A European Union Most Bizarre: Public Spectacle of Pagan Lucifer Invocations Taking Place in EU Leaves Little to the Imagination

[ Thank God I Live in America, Which is STILL a Christian nation, no matter what lies the #Bilderberg owned TV networks & media broadcasts. ]

Here it is. You can’t make this stuff up, people.  I could author 40 pages of essay on all of the overt explicit Illuminati Luciferian  / Satanic symbolism in these ‘public events’, [ that’s what they call these gatherings for TV ] but you all already know all about all that, and you can detect the obvious at a glance. They make no effort to hide anything anymore. If #Christians among my readers had ANY doubts that we are living in the Last Days, this video of clips ought to settle that question once and for all.

Please know that I am posting this NOT to participate in the orgy of #Luciferic symbolism and public invocations on display here, but to help educate young people and the generally clueless everywhere as to what is being done right under their noses, in plain view, only thinly disguised as “public performances” and celebrations.

Oh, they’re celebrating something, alright. It’s just not what you think it is. These ceremonies are invocations to darkness. I cannot prove that, of course. But my soul knows what my soul knows.

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard Albert Pike: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)

Entire populations in the United States and Europe are being systematically deceived, over decades of TV & internet social engineering by an Illuminati owned world media, to accept the notion of a “peaceful” world Islam co-existing with the Judaeo-Christian West. This will never happen and it was never intended to happen. Left wing liberals, as good and well meaning as they might be, who believe that the Christian West will eventually find a way to “peacefully co-exist” with the violent expansion of Islam are not only deluded, but they are inadvertently aiding and abetting the arrival of the final global conflict of #WW3 by cooperating in the false collusion that “Islam is a religion of peace” which has no plans to eradicate western civilization.

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A Tribute to the Legendary Starman David Bowie: Photos, Music, Links

I’ve been truly shaken to learn of David Bowie’s untimely death. I had to sit down when I saw the headline. No one ever expects the death of one of their childhood heroes. Throughout the morning as I put together these tributes, I listened to the full tracks of Black Star, while I worked. Any man, quietly dying of cancer, who worked on perfecting his latest studio release up until the very last days of his own life to present a final work of musical art for the world, is a man we can all love and admire for his courage, his undying talent, his dignity, his refusal to elicit pity, his dedication to his music, and his determination to set his own pain aside in order to give the world one last gift of music and personal creativity.

It’s personal for me. I have loved this man and his music and art for decades, literally, since I was a very young teen in the 1970s, struggling with my own sexual identity. Trying to find my own way in a very messed up family, in an oppressive mostly fundamentalist small town in the south, I papered the walls of my teenage bedroom with Bowie photos and blasted his music through the house at all hours, much to the despair of my parents, who thought he was the most bizarre assemblage of a human being they had ever seen. All the more reason for me to turn up the volume, I thought. David Bowie could well be credited for being one of the reasons I did not commit suicide as a gay teen. Seriously. Thank you David, for letting me know it was ‘ok’ for me to just be ME in 1972. Gay people were still being beat up and dragged behind trucks in parts of the deep south, and it wasn’t that much better in central North Carolina, where being gay meant living a double life, having “fake boyfriends” in high school to survive and sneaking into gay bars with a fake ID at age 17 in the hopes you might find others who were as different as you were, who were also finding a way to cope.

It turned out eventually, much to everyone’s surprise, that David Bowie was NOT gay, although to look at him in the early seventies that might have been considered arguable. He was one of the first popular musicians other than 1960s rocker ‘Little Richard’ to publicly flaunt his feminine side, so androgynous in some early photos that any decent drag queen might have been jealous. He was rumored to have had a wild sexual affair with Mick Jagger in the early seventies, and sexual androgyny was a frequent theme in his early songs. David Bowie finally arrived at the altar, was twice married, and has surviving adult two children: Duncan Jones and Alexandria Jones.

“Planet Earth is a lot bluer today without David Bowie, the greatest rock star who ever fell to this or any other world. He was the hottest tramp, the slinkiest vagabond, the prettiest star who ever shouted “You’re not alone!” to an arena full of the world’s loneliest kids. He was the most human and most alien of rock artists, turning to face the strange, speaking to the freak in everyone. He stared into your twitchy teenage eyes to assure you that you’ve torn your dress and your face is a mess, yet that’s precisely why you’re a juvenile success.”Rolling Stone Magazine 1.11.2016

It’s quite clear after listening to Black Star, that David well knew his days were numbered, yet he kept working, right up until the very end. It was only two nights ago that late night host Jimmy Fallon announced Bowie’s latest album release on his show, displaying the stark enigmatic cover art, which was only a large black star on a white field, the only Bowie album not to display a photo of him.

If you are unfamiliar with Bowie, wading through tribute posts and articles, I’d like to recommend that you read one particular article about him from start to finish, as it says the most about who he really was and how his art was a real embodiment of emotionally distilled moments from his life, which had a huge impact on others, even upon history itself:

David Bowie at the Berlin Wall: the incredible story of a concert and its role in history

Below are more photos and video clips from the amazing career of rock/pop/jazz/folk musician, art film star, painter and fashion culture icon David Bowie.

David Bowie [ Born David Robert Jones ] 1947-2016

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FILE - In this Sept. 14, 1995, file photo, David Bowie performs during a concert in Hartford, Conn. Bowie, the innovative and iconic singer whose illustrious career lasted five decades, died Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, after battling cancer for 18 months. He was 69. (AP Photo/Bob Child, File)

FILE – In this Sept. 14, 1995, file photo, David Bowie performs during a concert in Hartford, Conn. Bowie, the innovative and iconic singer whose illustrious career lasted five decades, died Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, after battling cancer for 18 months. He was 69. (AP Photo/Bob Child, File)

dam-images-celebrity-homes-1992-david-bowie-david-bowie-06-portrait-h670 David-Bowie-in-1969-and-1-008 Duncan_Jones_and_David_Bowie_at_the_premiere_of_Moon GettyImages-113260353.0.0

epa04504507 Two visitors look at the portrait of David Bowie from 1983 (Monte Carlo) taken by German-Australian photographer Helmut Newton, displayed at the Photography Museum - Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, Germany, 26 November 2014. The photographs are part of the exhibition 'Permanent Loan Selection,' on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation from 27 November 2014 to 17 May 2015. EPA/STEPHANIE PILICK

epa04504507 Two visitors look at the portrait of David Bowie from 1983 (Monte Carlo) taken by German-Australian photographer Helmut Newton, displayed at the Photography Museum – Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, Germany, 26 November 2014. The photographs are part of the exhibition ‘Permanent Loan Selection,’ on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation from 27 November 2014 to 17 May 2015. EPA/STEPHANIE PILICK




rs_634x739-150529124305-634.history-of-guyliner-david-bowie-052915 rs_634x854-150723175953-634.Iman-David-Bowie-Hilfiger-Ad.2.ms.072315 rs_634x935-150724115427-634.iman-david-bowie-1991 rs_634x1019-150724113428-634.iman-david-bowie-2007 rs_634x1024-160110230327-634-6ziggy-stardust-david-bowies-cancer-dead-69 rs_634x1024-160110230817-634-7ziggy-stardust-david-bowies-cancer-dead-69 rs_634x1024-160110231320-634.David-Bowie.4.ms.011016 rs_634x1024-160110231339-634-9-iman-ziggy-stardust-david-bowies-cancer-dead-69 rs_634x1024-160111093159-634.david-bowie-lazurus.cm.11016 rs_720x1024-160110230452-634-ziggy-stardust-david-bowies-cancer-dead-69 Stills-from-David-Bowies-Lazarus-music-video




Thanks, Starman: Why David Bowie Was the Greatest Rock Star Ever




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Rock Music Chameleon and Pop Culture Shapeshifter David Bowie Dead at 69

January 11th 2016

Gone way too soon, the beloved musical genius from Great Britain, David Bowie, died last night just two days after releasing his 27th and final musical album, which became his swan song: ‘Black Star’ Bowie had privately struggled with cancer for the last 18 months, without most of the world even knowing.

“He always did what he wanted to do. And he wanted to do it his way and he wanted to do it the best way. His death was no different from his life – a work of Art,” he wrote. “He made Blackstar for us, his parting gift.” – Music producer and lifelong friend Toni Visconti

Cited:  “One thing that struck reviewers who were grappling with Blackstar, David Bowie’s final album, was how tricky it was to interpret lyrically. Kitty Empire, writing in the Observer, described it as elliptical, while the Guardian’s Alexis Petridis wrote that the album “seems to offer those attempting to unravel his lyrics a wry ‘best of luck with that’”.

What the critics didn’t know, however, was that the man behind it had been diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, and that he knew his life was coming to an end. If this had been common knowledge, they would all no doubt have looked at Blackstar in a different light. Was David Bowie saying goodbye on it? And does it seem obvious now that he has died?

David Bowie’s music, life, fashion and films and incredibly eclectic art made a huge impact on the world for more than four decades.

“I know something is very wrong,” he begins, then sings: “The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes.” –  prophetic lyric from ‘Black Star’ released just two days before his death.

I was an avid David Bowie fan as a teen and had listened to his music since the early 1970s when he recorded the groundbreaking album “The Man Who Sold the World.”

The feature length documentary below [ 1 hr 30 min ] explores David Bowie’s entire life and catalog of work as a musician actor, painter and performing artist – from his childhood in Brixton London England, up to his late 50s, when he was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If you’re a Bowie fan, it’s a MUST SEE film:

Tributes from all over the world are pouring in. Below are some rare photos of David from throughout his stellar career as musical genius recording artist, painter, art film star and pop culture icon.

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Dr. Marc Faber Is One of the Few Financial Gurus Willing to Tell the Truth about World Financial Markets and You Ought to Be Listening

Financial analyst Marc Faber has been warning investors since last October about a “Chinese credit bubble” and a potentially devastating correction to come in world markets.


What average investors [ $50,000 to $250,000 usd in the stock market ] mostly don’t realize is that about 80% of the advice which is given to you as the ‘little guy’ investor is designed to make money for the guy who is giving the investment advice. Most brokers advise their customers to buy thus and such and they get a commission on that transaction, whether the stock soars or tanks. Small companies rise and fall like the daily tides in a global market beset by constant graft, corruption, currency manipulation, and the incessant tinkering with stock markets that governments attempt to do, which only makes matters worse in the end. The commentary of Dr. Marc Faber comes as a refreshing dose of pragmatic, experienced wisdom and common sense which stands out in the sea of self-centered profiteering which seems to run most contemporary investment advisories. Dr. Faber successfully predicted the now famous 1987 US stock market rout. What he sees happening today in 2016 is not dissimilar as a prelude of events to come.

It is now very difficult to ascertain REAL market conditions, as opposed to murky smoke and mirror tactics initiated by governments designed artificially to prop them up, year in year out. Blunt truth tellers are rare in the business of assessing and forecasting where the world economy might go. Joel Skousen is one of the few men who will fearlessly tell his subscribers the truth, ugly as it may be. But today I’d like to focus on market analyst Dr. Marc Faber, who has been making specific warnings to investors since last fall about a major correction or collapse of inter-connected world markets.

The impetus for this post was an event which took place early this morning, about 2-3 am pacific time in the US. When the Chinese CSI stock market opened at 9:30, traders immediately began dumping their stocks and selling off. 29 minutes later at about 10 am, the Chinese closed the market entirely, and halted trading. Had the Chinese not halted trading, we would be now facing a worldwide market crisis of epic proportions this very afternoon. As it is, this morning’s drop of 7% in China’s stock market has caused a drastic cascading effect around the world in nearly every market exchange. Dr. Faber had begun warning investors about this very real possibility last fall.

My own opinion is that today’s events might be likened to the moment the Titanic first hit the iceberg. The damage was there, but it was beneath the surface, not yet visible. Investors have two choices: remain on the ship, believing that it was just a small bump, and that everything will be fine – or listen to the sound of the water gushing into the floors below deck and get off the sinking ship before it’s too late.  Today’s events are the sound of that initial “crunch” of the ship hitting that iceberg. Investors are forewarned.

Be willing to take the right actions necessary to protect your nest egg. And if that means getting out of the US stock market, take that action. Sometimes the very smartest thing an investor can do is just park their money for awhile. It’s worth noting that a considerable amount of money has flowed into gold, silver and the Yen today – worth considering. In one of his reports Mr. Faber stated that gold could double in the next few years, during all of this market wash-out.

Below are collected reports:







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Mastermind of Paris Terror Attacks Confirmed Dead from 11.18 Saint-Denim Raid

I made a decision when I resumed news-blogging this fall that I would not fill the pages of my news sites with gory details about #ISIS and radical Islam, further contributing to their cause by excessively reporting on their deranged death cult. But at times it’s necessary to report good news for western civilization in the fight to contain and eradicate these roaches, so today I am posting this report.

It’s a fine line that citizen reporters walk between reporting the facts and accidentally helping to aggrandize these useless monsters, who long ago ceased to be men, when they chose to worship death and cruelty instead of exalting and protecting life. Enough said. One more more monster is now dead. I would like to congratulate the French police and military on their outstanding, brilliant police work, which has undoubtedly saved lives in the hundreds this week, if not more, by speedily locating the cockroach nest where these creatures had holed up, planning their next attack on humanity.

God bless, protect and keep the police and military of France under His loving watchful eye as they go about the task of hunting down the other associated infestations of sub-human creatures which have burrowed into nooks and crannies in France, seeking to advance the cause of illogical death, destruction, depravity and to further the cause of the hatred of all life. #LoveWins and we all know that. We have long been taught that we would need to withstand and endure great evil in the world, toward the end  – right before He returns, and we are clearly now living in those times. Hold fast to God, and to goodness, and to the brilliance of the mind of Christ, which will help the West to prevail over all evil in the end . Hold fast to sanity and to inner peace. Hold fast to all that is sacred and pure, worth protecting and worth fighting for. Today we have another small victory. We press on in His name.  – Screenshot

Mastermind of Paris terror attacks killed in Saint-Denim raid on 11.18.2015

Poster boy for the ISIS cult of death, Abdelhamid Abaaoud had become such a vile human being that his own family purportedly wanted him dead. See http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/18/world/europe/paris-attacks-abdelhamid-abaaoud-an-isis-militant-from-belgium-whose-own-family-wanted-him-dead.html

Paris Terror Attack Aftermath: More Arrests, Police Raids, A Defiant & Unified Public as Parisians Try to Heal: #ToutsAuBistrot


Mastermind of Paris Terror Attacks Confirmed Dead from 11.18 Saint-Denim Raid

Muslim Community Reacts to Paris Terror Attack: ‘Hug a Muslim’ Campaign, Expressions of Love and Goodwill Appear Everywhere


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Mysterious Unidentified ‘Black UFO Balls’ Are Falling from the Skies in Spain

The first time it happened it was easy to write this thing off as a piece of space program or aviation-related space junk which had worked it’s way loose and fallen back to earth, possibly a mechanical part that had come loose from a space station or a high flying jet airplane.

The second time it happened officials in Calasparra Spain began to worry, and rightfully so, as no answers have been forthcoming. The third time it happened panic began to ensue in the peaceful agrarian Spanish countryside where these mysterious black ‘UFO balls’ keep falling from the skies. No one has any idea what these things are, and everyone is now worried that more will fall soon. If one of these hits a human being, [ or an animal or auto ] they will obviously be killed instantly.


Below are collected video reports:

“Over the space of 5 days, two mysterious orbs have landed in fields in south eastern Spain. Weighing 44 pounds and measuring 40 inches across, the second orb was witnessed by two farmers as it fell from the skies into their field.”

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