Will 2016 Be a Wild Ride? Future Prognosticators Weigh In.


“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the eventual consequences of ignoring reality.” – Ayn Rand

The annual American cultural ritual of predicting and prognosticating about possible future events to come in the new year always yields fascinating theories and interesting, if not often troubling, video reports. Below are several I watched and gathered for readers. It goes without saying that I don’t necessarily feel that everything discussed in these reports will occur, or even vaguely coalesce. Often these video reports turn out t o be little more than prepper “fear porn.”

But it would be a very tumultuous new year indeed in 2016, if even some of these theorized possible events materialized.  Pay special attention to the commentary of Bill Holter in video three. For those who live in southern California, [ or Israel ] pay close attention to the narrative in video four. Video four lists the top five places NOT to be when the US dollar collapses: Israel, southern California, New York, Washington DC and Great Britain. It’s worth a watch if one of those locales is your home. OK. You have been warned.

Feel free to share these videos on your own social networks. It might also be a good idea to DOWNLOAD these videos to your own hard drive in the event they suspiciously “disappear” from YouTube after a few weeks. This happens frequently these days.

How do these predictions for 2016 compare to the predicted events of 2015 one year earlier? Review the video at

2015 Comes. Here’s an Interesting News Report Which Should Be Shared.

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Euro Banks Are Blowing Out; Dodd-Frank ‘Bail-In’ Means Americans Will Be Killed To Salvage Them

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The Land Under Vasquez Canyon Rd Above Santa Clarita CA Suddenly Crumples, Buckles, Warps, Destroys Section of Hwy and No One Knows Why


Some are calling this EXTREME and severely dangerous earth change event a “landslide” but the minute you see the photos you know that’s not what this is. NOT a landslide [ which would bury the road ], NOT an earthquake, which would most likely split the road and shift chunks of landmasses up or down, but a complete crumpling, warping and buckling of huge sections of earth beneath the road, which has completely destroyed sections of it. You have to see it to believe it. The event took place on Nov. 20th 2015.

What’s most worrisome about this bizarre and sudden earth upheaval is that just about 10-12 miles to the northwest of Vasquez Canyon Road, which winds through the mountains above Santa Clarita California, sits the enormous Castaic Lake Dam.

If something like this were to occur within, under or close to the dam itself, it would cause an immediate breach and collapse of the dam, flooding the valley below where nearly 180,000 people make their home.


One can only hope and pray and that every brilliant geologist within a 100 mile radius is now making their way to the site of the sudden destruction along a section of Vasquez Canyon Rd above Santa Clarita in Los Angeles country CA to investigate what took place and update mass evacuation plans in the event that such a sudden earth crumpling event bursts the dam which sits above the town. I am posting this report to encourage Santa Clarita city officials to take preemptive actions to make ready should they need to evacuate nearly 200,000 people out of the valley below the dam. The hwy crumbling is a clear warning that the land in the region is not stable. – Screenshots blog author

Mike Adams: ‘UFO’ Video-Recorded Over Los Angeles Was a Thermonuclear Missile Launch

11.21.2015 #BlacklistedNews

This video is part one of a 4 part video produced by Mike Adams, reporter for Health Ranger. After you listen to there should be links that come up for the rest of the other parts.


Published on Nov 8, 2015

The launch of a Trident missile (thermonuclear weapons platform) over Los Angeles is the US Navy’s warning to China and an effort to prevent escalation into World War III.


Let the Singing and Dancing Go On! Sierra Leone, Liberia Africa Celebrate the End of Ebola: #ByeByeEbolaSong

It has officially been 42 days since any new cases of Ebola have been reported in Sierra Leone, Africa.

The courageous people of this disease ravaged nation are rightfully rejoicing, and the world should rejoice with them as well. The hideous ravages of the terrible near endless march of death which was brought by Ebola during the past two years are gradually fading, even as the people of Sierra Leone recall the depth of their suffering during the worst of it’s ascent. Below are video clips which recall the worst moments of the extended Ebola outbreak, which killed more than  28,000 people in Sierra Leone and other African nations, along with the long awaited moments of pure joy to know that the heart of the nation can finally begin to recover from one of the most serious outbreaks of deadly Ebola virus in world history. Sound the drums and sing the songs of victory over death. You are the lucky ones, whom God has smiled on. You have lived to sing the living songs of joy. Ebola is finally fading in Sierra Leone, Africa.

About the Ebola Outbreak: “Across West Africa, the death toll from Ebola rose to over 11,000 (CDC), which was heavily concentrated in three countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. As of September 22, 2015, a total of 28,319 cases have been reported with 15,235 being laboratory confirmed. A quick statistical analysis will reveal that a large percentage of those who contracted Ebola survived (around thirty percent). A percentage poorly relates the psychological impact of the epidemic on affected populations and makes it difficult for observers to shift from objectively interpreting data to a sympathetically understanding the strife of the population. The scope of the virus did, however, enter the attention of the Western hemisphere with an inescapable pandemonium of panicked rumors and apocalyptic premonitions. Two US doctors were, in fact, confirmed to have contracted the virus and carried it into the country (CDC). There was a swift reaction to treat and contain the virus, which prevented its spread.”

In Liberia the Ebola crematorium has now been officially dismantled. This photo is from that ceremony.

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Collected Videos and Images About Jade Helm 15 [ Relax: the sky is not falling on you. ]

I make no attempt to state any opinion one way or the other as to exactly what Operation Jade Helm is really all about, but the amount of ridiculous rumor, hearsay, speculation and fear mongering around it has now become as dangerous to our psychic sense of “national security” [ national insecurity? ] as the military exercises themselves. It is my understanding that the very nature of a psychological operation necessarily includes the intentional flushing out all kinds of heretofore hidden enemies, opinions, reactions, theories and other sorts of wild conjecturing among the target populace. That’s what psychological operations DO.

If that was part of the motive behind running this OP, then it has already been wildly successful. Every noteworthy citizen reporter has weighed in one this one, except me.  I’ve been out to lunch, gone fishing, running my Ebay business, tending my vegetable garden, photographing the hummingbirds, and talking to God – not necessarily in that order. Until early yesterday morning I had not given it one singular moment of my time. I don’t think that anything of any sort of life threatening gravitas is going to take place this summer at all in the USA – other than the fact that about 100 or so over-caffeinated citizen reporters are going to continue to scare the hell out of middle Americans living in the lower sun belt and scattered across the upper Midwest, by publishing unsubstantiated speculative news reports that OP Jade Helm is intended to: disarm middle America via door to door gun confiscation, clamp down on civil liberties by initiating a more or less permanent state of martial law,  summarily arrest and execute domestic terrorists without any trial, establish Sharia Law by force, or merely round up the loudest dissidents in states like Texas and Utah, then throw them in a FEMA camp brig for 30 years without a trial, etcetera.

Get a grip y’all. If the OP was designed to intimidate and scare the hell out of all us ‘lawless’ truth tellers – well, it’s working. Just not on me. I could care less what OP the FEDs are running this summer. Or any other summer. I don’t live in that octave. I don’t even usually glance at it. I fear not. And maybe that would be a good idea for some of these other writers to pursue – the little used path of fearing NOT – or naught.

I’m not concerned about Jade Helm enough to do much more than post a few [ rather comical ] videos I found on the topic. And as usual – I make no claims whatsoever as to the veracity of the content of any of these items. I merely post them by way of example as to how effective the PSY OP has been thus far in creating a sense of dire national insecurity among those who still believe that their sense of overall well being is in the process of being ruffled, worse yet, disrupted, due to a lengthy military exercise taking place in our midst.

Before I close this post, I did want to let readers know that a peculiar thing happened when I tried to publish it. I got one of those mysterious “check doc” mystery boxes come up in the middle of my screen, which I screen printed so readers could see it. This used to happen years back when another popular blog I used to author began to receive much unwanted attention from the NSA. Here’s that screenshot:


I’m amused if anything, still not worried, and still unwilling to get all bent out of shaped over the intrigue of Operation Jade Helm. Nice try. But no. I still don’t care about your OP.  I fear not.  Now excuse me while I grab my pruning shears. My tomatoes and peppers need some attention, and I just spotted a new species of humming bird in the back yard. I’ve got more important things to do.

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Images and Photos Associated with Operation Jade Helm

The Future of Robotics: Cause for Excitement or Ultimate Human Angst?

With recent advances in robotics comes the inevitable expanding angst of human robotics scientists, many of whom now fear that their technological super-creations will soon surpass their own intellectual abilities, eventually rendering the human intellect obsolete. I find these trumped up concerns to be rather silly even nonsensical, but I can see how science might be more than a little bit worried.

Serious injury and medical messes made during the deployment of robots in surgical procedures should serve as fair warning to the blithe fools among the many brilliant men and women who toil in our scientific community:  Never assign a machine to complete a task more efficiently performed by the trained and experienced hands of highly skilled human beings. Lesson learned, one would hope.

And then there is HAL: the once-brilliant-now-gone-beserk super computer who ran all the operations on the spaceship in the historic Stanley Kubrick film 2001 Space Odyssey.” We all know how that story ended. It was a 1960s era prophetic and cautionary tale: “Never let the master robot take over the spaceship.”

By contrast, in the film “Interstellar” the on-board robots prove themselves invaluable, saving lives and helping to salvage the space mission itself. In the movie “I Robot” state-of-the-art robots who do nearly everything for human society, run amuck and wreak havoc upon an entire city, nearly bringing about total collapse.. In The Matrix trilogy the robots have long since waged war on humans, won the battle, and taken over the world, now breeding humans via giant techno-warehouses as a disposable liquid food source, the most hideous imagining yet of a robotics based society gone terribly wrong. [ It’s never explained to the movie goer why the advanced machines who rule the Matrix must necessarily feast on a puree of liquid flesh and blood, but I suppose it made for an ‘uckier’ more gripping story. ] Thanks to advances in robotics we are presently re-imagining our greatest hopes and dreams as a species, while also exploring our darkest fears about the technology we are developing. Robotics is one of the most popular motion picture themes in the modern era, and rightfully so. We are now on the cusp of achieving great things, things we only dreamed of 60 years ago.

I would venture to say that at this point, late 2014, we have not yet learned how to teach these machines to become adroitly intuitive, truly insightful, or actually imaginative. [ Yet.]  I’m sure there will be those who will argue my point.

The solution to our future as a species who successfully deploys robotics lies with our own supreme choices and most important moral decision making in the next 30 years, choices we will soon make with those same mighty intellects which can endow machines with the ability to manufacture cars, build boats, and even pick the right stocks.  We can choose to develop smart military soldier robots who will go to war in 125 degree desert heat to ferret out ISIS overlords, risking no human lives in eliminating the threat. That’s definitely a use for robots I would put on my ‘to-do’ list asap. We have already invented clever little robots who can find people buried under tons of rubble or locate and defuse bombs under remote control, risking no human lives in the process. Excellent!

Should robots clean toilets in hotel rooms, change your motor oil,  check out shoppers, sell airline tickets and pick fresh orchard fruit?  Sure! But be sure to have job training programs already in place ready to re-assign those displaced human workers who will now need to learn new and needed skills.

Should robots write software ethics programs to develop behavioral protocols for their own kind? At this point, probably not. If we can’t teach them to perform surgery without causing human injury, they probably are not ready to author the encyclopedias on how they should function behaviorally either. It’s just common sense. And common sense seems to be the one ability that scientists cannot endow upon robots. It’s a uniquely human gift of wisdom and experience that machines don’t seem capable of gleaning just yet. We might ought to hope that they don’t. There needs to be a few jobs left in the robot ruled future that our own scientists can still do – on their own.

What we ought to be attending to first, before we design human-like robots which can cook a seven course meal, run for president, and rule the world, is our own real and lasting spiritual development in these next one hundred years. Our religious lives need to become LESS a cause for never-ending war, and MORE a source of everlasting inner peace. This is not only possible for the human species, but many millions of spiritual persons already enjoy this inner peace that men and women hunger for all over the world. And many have quietly achieved such gains without ever setting foot in a traditional church or mosque. Therefore, logic tells us that it is the individual quest for spiritual truth and attainment that is the actual source of personal aspiration, not the collective mass consciousness which squabbles endlessly over the relative virtues of one religious system over another.

If religions are perceived as the fundamental root of the problem, then let’s choose to go beyond traditional religions, and find common ground in our fundamental shared humanity. As a species we have yet to achieve real cross cultural brotherhood and sisterhood. We are still killing one another based on misled racial bias, misunderstanding, old genetic hatreds, and often just for sport.

We can achieve our species wide goal of attaining “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men” by meaningful personal and individual effort. Collective spiritual efforts come later, after this species has learned not to kill one another as a wrongly imagined  solution to mankind’s problems. It falls upon the individual man or woman, in private, within their own souls and conscience, to make the right personal and moral choices EVERY DAY that can help to lead the species toward peace and away from hell, death and endless war. No robot can ever do that, and no robot ever will.

If we believe that robots hold the solution to mankind’s problems, we are misled and traveling down the wrong road to the future. A machine is a tool. A robot is no different than a jackhammer, a screwdriver, a power saw, or a corvette. It’s a machine designed to perform some series of tasks. Attempt to endow it with any other qualities and you may be walking off the edge of the cliff, having never looked once at what is in front of you. Before we decide to dedicate our species to the development of robots, why not spend a few decades just becoming better human beings instead?

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Are We Really Facing a Half Million Ebola Cases by 2015?

Updated on Dec 23rd 2014

This post first appeared on one of my other news blogs, American Info Maps, in October. I was asked to update it and located some alarming new numbers which I have posted below. Ebola has now fallen out of the news cycle in the USA as the Ferguson riots and related issues were given greater priority after several Americans who were ill with Ebola successfully recovered. Numbers recently published by the CDC on how the disease might progress by 2015 are disturbing. I’ll follow up in another month with new updates.

If you are wondering just exactly how this awful incurable fatal disease is so difficult to contain in the stricken epicenters where it is spreading the fastest, read this article. It explains everything and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released projections on Tuesday, using a new modeling tool that ended up with different numbers than the predictions published in the NEJM.

They estimated that reported cases in Sierra Leone and Liberia could rise to 8,000 by the end of September. But the CDC also noted that cases seem to be vastly underreported, perhaps by a factor of 2.5. According to the new projections, the true number of cases by the end of September could — worst case scenario — rise to 21,000. 

By January 20, 2015, the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone could be as high as 550,000, the CDC report said. Correcting for under-reporting, the number would be vastly higher: 1.4 million cases.

This post will not be easy to digest, and it was not meant to be.It is now time to PUT THE FEAR OF GOD into persons who are still playing with fire by the continuance of certain behaviors which are known to spread he Ebola virus.

We all know by now the tragic disproportionate number of uninformed, uncaring foolish and reckless people who abound in our world, caring little that their wanton actions may create haphazard life and death situations for others. We learned all about that during the early moments of the 35 year long AIDS epidemic. We also know that many millions of uninformed or just uncaring and / or foolish people happen to live in or near GROUND ZERO regions of the Ebola virus in west Africa. Those persons must now be reached by any and all means – and impressed IMMEDIATELY with the gravity and dire consequences that their possible reckless actions may cause to those close to them, and to others, far far away. Our very inter-connectedness now threatens to spread this evil virus so quickly that public health officials around the world could easily become overwhelmed. Please, please share this post!

I found a very telling and noteworthy piece of information about Ebola in a small obscure graphic. I’d like to share that graphic FIRST in this series of maps and info-graphics. READ what it says about the spread of Ebola via semen:

“Although victims may appear healthy, they are still infectious as long as their blood and secretions contain the virus. Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery.”

What this means is that a self-imposed period of total celibacy for at least 7 weeks after recovery from Ebola needs to be MANDATORY for all males who contracted the disease, and then recovered. Otherwise they may be spreading the virus via sexual activity, post-recovery – without knowing it. This urgently important fact needs to be broadcast globally to avoid a worldwide Ebola pandemic.





The chart below vividly illustrates what can happen when a small outbreak of such a virulent disease like Ebola doesn’t get the massive attention to halt it’s progress very early on. No one in January of 2014 was paying enough attention to what was about to happen concerning the rapid uncontrolled spread of Ebola. Now in October of 2014, health officials are around the world are racing to establish new protocols which can hopefully halt the spread of the disease and avoid a global pandemic.









Cell phone data was used to develop this map of the migration of Ebola from region to region in south Africa:


RED ALERT for a possible global pandemic of Ebola was first detected in this computer algorithm map [ shown below ] which dates to March 2014 of this year. My advice would be NOT to wait for “official” travel advisories regarding regions of high infection, but to cancel any travel plans to those regions now. Find a way NOT to travel into Ebola infected regions if at all possible. If their computers told them a global pandemic was highly likely 6 months ago – and officials ignored those warnings, then odds are they have drastically under-estimated the possible speed at which this disease could spread, and the possible numbers of people globally who could be affected. Stay home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.






I’d also like to re-post in it’s entirety another very helpful and informative post about Ebola which is located at http://www.vox.com/2014/10/1/6877617/16-charts-maps-and-photos-that-explain-the-ebola-outbreak

15 charts, maps, and photos that explain the Ebola outbreak

1. Ebola was first discovered in 1976 in Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Ebola electron micrograph 1976

An electron micrograph containing the Ebola virus taken in 1976.

2. Between 1976 and 2013, 20 Ebola outbreaks killed a total of 1,548 people.

Previous Ebola outbreak

Previous Ebola Outbreaks by relative size. Joe Posner / Vox.

3. Four strains of Ebola can infect humans. The Zaire strain is the most deadly, and is the disease spreading in this outbreak.

Deadliness of Ebola Strains

The current outbreak is the Zaire ebolavirus. Joss Fong / Vox.

4. Ebola patients have to be kept in isolation wards. One problem is that West Africa lacks enough of them.


Ibrahim Fambulle, barely able to stand, tries to walk to a different isolation room in an Ebola ward on August 15, 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images.

5. This is the worst Ebola outbreak ever.


Ebola deaths by outbreak. Joss Fong/Vox.

6. It’s spread to seven countries and killed 3,091 people – nearly twice as many as all other outbreaks combined.

Ebola deaths, 2014 outbreak

7. Ebola has killed more than 200 health care workers in Africa.


A Sierra Leonese burial team carries the coffin of Dr Modupeh Cole, Sierra Leone’s second senior physician to die of Ebola. Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images.

8. Ebola is also spreading through unsafe burial practices in Africa.

The Tweh farm cemetery in Liberia, where burials have ben halted, September 30, 2014. Pascal Guyot / Getty Images.

The Tweh farm cemetery in Liberia, where burials have ben halted, September 30, 2014. Pascal Guyot / Getty Images.

9. The only way to catch Ebola is to have direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has Ebola and has begun showing symptoms.

Ebola flowchart

10. Modern public health systems can stop Ebola. West Africa’s poverty and underfunded health care system allowed it to spread.

Health workforce

11. The CDC projects as many as 1.4 million people could be infected with Ebola by January if the outbreak isn’t stopped.

CDC ebola projection

12. But Nigeria and Senegal stopped their Ebola outbreaks cold.


Medics carry a Nigerian patient during his transfer to another hospital in Istanbul, Turkey on September 25, 2014. Metin Pala/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.

13. A Texas hospital diagnosed the first-ever American case of Ebola on September 30.

ebola map

14. The United States has a robust health infrastructure that will near-certainly prevent the disease’s spread.


15. There is no cure, treatment or vaccine for Ebola.

Ebola vaccine testing

A possible Ebola vaccine called Chimp Adenovirus type 3 being tested in London. Steve Parsons-WPA Pool/Getty Images.