How Many Hollywood Celebrities Endorse and Support Donald Trump? You’d Be Amazed.

The Hollywood culture of southern California has long been perceived to be a firm bastion of the Far Left. Many conservative, moderate or centrist voices from ‘celebrity circles’ in southern Cali never make it to the airwaves, for the very same reason that Donald Trump has been painted by the Big Five Fake Media Psy Op [ ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC ] as a deranged racist bigot, a lunatic “Hitler” figure. So today I am publishing the videos and celebrity endorsements of Donald Trump that America OUGHT to be seeing, which are being blacklisted and suppressed by the cartel’s alphabet news orgs, aka Bilderberg lap dogs. Be prepared to be amazed and delighted. I was.

In preparing this post I saw true signs of intelligent life coming out of Hollywood culture, and was relieved to find them. Just a few days earlier I had seen a horrific article published by a writer for the Huff Post which called for an “atheist president’ – endorsing known agnostic [ and former atheist until 2016, Bernie Sanders]. I refuse to link to the article. It’s idiotic trash like that piece which keeps me writing, researching and pouring my soul’s energy into the publishing of what little bits of truth in the world of media where I can find it, on this news blog and my others. In the perverse darkening climate which is now unfolding in this country and around the world, the last thing in the known universe we all need is “an atheist president” in America.  I vowed the day I saw that article to NEVER read the Huffington Post again. It won’t be a problem for me, since so little of what is published on the site reflects the true American values that the majority of the people of this nation adhere to, and have for generations.

Here are just a few of the many hundreds of Hollywood celebrities who have ‘come out of the closet’ as Donald Trump supporters in recent weeks. I’m a big movie buff and some of these folks I have watched on the Big Screen for decades. It’s some comfort to know that not EVERYONE in Hollywood worships at the feet of hidden perversity, cloaked in public image maintenance appearances which dazzle vulnerable young people, who are always looking for something or someone they can believe in. There is so little left in this nation’s swollen, festering, infected pop culture still worth believing in, that it’s easier just to tune out the Satanic noise and rejoice in the silence. Here are a few exceptions. These videos represent just a small sampling of public endorsements out of the many thousands of Hollywood celebrities, artists, musicians, theatre people, technicians, and public figures who support Trump, but choose for their own reasons to remain quiet about it.




Amy Schumer Doesn’t Steal Jokes from Other Comics, Because She Doesn’t Need To.

Amy Schumer arrives at the The 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif., on Jan. 17, 2016.


Amy’s had a bit of a rough PR week just the past few days. She had to set a young Jackson Murphy straight when he tried to tweet a really NOT funny bit [ now deleted by Murphy after his live-tweeted come-uppance tweeted by Schumer ] about how he had slept with the comic, when he hadn’t. He also inferred that many other men had recently slept with Amy, in a sleazy, one-night-stand kind of way – and that’s when she had enough of it, and took to Twitter to straighten him out. Odds are this guy will never get to even stand in the near vicinity of any celebrity ever again, based on how he behaved after a brief social encounter with Amy. Don’t get out much do ya, Jackson? Duh.

“In case you missed it, 17-year-old Jackson Murphy, who runs the website Lights-Camera-Jackson, tweeted a photo of himself with Amy Schumer and joked: “Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.” She responded: ‘I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you. Hi to your dad.’ He then deleted the tweet and apologized, saying it was a failed effort to be funny. She forgave him.

The online reaction was mixed. Some praised her for calling out sexism. Others slammed her as a hypocrite. But we should all understand why Schumer responded as she did, and why so many people supported her.

As a star who speaks openly about her sex life, Schumer is bombarded daily by society’s double standard. A man who is openly sexual and has lots of sex with different partners is considered a playboy, an idol, a guy just doing what many guys do or want to do. A woman who does the same is criticized as troubled, lacking self-worth, or “slutty.” (When’s the last time anyone called a guy “slutty?”)”

Next Amy had to clear the air and answer serious allegations from three other female comedians that she sometimes steals jokes from other comics. Schumer is still responding, days later. She has even stated that she would take a lie detector test to prove she has NEVER stolen jokes from other comics.

My thoughts?  This woman’s everyday normal spoken out loud ‘stream of consciousness’ about her own life, spontaneously narrated on stage,  is so gut bustingly naturally funny that no one, anywhere, at any time, either now, or possibly ever in the future – will ever be able to compete with her as a comedian. To say that Amy is a natural at comedy would be the understatement of the year. I see no situation – ever – where she would need to stoop so low that she would steal a joke from another comic. What I do see – is that she has many very jealous enemies in the comedy community, who love to have the success that she has.

Not to MENTION that in the past two years she has written a hit TV show, received a Peabody Award for it, and written and starred in a hit movie [ See the trailer for Trainwreck movie trailer 2015 Amy Schumer if you have been living under a rock since last year ].

There is no more potent fuel for all-out jealousy than PURE TALENT. Keep on doing what you do Amy Schumer. If they are hating on you, it’s because they can’t do what you do – and they will never be able to. All the haters can do is sit on Twitter and throw eggs, poor sad little souls. Rock on, woman.

Shall I go on? WHO CARES what the teeny little haters and pop culture liars on Twitter have to say about Amy Schumer? OMG.

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Rock Music Chameleon and Pop Culture Shapeshifter David Bowie Dead at 69

January 11th 2016

Gone way too soon, the beloved musical genius from Great Britain, David Bowie, died last night just two days after releasing his 27th and final musical album, which became his swan song: ‘Black Star’ Bowie had privately struggled with cancer for the last 18 months, without most of the world even knowing.

“He always did what he wanted to do. And he wanted to do it his way and he wanted to do it the best way. His death was no different from his life – a work of Art,” he wrote. “He made Blackstar for us, his parting gift.” – Music producer and lifelong friend Toni Visconti

Cited:  “One thing that struck reviewers who were grappling with Blackstar, David Bowie’s final album, was how tricky it was to interpret lyrically. Kitty Empire, writing in the Observer, described it as elliptical, while the Guardian’s Alexis Petridis wrote that the album “seems to offer those attempting to unravel his lyrics a wry ‘best of luck with that’”.

What the critics didn’t know, however, was that the man behind it had been diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, and that he knew his life was coming to an end. If this had been common knowledge, they would all no doubt have looked at Blackstar in a different light. Was David Bowie saying goodbye on it? And does it seem obvious now that he has died?

David Bowie’s music, life, fashion and films and incredibly eclectic art made a huge impact on the world for more than four decades.

“I know something is very wrong,” he begins, then sings: “The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes.” –  prophetic lyric from ‘Black Star’ released just two days before his death.

I was an avid David Bowie fan as a teen and had listened to his music since the early 1970s when he recorded the groundbreaking album “The Man Who Sold the World.”

The feature length documentary below [ 1 hr 30 min ] explores David Bowie’s entire life and catalog of work as a musician actor, painter and performing artist – from his childhood in Brixton London England, up to his late 50s, when he was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If you’re a Bowie fan, it’s a MUST SEE film:

Tributes from all over the world are pouring in. Below are some rare photos of David from throughout his stellar career as musical genius recording artist, painter, art film star and pop culture icon.

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Gattaca Is Here: What Will Humanity Choose To Do?

In the brilliantly imagined sci-fi motion picture GATTACA from 1997, Ethan Hawke and his love interest Uma Thurman pursue their passion for one another and their dreams of space flight careers in a well tailored futurescape where supreme genetic modification of the human genome has rendered most diseases and flaws for upper class elites practically obsolete.

Births due to conception via natural mating have been banned and are no longer legal. The STATE has now mandated the breeding of genetically superior offspring whose life expectancy, along with all known probabilities for disease and IQ, are assessed at birth, when one drop of the babies’ blood is examined and the infant’s entire life pattern is printed out as a result, including the most likely lifespan, most promising talents, career proclivities, superior athletic prowess and so on. Nothing is left to chance anymore.

“The not too distant future” foreseen in 1997 has now arrived in 2015. How will humanity choose to proceed?

We may be not more than twenty years away from this exact position in space and time for the human species, unless laws are passed NOW, in the next year, which curtail the velocity of permanently altered human genome research, until humanity as a whole can come to grips with all of the far reaching implications of taking on the Godlike powers to permanently alter our own human genomes in such a way that final and lasting changes are literally passed on to all succeeding generations of humankind, rendering a future for humanity that is changed in ways we cannot possibly imagine at this vulnerable point in space and time in 2015. We have not the talents [ YET ] to imagine the kinds of permanent outcomes for the human race in the future should we choose now to begin tinkering with designer human beings.

The first possible calamity which comes to mind – out of the infinite numbers of potential calamities which might ensue if we begin allowing this kind of science to proceed considering our prevailing worldwide cult of shared blood lust, is the tendency for a power-hungry G8 government, oh let’s say such as Putin’s Russia or the behemoth atheistic State government of China, to quickly achieve the scientific means to begin designing and breeding a designer super-soldier race of men and women whose intelligence and abilities on the field of battle are so superior to those of any other nation, that the game of war on planet earth is changed forever. The nation with the most brilliant and superior military strategists and athletes wins, hands down, and the balance of power on earth is changed forever. The genetically superior men and women of the prevailing STATE now inherit all of the poverty stricken and troubled nations of the world, with all of their “naturally bred” disease plagued inferior people, enslaving these lesser endowed populations into a more or less permanent state of servitude to the STATE of the genetically superior government, who now rules the world with an iron fist. And so forth and so on.

If you don’t think this particular scenario is either likely or possible, consider the fact that there are no less than a dozen or so existing governments in the world whose officials would leap at the chance to genetically re-order the balance of power on earth such that their own kind would come out on top, permanently, and begin breeding a super-mortal who was literally genetically predisposed to eradicate all other people and races and societies who were perceived not to believe or live in the “right manner,” as their own superior belief systems dictate? Isn’t that EXACTLY what ISIS and radical Islam is all about? Of course it is. Isn’t that exactly what fundamentalist Christianity is all about as well? Of course it is. Won’t that be just about EXACTLY why the final world war will be fought in the Mideast, with the stakes on the table being which civilization will rule humanity, the WEST or the FAR EAST? Of course it will be.

What do you think is the likelihood that a small handful of brilliant spiritually advanced and astute scientists will seize control of this new genetic  technology, and make sure it is used for “breeding out” of the human genome all earlier base inherited proclivities for war, murder, rape, pedophilia, bestiality, non-monogamous mating appetites, etc, replacing same with a superior intellect, a magnificent physique, an IQ lofty enough to enter into four digits routinely, along with a superior spiritual aptitude to grasp more advanced concepts of God, then put them into action in human society, etc – using this new technology?

Be reasonable. Look around you at our present situation. The likelihood is nill to none. You know it and I know it.

Humanity will not be spiritually mature enough to manage and direct a technology like this for at least another 100 years, possibly more. The populations of the world must first arrive at a candid and final consensus that sending off their most brilliant young men and women to fight in never-ending wars is a colossal waste of the human gene pool, and we are still more than 100 years away from that point of emerging actual spiritual adulthood for the human race. So the powder-keg discovery – like matches – must be kept away from the wild young kids of planet earth who for now, would only use it to set the house on fire, globally.

Explore YT clips and excerpts from the 1997 movie GATTACA here.

Ban Urged on Gene Editing Tools that can Create Superior Human Beings

DNA double helix

Section of human DNA

Fears the extraordinary advances in genome editing might resurrect the immoral idea of creating a new “Master Race” has prompted prominent scientists to call for a worldwide ban on a new gene editing technique that might make this nightmare scenario possible.

Scientists from the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) have called for a worldwide moratorium on the use of a new gene editing technique called “CRISPR/Cas9” that could alter human DNA across generations. They fear the technique might be used in unsafe or unethical ways.

Nobel Laureates David Baltimore of the California Institute of Technology and Paul Berg of Stanford University and 16 other medical experts have banded together to issue a warning against CRISPR/Cas9.

The petitioners urge a worldwide moratorium on using gene editing methods to genetically engineer the human genome in a way that can be inherited.

They warned “scientists should avoid even attempting, in lax jurisdictions, germline genome modification for clinical application in humans” until the full implications “are discussed among scientific and governmental organizations”.

CRISPR/Cas9 is so scientifically simple, cheap and powerful it’s widely seen as a promising key to treating serious genetic diseases and AIDS and many cancers.

CRISPR/Cas9 is a bacteria-derived system that uses RNA molecules that recognize specific human DNA sequences. The RNAs act as guides, matching the nuclease to corresponding locations in the human genome.

CRISPR/Cas9 is the simplest genome-editing tool to work with because it relies on RNA-DNA base pairing, rather than the engineering of proteins that bind particular DNA sequences.

It’s already inspired the start of a new biotechnology industry. The technique was developed by researchers at the University of Berkeley.

The scientists demanding the ban believe CRISPR/Cas9 could also be applied to enhance human genetic traits and raises serious ethical concerns. It’s bound to reignite the debate on the morality of engineering “designer babies” and almost perfect human beings that are disease free, more intelligent and physiologically superior.

“Given the speed with which the genome engineering field is evolving, our group concluded that there is an urgent need for open discussion of the merits and risks of human genome modification by a broad cohort of scientists, clinicians, social scientists, the general public and relevant public entities and interest groups. We must ban attempts to create genetically altered humans before the technique is fully understood,” said the petitioners.

Many countries have already banned any DNA editing that can be passed from one generation to the next. The United States has regulations that hold back such developments from being realized for years or decades.

Laws in some nations, however, could allow for the creation of ‘designer babies’ in the near future, driving the authors to call for a moratorium on research from scientists.

“You could exert control over human heredity with this technique, and that is why we are raising the issue. Some countries have poor regulation or none at all. The proposed ban was designed to keep people from doing anything crazy,” added Baltimore.

The report calling the ban was published in the journal, Science.

Another group of scientists also called for a ban on the technique in the journal, Nature.

This group said “genome editing in human embryos using current technologies could have unpredictable effects on future generations. This makes it dangerous and ethically unacceptable. Such research could be exploited for non-therapeutic modifications. We are concerned that a public outcry about such an ethical breach could hinder a promising area of therapeutic development, namely making genetic changes that cannot be inherited.”

This group is led by Edward Lanphier, chairman of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in Washington, DC, and also consists of Fyodor Urnov, Sarah Ehlen Haecker, Michael Werner and Joanna Smolenski.

Thy further argue that at “this early stage, scientists should agree not to modify the DNA of human reproductive cells. Should a truly compelling case ever arise for the therapeutic benefit of germ­line modification, we encourage an open discussion around the appropriate course of action”.

The Future of Motion Pictures: 7D Holographic Technology Will Enhance the Movie Going Experience

It doesn’t take a very big flying leap to arrive at a thesis for what seeing a new movie release in a film theater might be like in just a few more years. Super realistic high definition 7D holography can bring wild animals leaping from the screen right over the movie goers heads, or have an astronaut float out of the film frame and right into the midst of the audience. I would venture to speculate that by the end of 2015 we might see the first public test screenings of 7D holographic enhanced film releases. If the technology can be affordably and smoothly deployed to enhance existing films and popular older films, [ imagine ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ enhanced with 7D holography – wow! ] we could soon see a whole new explosion of profitable re-releases of films like The Transformers franchise, most all science fiction films, travelogues, feature length cartoons and more.

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Kim Jong Un Shows His Ass

Updated on Dec 22nd 2014 


The breaking news that American movie theater franchises have reacted to recent North Korean terror threats by choosing NOT to air the controversial Sony produced comedy “The Interview” has sent USA news outlets on a nonstop spree of mega-reporting about this story, which began as a disastrous computer HACK of Sony computers, harvesting, destroying and / or compromising the private information of thousands of Sony employees and film celebrities. The story has now grown such robust legs, that it was practically all that was talked about for 24 hours at a time on CNN in recent days.

Once the White House announced definitively on Dec 19th that North Korea was the known source of the hack, the news cycle on it escalated even higher. Every expert, pundit, and professional commentator who could be located was trotted out to opine on the implications and possible ramifications of the fact that a prominent media corporation in greatest free nation on Earth had been compromised to the extent that it would not release a widely anticipated comedy set to make millions over the Christmas holiday weekend. It is for such reasons I thought it suitable to update my earlier report on how the majority of Americans and their media view Kim Jon Un via comedic and satirical portraits, cartoons and images.  We have always enjoyed satire, parody and lampoon in the US as a way to lighten up, blow off steam, bring humor to difficult situations and help us all to laugh at ourselves a little bit more. No sitting president in America has ever been spared being the brunt of a humorist’s joke by way of the enshrined political cartoon, going back to the earliest days of the founding of our nation.

Poking fun at our leaders is not only an American tradition, it’s an institution as well, enhancing the career of comedians from Tina Fey to Jay Leno to Stephen Colbert. Having a robust sense of humor comes with the territory of entering American politics. Keeping a sense of humor during one’s political career becomes an enduring quest and an art. I’d like to suggest that the North Koreans immediately begin addressing their own deficiencies in humor, good natured jest, comedy and satire.

To that end, this page will slowly be filled over the next few weeks with as many politically satirical, sardonic, humorous, comedic, paradoxical and quirky images and cartoons of Kim Jong Un that I can find. I can kiss the ground and roar my blessing for having been born in the free America which allows it’s people the freedom to poke fun at each other, at their leaders, and at foreign leaders who force their own people to eat grass in order to stay alive while they feast on delicacies and watch American made movies for days on end in private. God bless the United States of America.

I’ll continue to compile these images as I find them.

Earlier this year I wrote…..

One of the most popular satirical comedic images of Kim Jong Un on the web is a photo-shopped portrait showing the rotund leader in “drag” wearing ladies make-up.  Apparently this photo is being removed from some locales online as it has disappeared from this blog post. I am trying to find it again it this afternoon. In a fascinating new twist, it turns out that many more images of Kim Jong Un produced by western satirists and humor artists that were online up until a week ago are now mysteriously missing from Hmmmm.  I could be wrong, but …. where did they all go? 

I did find one I thought was apt. Here it is below: ]


Humor has universal appeal for disarming misunderstanding between friends. How often have you seen someone crack a joke during a tense or uncomfortable moment and quickly clear the air, offering relief for everyone and lowering blood pressures all around? It works!

Let’s all crack some ‘North Korea’ jokes today. Can we lighten things up a bit? I live on the west coast and all the missile talk is getting old.

I am looking at hundreds of political cartoons and satirical images of Kim Jong Eun, JUST FOR FUN and to bring levity to the increasingly ridiculous situation that Eun finds himself in. If he will STOP making bellicose threats, then he won’t have to look cowardly or silly when he obviously knows he is NOT going to act on them.

One doesn’t shoot the only cook in the building when one is in prison and starving to death, right?

The prison that the Kim family dynasty built over 40 years, which Kim Jong Eun now finds himself inhabiting 24-7 is the domain of DIRE misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the greater world around North Korea. A lie of such magnitude that it’s almost hard to behold has been perpetrated in North Korea for decades now. The BIG LIE is the ongoing tall tale that America is the “sworn enemy” of the North Korean people. We Americans well know that nothing could be further from the truth. Our tax dollars have helped to feed the North Korean people for at least twenty years now. Fact check it if you don’t believe me.

A carnival ride is fashioned as a missile which is aimed at the people taking the ride. The North Korean people are the “people taking the ride” in this odd analogy to their real-life plight. Any attack on the West by North Korea would result in a retaliatory strike which would obliterate millions of innocent people in Pyongyang. The ludicrous nature of our present situation regarding North Korea is just about perfectly illustrated by this photograph. It’s funny. But then again … it’s not really funny at all.

So why does North Korean military leadership want to bite the hand that feeds it?

There is one singular answer. As long as Kim Jong Eun can keep the “big lie” going and continue to cow his people with the tall tale that America is their “sworn enemy” who intends to harm or erase the North Korean people off the earth, the sickening military machine of North Korean fascism can continue to grind on, like the ever-present gnawing in the bellies of 24 million people, 3 million of whom have already starved to death due to the policies of the Kim family dynasty.

3 million people: that’s the entire population of the greater Seattle or Portland region. It’s a stomach turning fact. And it’s only an estimate. No one really knows exactly how many North Koreans have already died from starvation, or have been killed in the despised secret prison gulags since the rise of the Kim family dynasty of death and despair. Most news coming out of North Korea has decidedly murky sources, with even the specific details concerning the death of Kim Jong Il being questioned.

Where is the personal breaking point of the North Korean people?

I have to wonder: how many North Koreans long for freedom and “3 squares a day?” How many North Koreans would be delighted with even “one square meal” today?

How many North Koreans feel they have the literal strength and inner resolve to rise up and call for a change? Is there a boiling point brewing anywhere inside the secretive nation? Is there a real hunger for freedom, more than just REAL and ONGOING hunger?  I wonder about these things, and today I am posting a little good humor to bring levity to the moment and comic relief to an insane and truly tragic situation.

Conquering the BIG LIE means escape to China or South Korea for many North Koreans

One North Korean who admitted to “having nightmares” about Americans before he escaped and moved to South Korea had an illuminating experience when he finally met and spoke with Americans in person on the streets of Seoul:

“Since moving to South Korea I’ve finally got the opportunity to meet some Americans, the people I used to fear so much! I even spoke with them, despite not being able to understand them 100% because of the language barrier. Regardless of the language difficulties, we were able to discuss each others’ hobbies, love lives, daily lives and as a result, got to know each other better. At first I was a little bit frightened, but I realized that they were very friendly people, unlike the scary people that I had nightmares about while living in North Korea.”

A North Korean propaganda poster shows a nuclear missile crushing the US military. Every North Korean citizen is fed a steady diet of fear and hatred toward the United States from the cradle to the grave. I doubt if the North Korean people even know that US tax dollars have paid for their food aid through the decades to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Most North Koreans have little, if any, contact with the outside world, and only read western newspapers via their occasional access to black markets in North Korea. This tragic ignorance and isolation from actuality only ends when or if they can escape south to South Korea, or travel north-northwest and cross the border into China. Both journeys are life-threatening if caught, with the entire family of the escapee punished with he or she in the gulags. Many would-be escapees are shot dead on the spot if caught trying to flee North Korea.

See also

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Flickr Photo Gallery of North Korean Travel Photos

My Message to ABC: “Don’t Give Lady Gaga A ‘Muppet Show Thanksgiving Special’ – She’s NO Role Model for America’s Kids.

***No Credit on this pictures***

Every once in a while you spot a series of news headlines which when combined are so utterly jarring that they strain credulity. Two different headlines have appeared in the last 24 hours which not only give pause, but beg that American TV viewers demand that ABC network executives please take a few weeks off and go get their collective heads examined.

Here are the headlines. So you tell me – what’s wrong with the picture painted below for American TV viewers?

Lady Gaga gets completely naked in London stage performance of new song ‘Venus’

Lady Gaga and the Muppets Team Up for Holiday TV Special on ABC

Any TV program which has the Muppets in it is aimed directly at VERY YOUNG TV viewers which are usually about eight years old or less. WHY would ABC want TV viewers this young to be exposed to Lady Gaga’s questionable and mostly lurid personality during the Thanksgiving holiday? Are ABC executives really going to sink THAT LOW???

Since the TV execs at ABC apparently lack all adult discernment necessary for selecting an appropriate “music celebrity” to headline a holiday special which won’t offend viewing audiences and appall parents as well, I am giving them a helping hand.

America’s young children are already being assaulted in every form of media with explicitly violent, content which borders upon the depraved, and sexually explicit content which exposes small children to WAAAY TOO MUCH information about sex before they are even 6 years old. The last thing America’s young children need is for lunatic Gaga public nudist and psycho-rock-chic-at-large to be presented to America’s young children on TV over the holidays as if she’s some sort of role model for them.

Role model for WHAT? Repeated incidents of public nudity? Nonstop assaults of perverse and morbid imagery?  An ever descending public personna which indicates that sanity is optional for successful adulthood?

Have ABC television executives completely lost their minds? And am I the only person so appalled by this decision by ABC that I will absolutely NEVER watch the network again?

Or I am just the voice of fundamental human decency out here howling in the wilderness of blogland?


Shouldn’t ABC be REALLY WORRIED that Gaga will have another “personally euphoric moment” on live TV and strip naked while she belts out a happy Thanksgiving tune with the Muppets? Or is that going to be ok too now? Will the ABC TV muppet special include a “live sex show” too?

Are ABC’s TV ratings so LOW that they will throw out the last vestige of broadcasting decency on their network and go for the “sheer outrage” factor to drum up TV viewers? I hope this decision backfires on these idiots. If we begin seeing an odd new phenomenon of six year old kids disrobing in public before mommy can get to them and drag them out of the mall, you will know where the idea came from.

The singer stood in all of her full-frontal glory ...

It’s Not Just the Problem of a Rising Idiocracy, It’s a VIOLENT Idiocracy We Are Facing couple of weeks ago I watched a movie with a friend of mine titled “Idiocracy.”  Most of the movie takes place about 500 years into the future in America. Ten minutes in, we found the film pretty accurately captured what’s happening NOW in the United States with more than a small degree of accuracy. I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t take 50 years, or even 500 years, for our country to arrive at the abjectly pathetic state of national affairs which is portrayed in the film. We’re almost there already. If you haven’t watched this film, have a look, then look around you at what you see in the news. Then you tell me how close you think we are.

American society is NOT TOO FAR AWAY from arriving at the final morass of a majority of humanity portrayed in the comedy which is no longer intelligent enough to cook, [ oh, we already have millions like that ] drive [ Ooops. Young folks aren’t interested in learning to drive anymore. Mommy does that for them ], read and write [ don’t even get me started ] or vote [ there’s a documentary film listed in my Charter free movie listings titled “Learn How to Vote”].

A mewling puking steaming heap of stupid overweight people who breed like rabbits is not our only pressing concern. It’s also their gnawing addiction to extreme violence, which apparently no amount of abjectly gory new TV programming and motion pictures will satisfy.

Why are television executives and movie producers pandering to this emerging depravity? We could engage in ample debate as to which comes first:  the extremely violent TV program, video game, movie – or – the kid who goes off in a movie theatre, thinks that he’s the “JOKER” in Batman, dyes his hair orange and randomly murders anyone he can gun down before they can flee.

Every ounce of good, just, right, moral and common sense I have in me states that delivering endlessly more violent and appalling TV / Flim / Video Games to a population only induces more and more severe types of violent incidents, outrageous crimes which are a signpost which screams “SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG HERE.”  I KNOW I am not wrong. This is NOT rocket science.

Yet every new TV season producers up the ante by airing such incredibly graphic violence in their TV programs that I usually just get up and leave the room. I find less and less reasons to even turn the damn TV on, unless I feel the need to document “just how bad it is this year.” What the hell is wrong with the script writers and producers of this material? Is there a total and complete disconnect from understanding that what you broadcast today, will come right back to you like an ominous boomerang in the form of new, more hideous violent crime ten months from now? How can entertainment media producers be this blind, this uncaring and this reckless about the consequences to society of what they write, film, produce and air on TV?

But wait. I forgot. This too, is all PART OF the new idiocracy. How foolish that I forgot to factor that in. We now have total spiritual idiots producing TV / Film / Media/ Video Games for a rabid, endlessly media consuming American idiocracy.  So the producers of this material are no longer capable of perceiving that anything they are producing is morally wrong.

With ‘Dexter’ came the final, inane, immoral threshold crossed of portraying ‘serial killer as folk hero’.  Now there is no turning back. Idiots create and produce entertainment media for other idiots. The rest of us, who are trying really hard NOT to live like idiots, who are still pure enough and moral enough to be appalled by all of this, write about it. What else could one do? Go before Congress and speak about it? Remember: Congress can no longer govern. But they are VERY good at fighting, dueling, contriving, undermining, and deadlocking. I could just sit waiting in the halls of Congress with my number in my hand until they removed my white bones, covered in spiderwebs.

Outraged news bloggers like me are just an irrelevant minority who lament upon what we see in post after blog post, never really making a dent in the putrid stream of filth which issues forth from American society.

It’s getting harder and harder to know what to do or how to address what I see taking place. I write for lack of knowing what else to do. Do I think my writing raises any awareness? I’m not sure right now. But I press on. I think it helps me cope.