Will 2016 Be a Wild Ride? Future Prognosticators Weigh In.


“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the eventual consequences of ignoring reality.” – Ayn Rand

The annual American cultural ritual of predicting and prognosticating about possible future events to come in the new year always yields fascinating theories and interesting, if not often troubling, video reports. Below are several I watched and gathered for readers. It goes without saying that I don’t necessarily feel that everything discussed in these reports will occur, or even vaguely coalesce. Often these video reports turn out t o be little more than prepper “fear porn.”

But it would be a very tumultuous new year indeed in 2016, if even some of these theorized possible events materialized.  Pay special attention to the commentary of Bill Holter in video three. For those who live in southern California, [ or Israel ] pay close attention to the narrative in video four. Video four lists the top five places NOT to be when the US dollar collapses: Israel, southern California, New York, Washington DC and Great Britain. It’s worth a watch if one of those locales is your home. OK. You have been warned.

Feel free to share these videos on your own social networks. It might also be a good idea to DOWNLOAD these videos to your own hard drive in the event they suspiciously “disappear” from YouTube after a few weeks. This happens frequently these days.

How do these predictions for 2016 compare to the predicted events of 2015 one year earlier? Review the video at

2015 Comes. Here’s an Interesting News Report Which Should Be Shared.

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Euro Banks Are Blowing Out; Dodd-Frank ‘Bail-In’ Means Americans Will Be Killed To Salvage Them

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Microchipping Society


Regina E. Duncan, former (DARPA) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency director and now Google Executive,  has introduced a minute, ingestible microchip that the majority population will be   expected to swallow by 2017. It is being billed as-  “A means of authentication,” Duncan calls it, which takes invasive surveillance to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and  explains the bio-chem-mechanical qualities of this exotic technology that ‘grows’ in the human body with its host retaining its structural integrity and function.microchip-1

 Declared a quantum leap for research and medicine by its exponents ,Ethicists on the other-hand identify the critical shift toward this technology as a certain extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.    These bio-chips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical dependency,including a host of other…

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2014 Short List of What DARPA is Working On These Days


Photo of DARPA’s mobile tactical high energy laser weapon, which is reputed to be able to vaporize a human being, for starters. This claim has not been verified. Videos demonstrating this laser’s capability have been removed from YouTube with no explanation given:




Re-blogged on Screenshots News courtesy of http://technovelgy.com tech news website:

DARPA Project List (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) was established 1958 in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik. DARPA reports directly to the Secretary of Defense; however, it operates independently of the rest of military research and development. Its basic principles are:


  • Small and flexible, with a flat organization structure
  • Autonomous organization
  • World-class scientists and engineers work with representatives from industry, universities and government labs
  • Project-based style; technical staff rotated every 3-5 years
  • Program managers are selected to be technically outstanding and entrepreneurial.


Here’s a listing of the DARPA-related projects presented on the Technovelgy site:


Index of related articles:

DARPA Project List (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

See also:





The following link is a list of search results from http://youtomb.mit.edu which comes up when you run the simple word search “DARPA” on their site. This is the list of removed videos which the search returns:


Articles and reports on 21st Century Screenshots news blog which are tagged: DARPA

Forbidden FED & Black Op Technology: Interview with Dr. Barry Taff and Dave Schrader


Confessions of an NWO Hitman: DARPA Covert Program Uses Induced Heart Attacks & Cancer to Silence Whistle-blowers




DARPA technology can now scan eyes in a moving crowd. Read more at http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/darpa-a-glimpse-of-all-tomorrows-weapons/

China Bans Import / Consumption of Any Shellfish From US West Coast Due to High Radiation Levels

The literal fallout from the 2011 Fukushima disaster continues to spread out and affect life on planet earth. Most disturbing are recent reports that China has now banned the import and consumption of shellfish from the American west coast. What is MORE disturbing is that our own government has not banned west coast shellfish from our own people consuming it. This doesn’t give me a high level of confidence that the federal government is being fully honest with the American people about possible radiation levels along the west coast. More on this soon.

Earlier August 2013 News Broadcast from Japan

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And Now for the “Other” Comet Ison News Videos

“We are building a domestic army.”  – Marine Corp Colonel

Keep in mind as you watch the videos below that IMO everyone’s an amateur when it comes to attempting to describe the ever-chancing trajectories, contents, new behaviors, and component structure of comets. Comets are dynamic, constantly mutating, morphing,  very enigmatic high speed space objects. I don’t feel any person or space agency on earth is an expert on these matters.

I found the close-up zoomed photos of Comet Ison coming out of Russia to be quite extraordinary, if they are real. Those images could not possibly be anymore different than the “dolled up Hollywood style” Comet Ison photos released by our own space agencies here in the states. [ Things that make you go hmmmm.]

As one might have expected, the passing of Comet Ison has inspired all kinds of citizen reporter videos and photo analysis. Take it all with a grain of salt, but DO have a look at some alternative analysis of this cosmic space traveler that does not come out of the highly airbrushed 5th grade vernacular of NASA public news reporting.

As usual, my posting of these news videos constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal, of their contents. Be sure to check out the reports in “related videos” as well. Feel free to share.

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“GOV Food Stamp EBT System Goes Down Nationwide” Reports Boston WBZ 1030 News Radio

Embedded image permalinkUpdated every 15 minutes:

I see many folks freaking out, or tweeting about others who are freaking out, because their EBT cards do not work this morning. I am monitoring Twitter on this issue [ #EBT ] and I have seen three different “official” reasons reported via news media for why the system is down.  So it’s actually anyone’s guess.

@JoeTalkShow : ‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy http://t.co/KmVv5U3dQN This just got real. haha #EBT 6 minutes ago

‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy

Danger Will Robinson! …


I’m wondering whether this is actually just a “glitch” or a portent of things to come?  Oklahoma EBT has now gone down, as well as Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and the city of Atlanta. I’ll update the post again in just a few minutes.

Boston news media local CBS affiliate WBZ 1030 News Radio is now reporting that the EBT system is down nationwide today, due to a computer upgrade.

Tweets now report system down in Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania …

Computer Upgrade Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday

EBT Food Stamp System Going Down 10.12.2013 – Latest links:


Here’s the report:

EBT benefits system down across Atlanta

EBT benefits system down across Atlanta photo
Georgia EBT card

By Jeremy Redmon

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The electronic system that allows welfare recipients to buy food with their benefits went down across the Atlanta area Saturday, according to local grocery stores.

Several news media reports say the Electronic Benefits Transfer system – which allows low-income people to spend their Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program benefits with payment cards – was not working in Michigan and Virginia as well.

State and federal officials could not be reached for comment Saturday afternoon. But NBC4 in Washington, D.C., quoted a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Human Resources saying a Xerox facility that handles the card transactions had experienced a power outage. The outage caused the cards to be rejected, NBC4 reported.

“It is not just Kroger,” said Kroger spokesman Glynn Jenkins. “In metro Atlanta, it doesn’t matter what retailer you are – the system is down.”

Embedded image permalinkPublix also reported troubles Saturday.

“We are experiencing a problem processing EBT for Alabama– and Georgia-issued cards,” Brenda Reid, a media and community relations manager for Publix Super Markets, said in an email. “Our information systems team is actively working to correct the problem.”

See also http://twitchy.com/2013/10/12/riot-time-food-stamp-users-in-near-panic-over-ebt-card-failures/

As if all the above was not strange enough, WILD rumors abound online that other more dire consequences of not raising the debt ceiling are soon to befall retired and senior citizens in America. I personally do not believe any of these rumors are true, but the video below, replete with links to reported news stories, is an example of the internet rumor mongering I am finding this morning. Please take it all with a grain of salt. Actuality may not resemble any of what you see reported below, but people are getting pretty panicked up and restless during this FED shutdown.

Cited from YT user acct above:

President Obama said that if the Republicans don’t cede to his will over the debt ceiling American retirees will not receive their Social Security checks. To use the sort of rhetoric he likes, he is holding these seniors hostage with a gun to their heads. Not only that, but he also let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the false notion that Democrats are the great protectors of Social Security.
“In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on time.”
Obama’s clear threat: If the Republicans do not raise the debt ceiling by October 19, retired Americans risk not getting their social security checks!

Obama’s clear threat: If the Republicans do not raise the debt ceiling by October 19, retired Americans risk not getting their social security checks!

CINCINNATI — Ohio food stamp and child support recipients are unable to use their cards to purchase anything because the Ohio Electronic Benefit Transfer system is down, an EBT staffer confirmed to 9 On Your Side on Saturday.

Lynchburg, VA – The Virginia EBT, or Electronic Benefit Transfer system has gone down across the entire area, according to customers and retailers throughout the ABC 13 Viewing area.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The electronic system that allows welfare recipients to buy food with their benefits went down across the Atlanta area Saturday, according to local grocery stores.

Chicken Throw-Up: What’s Really in Those God-Awful Nasty Nuggets

” … nothing is more disturbing than knowing that half of a white-meat chicken nugget is actually just a Frankenstein mix of pulverized avian bone, nerves, and internal organs.” – Atlantic Wire

I can absolutely vouch for the contents of the re-blogged article below.  Last week I did a very foolish thing. It was late, I was in a hurry, it was 4 pm and I hadn’t eaten all day, so I swung into the local Wendy’s and ordered some chicken nuggets. I had already been made genuinely sick by McDonald’s nuggets about a year ago, but I figured if it was Wendy’s product, it might be the real thing. NOT.

About 4 bites into the first nugget, I got the distinct impression that what I was chewing was not exactly “just chicken.”  I threw them out and vowed “no more nuggets, no matter where they come from.” Nuggets bad. Nuggets NOT real. Go away nuggets.

Here’s what came out today. O. M. G. My taste buds knew all along, even though my brain took a while to catch up.


Chicken nugget: 50 percent meat, fat, skin, bone fragments. UPI /Monika Graff.
Chicken nugget:  50 percent meat, fat, skin, bone fragments. UPI /Monika Graff. 

Published: Oct. 4, 2013 at 9:58 PM

JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 4 (UPI) — Chicken nuggets from two U.S. fast-food chains found up to 50 percent meat and the rest fat, skin, blood vessels, nerves and bone fragments, researchers say.

Dr. Richard deShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson said white chicken meat is one of the best sources of lean protein available and it’s something physicians often encourage their patients to eat.

“I was floored. I had read what other reports have said is in them and I didn’t believe it. I was astonished actually seeing it under the microscope,” deShazo said in a statement.

“What has happened is that some companies have chosen to use an artificial mixture of chicken parts rather than low-fat chicken white meat, batter it up and fry it, and still call it chicken. It is really a chicken by-product high in calories, salt, sugar and fat that is a very unhealthy choice. Even worse, it tastes great and kids love it and it is marketed to them.”

Dr. Steven Bigler, a pathologist at Baptist Health Systems in Jackson, stained, fixed, sliced and analyzed the nugget sections from two U.S. fast-food chains for the study.

The experiment wasn’t designed as a comprehensive study of nuggets from all major fast-food chains, nor do the results from two, randomly selected nuggets from two prominent chains represent all chicken nugget offerings available, deShazo said.

“My concern is that these constitute a large part of people’s diets. When you fry any food, you’ve got a problem because you add a lot of calories to it. And we eat high-fat foods like chicken nuggets rather than fresh fruits and vegetables,” deShazo said.

If a large percentage of a particular food is fat, “And it is the predominant food that your child eats, they are going to become obese. And they could eventually get diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and other diseases we call co-morbidities.”

The findings were published in The American Journal of Medicine.