

Cited: “As we have stated many times, an insecure border is certainly a vulnerability that can be exploited by criminals of all kinds, and it would be naive to rule out the possibility that any criminal organization would not look for opportunities to take advantage of security gaps along our international border,” Mr. Bodisch wrote.

“That said, DPS does not have any credible information to confirm statements reported by Judicial Watch regarding terror training camps in Ciudad Juarez,” he continued. “I spoke to the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch this afternoon, and while they were confident in their sources, who are reported to be members of the Mexican Army and Mexican law enforcement, they had no additional information to support their assertions.”

Mr. Bodisch then cited two past border reports from Judicial Watch that neither Texas DPS nor the “intelligence community” could confirm. Those reports included an August report that Islamic State militants were in Ciudad Juarez and planning attacks on Fort Bliss and an October report that federal agents detained four Islamic State terrorists in McAllen and Pharr, Texas, The Blaze reported.”

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5 Muslim Foreign Nationals Arrested On Ohio Turnpike, Iraqi, Syrian Refugees Caught at Southern US Border

Our southern border is too porous. Refugees from both Syria and Iraq have been caught crossing into the United States via our southern border and the national security threat is real and imminent. Today I located these reports:

The warning signs have been reported in the media for more than a year, regarding the real national security threat of ISIS sleeper cells inside the United States. These reports take on a very urgent tone in the wake of last week’s terror attacks in Paris.


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Muslim Community Reacts to Paris Terror Attack: ‘Hug a Muslim’ Campaign Goes Viral

Love Wins. “Hug a Muslim” Campaign Going Viral in Large Cities All Over the World

Often the worst outbreaks of heinous evil in the world have unexpected Heavenly after-effects, which include very real and beautiful human reactions of brotherhood, humility, love, forgiveness and spiritual unity. That is exactly what took place in Paris, London, Toronto, new York, Stockholm and other cities in the days following the grisly ISIL attacks of Friday November 13th, during which 130 people were gunned down at various locales in Paris France. Muslims around the world have expressed their condemnation of the attacks and made it very clear that they love their neighbors and wish them nothing but peace and good will. Share the love by sharing this report. #PrayfortheWorld

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Mali West Africa: 27 Hostages Believed Dead As Gunmen Storm Raddisson Hotel

11.20.2015 9:30 am Pacific Time

Unidentified gunmen stormed into a Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako Mali, West Africa early on the morning on Nov. 20. The armed men were shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ as they entered the hotel lobby. The hotel company reported that 170 hostages were initially trapped inside. The standoff between the attackers and police forces is still ongoing.  As of this report there have been 27 known casualties, although different news reporting agencies are reporting various casualty counts. It is being reported that all hostages have been rescued from the hotel. Among them were 6 Americans. The hotel may have been targeted due to the fact that French forces use Bamako as a logistics hub for  helping fight Islamist insurgents.

Copycat Attack after the Paris Terror Event?

A group affiliated with al-Qaeda, ‘al-Mourabitou’, said its followers were behind the attack, according to the Reuters news agency, but the claim could not be independently verified. Mali has faced repeated attacks from militants linked to al-Qaeda and other factions, but the Islamic State does not have major footholds in the region.