Yes. Every Week in 2016 DOES Get a Little More Orwellian. But Some of the Responses to the Orwellian-ism Are Actually ‘Signs of Intelligent Life.’ And Thank God for Those.


August 9th 2016

Most days I’m intermittently outraged, aghast, most definitely amused [ and simultaneously horrified ] by what I see unfolding, both in America [ land that I love ] and in the greater world at large.

This evening I stumbled onto a few videos where other “truth reportersvoice some of their own reactions and responses to the rapidly deteriorating situation in which we all find ourselves, as our beloved but very troubled ‘little blue watery world’ aka Earth, whirls around the sun.

The only thing which remains certain, stable, and more or less CONSTANT: is GOD, and the prehistoric orbits of local planets. Everything else is now up for grabs – including the collective sanity, reasoning power, and fundamental root level intelligence of the human race. Enjoy.

But they also produce little videos like this one [below]. And for that, these kids are absolutely my total HEROES.

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Democratic National Convention Rocked By DNC Chair Wasserman’s Resignation on Day One: What A Way to Start the Show

Well, God bless Wikileaks. Once again Julian Assange’s renown hacker-sleuth team has outed some serious rottenness in our government, this time by way of showing the world what DNC staffers were emailing each other about candidate Bernie Sanders all this past year, while the still vigorous 70-something was working his ass off all over the country, building a movement, with every intention of becoming the presumptive democratic nominee. If Bernie Sanders is not at this moment one of the most bitter men in modern politics [ rivaling even the bitterness of Ted Cruz ] then he should be. Because he got CHEATED on a scale that’s pretty breathtaking. I would compare what the DNC did to Bernie as like unto a prominent national bank stealing from it’s own top depositors, while assuring them that their funds are indeed FDIC insured. It’s JUST NOT SUPPOSED to HAPPEN.

Cited: Lingering bitterness from the heated primary campaign between Clinton and Sanders erupted after more than 19,000 Democratic National Committee emails, leaked on Friday, confirmed Sanders’ frequent charge that the party played favorites in the race.

DNC chair Debra Wasserman Schultz has been implicated, and she is to resign. She has also been pulled as a keynote speaker at this week’s DNC Convention.

Even though I am neither a socialist, nor a Sanders supporter [ I’m with #Trump all the way ] it’s been amazing to watch Bernie build a national coalition which is almost large enough to rival Trump’s, putting to shame the actual paltry number of people who really support Hillary Clinton and plan to vote for her.  When Hillary holds a rally and less than 500 people show up, that SHOULD be news in and of itself. It’s a telltale litmus test that she has no real groundswell of support.

But since we all know that @CNN and @MSNBC are mostly dedicated to getting her elected, while suppressing all support for Donald Trump, no one has bothered to report this important ACTUAL real news to the American people, who urgently need to know about it. By contrast, Bernie Sanders rallies have drawn crowds of young people 20,000 to 30,000 strong – literally hundreds of times the number of attendees that Hillary rallies draw. It got so bad by late last year and this winter news cameramen refused to pan the crowds at any Hillary rally – keeping their cameras squarely fixed on her as she spoke. That’s because there WERE NO CROWDS in attendance. Go looking online anywhere on the internet and see if you can locate photos of Hillary Clinton speaking to more than a few hundred people. You won’t find them because they do not exist. Fascinating fact, huh?

But you would never have known any of this to read excerpts from several DNC staff emails. One staffer stated in an email, which was included in the DNC Wikileaks dump:

“This story is silly. Bernie Sanders will never be president.” – DNC staff email excerpt from the Wikileaks dump

So, just how bad is it? The Wikileaks dump is a jaw-dropper. Many many very ugly truths were brought to light, including animal abuse to raise money for DNC coffers, homophobia, and more. Follow the links below. Full list courtesy of The Gateway Pundit website:

“The hacked emails revealed the DNC’s hatred for Bernie Sanders and his movement. The documents reveal the party’s hidden ties with the liberal media. The emails reveal the heights of dishonesty of the party infrastructure.

Here’s a list of a few of the most shocking emails released by Wikileaks.
The list was compiled thanks to the work of Reddit Bernie Sander supporters and Donald Trump supporters: 

Hat Tip Steve A.

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black womans name.
DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.

Below are several screenshots of some DNC email segments. One phrase that stood out in the first image was “planted the story” – confirming what news bloggers like me have long held, that media outlets “pepper” their internet news sites and news broadcasts with certain types of stories when they want to BEND public opinion and perception in a certain way. The phrase “planted the story” confirms this fact.

Bernie’s personal religious beliefs were also discussed:

So one can imagine, as rabid as Bernie’s coalition is, that they have now taken to the streets of Philadelphia in numbers. It’s a motley crew of #BLM protestors, #SEIU employees, #GREENParty people, mom and pop uber-liberals, college students, college drop-outs, PINK party women and girls, neo-Black Panthers and just about every other non-conservative and very angry liberal political group who wants to take over the country and create a full fledged socialist revolution which would make Fidel Castro proud. Here are some photos from the front lines:

Bilderberg Controlled American Media Makes A Last Ditch Effort to Destroy Trump on The Day He’s Set to Give His GOP Acceptance Speech


In twenty or thirty years, for those of us who are still alive, reflecting on our past, recalling the year 2016, we’ll be saying: “You had to be there.”

Because no one from any time period in American history would ever believe what present day eye-witnesses have to say about the print & internet media gorefest of slander, libel, hearsay, lies, and sheer nonsense which is being published right now – on this day – to attempt to tarnish, discredit and derail the presidential candidacy of Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Had anyone from the future of the year 2016, who might have traveled back to the very recent past of even 2011, or 2012, ventured to try to explain to me a few years ago, what was just around the corner, which I would confront in this year, I would have sworn that it just could not be true. How can that many prestigious media outlets orchestrate that many libelous, false articles on one candidate, to appear in America’s media – on one day!?

Only those who are in the know about who runs the American media empire can comprehend what’s taking place today. It is as if the #Bilderberg cabal sent out a personal letter of mandate to every author, TV anchor, left wing journalist, and liberal reporter working in the business, promising to put a million dollars in their bank account if they would please write something really trashy and patently not true about Donald Trump today.

I would begin citing these dozens and dozens of sleazy “National Enquirer” style fake news reports but it would take me hours and dinner is in the oven, and needs to be checked. After this year I will never, EVER, trust the American news media again. Further, I am fully and completely vindicated that it was the right thing for me to do to begin news blogging after I retired as a graphic designer and web developer. I’m needed and I know it.

The TRUTH matters. When it finally ceases to matter, and American society begins subsisting completely on #Bilderberg generated lies, half-truths, #CFR psychological operations and #CIA social engineering OPs run by Facebook, we not only won’t have a country worth living in, but the uber-rich and ultra-wicked #Bilderberg people will be lording it over a drooling steaming heap of half-animal [formerly human] creatures who behead each other over the tiniest social or civil infraction. The stench will literally be unbearable. Satan will perch atop his pile of black charred rubble, which was formally planet earth, howling like a rabid jackal. I’ll be gone and so very very glad about it.







Under a Ted Cruz Presidency Expect All Civil Rights Gains for Gays to Be Rolled Back

NBC news is reporting on a very telling ‘robocall’ which went out last night in South Carolina to more than 180,000 republicans. The call was intended to paint Donald Trump squarely in the ‘far left’ corner, [ not true ], but in the process the call just happened to reveal to voters the true depth of hatred and vitriol that Ted Cruz feels toward America’s #GLBT community:

“The ad lists the predicted repercussions of the “forward motion” that Trump seemed to agree to.

“It’s about mandatory celebration,” the narrator says. “It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings, forcing clergy to officiate, about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school. It’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values.”

The ad then sharply states: “It’s about tearing down our America. Ted Cruz for president – now, before it’s too late.”

For starters, the contents of this robocall represent “gay fear porn” of the worst possible kind, playing upon the uneducated fears of the more homophobic elements in American society, who have long screamed that allowing gays and lesbians to gain their civil rights would result in the utter collapse of American society. What a bunch of insane hooey. So now we all know EXACTLY who Ted Cruz really is. He will be a president who will waste no time in rolling back every gain in civil rights and legal equality under the law that the #LGBT community has fought for over 30 years.

American voters should be on notice: if you are supporting Ted Cruz and intend to vote for him then you cannot pretend that you also support #EqualCivilRights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Here’s the link:

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Will Your Presidential Vote in 2016 Even Matter? Bilderberg Global Cabal Pre-selects US President Again

Site of the 2015 Bilderberg meeting, where American candidates for president are pre-selected by an elite world cabal. American news outlets are owned by the same members of the cabal who pre-select only global government leaning candidates who can be fully controlled, like Barack Obama, who will go down in history as the MOST Manchurian president ever “pretend-elected” by the American people. It’s time for another wake up call.

Why do we vote?

We vote because we still hope, beyond all insight that knows better, and subsequent personal despair, that it still matters, and that our vote is helping to elect the best man or woman to the White House. Given the Bilderberg global crime cabal’s pre-determined, pre-chosen, frozen then quick thawed, machine made candidates from the tired old ‘Clinton vs Bush’ regimes, shouldn’t we have already guessed that this time they would placate the feminists in the American population by giving us Hillary? Of course most of us who READ, and who read non-official news sites [ especially the beloved British news ] have known for more than a year that it would EITHER be Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton who would have the greasy Bilderberg stamp of approval on their foreheads – pre-selected and packaged by CNN and MSNBC to perfection, for consumption by the US population: “Here are your two choices for 2016 president – take it or leave it. Now shut up.”

The prerequisite of course being that both Jeb and Hillary will cheerfully comply with the forward march of the corporate globalist non-bordered fully merged international Bilderberg agenda, in which US national sovereignty is eventually dissolved completely, and the Bilderberg / UN’s superseding rulings and laws pre-empt our own. That’s been the plan for more than 40 years now, and only a deluge of astute citizen journalism from around the world can educate enough people from the nations of the world in time to stop it before a global fascist state spreads it’s octopus tentacles around every country on earth.

This race to publish the truth, not the ‘fake’ race for the White House, [which is no longer a race at all, but the farce to end all farces ] is the REAL race to the finish line. Will enough citizen journalists in the major nations take up words, photos, video and urgent truth-telling in time to educate enough people in enough countries to finally foil the Bilderberg Plan for world dominion via high corporate crime and secret legislation?

Will it matter in the end that viable outsiders like Trump, Fiorina, and Carson might gain enough ground to actually win the popular vote? And what if one of those candidates DOES actually win the popular vote? Will it matter? Who buys and sells the electoral votes that usher in the pre-approved Bilderberg stamped person?

What will it finally take to put an end to the secret governance of the USA and the world by a hideously wealthy 1% who don’t give a damn about the needs and well being of the 99% of the governed, but instead plot endlessly to find ever more surreptitious and horrible ways of killing them off? If chemtrails won’t work, they will use corporate demons like Monsanto to destroy the food supply. They will use Agenda 21 to gobble up ownership of 99% of the raw mineral, water and land resources of the world and place it all under UN control, fooling millions of unknowing Left Wing young people into doing that work for them via “local activism”, all the while believing with near religious fervor that they are “saving the world” from environmental disaster, these newest, brightest, dumbest pawns of the global Elite.

They fully intend to try to “buy” the internet, and failing that, they intend to try to “own” it to the extent that whatever they don’t want seen on it just disappears overnight by secret mandate, just as thousands of pages and reports from my own blogs have disappeared in the last 8 years.

It’s not that I oppose a global one world government. I just don’t want a THOROUGHLY WICKED AND CORRUPT false Christ eco-fascist version. I want the real and Heavenly ordained time tested ancient version of one world government, the type where true Divine beings guide the purest most noble men and women on earth to SERVE humankind and to help create conditions of abundance and prosperity which grant every person on earth the same rights and privileges which we enjoy here in America: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: RFID-chip free, surveillance free, free from economic and socially engineered Facebook slavery to “like” what others pressure one to, and especially freedom from being given two false choices for President in 2016, while all other viable alternatives are trashed to death by a corporate Bilderberg owned mass media which does the bidding of their cabal rulers.

No artificially created ‘Blue Beam holographic cities in the sky’ nonsense will fool me, or any other thinking creature who can discern the truth.  I am literally praying every day now that millions of young people around the world, who are bright enough to know better, CEASE being the pawns of the UN Agenda 21 eco-fascism program immediately, cease allowing their passion for environmentalism to be co-opted and misused by the UN cabal, and cease consuming the river of lies which flows out of USA corporate owned mass media news outlets.  That socially engineered slop about the 2016 presidential election is all designed to sell and endorse Bilderberg sponsored fake candidates to Americans, while disparaging all other viable outsiders. Stop eating it.

American youngsters: listen to me.  Yes, that includes you – if you are less than 40 years of age and still believe that watching the alphabet channels broadcast in the United States makes you well informed: it does not.  Start getting your “American” news from Great Britain, France, Japan, Israel, and Australia. You will be AMAZED at what you are NOT being told.

I want a real and actual Second Coming. I want my true King of Kings to return and straighten out this wicked confabulated monstrous Luciferian Lie of a mess once and for all. Nothing short of that will do.

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Oh, the Swiss! Radical Proposal Seriously Entertains the Idea of GOV Providing Every Swiss Citizen $2800 A Month Free

Yep. You didn’t read that headline wrong. In a proposal which may turn out to be the world’s most radical, daring socialist experiment yet, the Swiss are seriously considering a proposal to have their government provide every Swiss citizen with a basic $2500 Swiss Francs per month, about $2800 usd, which has been dubbed the “unconditional income initiative.”

It remains to be seen whether this wild idea will fly.  Here in the United States we already have something sort of similar, as our entitlement rolls of SSI and disability recipients have swollen to the breaking point since the 2008 financial meltdown, during which millions of jobs disappeared forever, never to return, no matter what kind of “recovery” the alphabet channels advertise.

Looking around here in the US, I can’t say that our own socialist experiment is going that well. A monthly SSI stipend of anywhere from $545.00 a month to upwards of $991.00+ in states like California might help the truly disabled, but for every genuinely disabled person on the dole there are 10 more “fake disabled” parasites collecting checks who have mostly never worked a day in the their life. Some are no older than 18 or 19 years old and have never worked.  Many use the money to purchase everything from hard drugs to hard liquor, enough to satisfy their addiction needs for at least two weeks out of every month. I know all of this because I happened to have had the misfortune of living in Chico California for a few years, which [ I didn’t know until I moved there and found out the hard way ] is one of the newest “wandering homeless” capitols of  the West Coast.  That’s one of the many reasons I no longer live in Chico California.

During the fall 2008 US economic meltdown, housing prices in California collapsed, and tens of thousands of bewildered home owners in southern and central California could no longer make mortgage payments on homes which were fast going underwater.  That is to say, their homes were now worth less than what was owed on them. Many just walked away from their homes, and into homeless shelters, then after the shelters became overwhelmed and/or  their stay ended, walked onto the streets to join the burgeoning tribes of the newly homeless in California. Chico was fast becoming one of the popular pit stops for these wandering tribes who now roamed the inland corridor between northern and southern California every 12 months, avoiding excess heat, severe cold and seeking the most pleasant places to eat, sleep, party and congregate.

You can’t exactly ignore the presence and plight of the homeless when you are surrounded by them on every downtown street corner in the city where you live. Would a $2800 a month free stipend in the United States get these people off the streets  and into decent housing? Maybe. But based on what I learned in Chico, they wouldn’t hold an apartment lease for too long.

The appeal of street life had gripped many of the people I spoke with and got to know while I was living in Chico. For the young, life on the street was just more exciting than the routine tedium of paying rent, keeping the heat and lights turned on, and buying groceries. How do I know this? They told me so. One young man about 20 years old I recall because I gave him rides from time to time. He made bold when he found work to get an apartment with several others who trying to get off the streets, then about 2 months later, went right back to living on the street after they all decided it just wasn’t that much fun to be a leaseholder after all. He explained all of this with considerable enthusiasm and a completely straight face when I saw him one day and asked him why he was back on the street again.

All in all, I coped with the deluge of hobos who were piling into Chico by chatting with them now and again, figuring if they knew me they’d be less likely to mug me. I made the acquaintance of at least a dozen people who were apparently “terminally homeless” during the 3 years I lived in Chico. Each one of them had their own reasons why they returned to street life – even after availing themselves of the hard earned taxpayer’s dollars spent on elaborately funded “getting off the streets” social programs being offered by the county at the time.

This was an EYE-OPENER.  After having my naive bubble completely burst as to why people of all ages end up homeless for long extended periods of time, and after getting to know some of them and realizing that more than 80% of them RETURN to the STREETS even when society helps to get them OFF the streets, I would invite any social scientist to debate me on this issue.

What we ought to be examining with all due diligence is WHY there is now a growing sector of the US population which prefers the anti-society position of sleeping in public parks, alleys, highway run-offs and anywhere in the wilderness where you can pitch a tent, to the comforts of civilized living. I have met and conversed with parts of this contingency of the American public during my years in Chico –  and it didn’t feel real good at all.

The experience left me rattled. It flies in the face of everything we think we know about the “needy” and our non-stop outpouring of money, programs, food banks, and other public services designed to help “lift them back up” and into a place in American society where they can reclaim their dignity. In fact, maybe it’s OUR DIGNITY which we feel might be threatened by the nonstop parade of newly homeless on street corners with signs, begging for food and money. I actually learned during this “discovery” period – which was the only time in my life wherein I have conversed with the homeless and made friends with some of them for a season, that most of them want to remain right where they are.

I know how unbelievable that sounds, and there were certainly exceptions to the rule. But that was my experience. Our own accidental socialist experiment, brought about by the 2008-2011 great recession, of providing a monthly stipend of $800 or more per person to millions of people living outdoors on the streets in hundreds of cities across the country is not working out so well.

So I wonder how it is that the Swiss believe they will fare better.  Here’s the report:


Why A Swiss Proposal To Give Every Citizen $2,800 Each Month Is So Radical

Adam Taylor Oct. 17, 2013, 7:53 PM 23,808 86
Swiss Francs MoneyREUTERS/Michael Buholzer

Switzerland has a very direct style of democracy. For example, changes to the constitution, or “popular initiatives,” can be proposed by members of the public and are voted on if more than 100,000 people sign them. If a majority of voters and cantons (Swiss states) agree, the change can be come law.

This system not only allows individual citizens a high degree of control of their laws, but also means that more unorthodox ideas become referendum issues.

Recently, there has been a spate of popular initiatives designed to curb inequality in the country. Earlier this year Swiss voters agreed to an idea proposed by entrepreneur Thomas Minder that limited executive (in his words, “fat cat”) salaries of companies listed on the Swiss stock market. Next month voters will decide on the 1:12 Initiative, which aims to limit the salaries of CEOs to 12 times the salary of their company’s lowest paid employee.

There’s a crazier proposal than this, however. Earlier this month an initiative aimed at giving every Swiss adult a “basic income” that would “ensure a dignified existence and participation in the public life of the whole population” gained enough support to qualify for a referendum. The amount suggested is 2,500 francs ($2,800) a month.

While most observers think that the vote is a longshot, it has certainly sparked debate — and not just in Switzerland. Writing for USA Today, Duncan Black said that a “minimum income” should be considered for the U.S.

“It’s pretty clear that the most efficient way to improve the lives of people is to guarantee a minimum income,” Black concludes.

However, Black understates just how radical the proposal is. We spoke to Daniel Straub, one of the people behind the initiative, to get a better understanding of what the proposal really means, why it is so radical, and what the world could learn from it.

Business Insider: Can you tell me a little bit about how the idea came to be?

Daniel Straub: A lot of people have proposed this idea. For example Thomas Paine in the United States or also the famous psychologist Erich Fromm has written about it in the sixties.

BI: Why choose a minimum income rather than, say, a higher minimum wage? 

DS: We are not proposing a minimum income — we are proposing an unconditional income.

A minimum wage reduces freedom — because it is an additional rule. It tries to fix a system that has been outdated for a while. It is time to partly disconnect human labor and income. We are living in a time where machines do a lot of the manual labor — that is great — we should be celebrating.

BI: How was the figure of 2,500 Swiss francs settled on? What standard of living does this buy in Switzerland? 

DS: That depends where in Switzerland you live. On average it is enough for a modest lifestyle.

BI: What effect would you expect the minimum income to have on Swiss government expenditure? 

DS: The unconditional income in Switzerland means that a third of the GDP would be distributed unconditionally. But I don’t count that as government expenditure because it is immediately distributed to the people who live in this society. It means less government power because each individual can decide how to spend the money.

BI: I’ve seen people compare it to Milton Friedman’s negative income tax, do you think that comparison works? 

DS: We go a step further than Friedman with the unconditionality. This would lead to a paradigm change. Not the needy get an income from the community but everybody.

BI: There have been a variety of initiatives recently that appear to be aimed at limiting inequality in Switzerland, from the 1:12 initiative to Thomas Minder’s “against rip-off salaries” referendum. Why do you think this is happening?

DS: People seem to be unhappy with the rising inequality. The other initiatives try to put a band-aid on an outdated system. We are proposing a new system.

BI: On the surface of it, Switzerland is a good place to live, with a high quality of life, relatively high salaries, and good public services. Why do you need to take these big steps to rearrange society?

DS: Switzerland has incredible material resources. But we are not using them in a smart way. A lot of people are stressed and there is a lot of fear. Our resources don’t lead to the freedom they could. And I am not saying that this freedom is easy — but it could lead to more meaningful lives. If more people start to ask what they really want to do with their lives, Switzerland will become an even more beautiful place to live.

BI: Switzerland is a unique country in a lot of ways. Do you think that other countries — for example, the U.S. — could learn from both its referendum system and the egalitarian initiatives enabled by it?

DS: I think that our system of semi direct democracy leads to more involvement by the public — that is a good thing. What other effects it would have on a system such as the U.S. I do not dare to predict.

(The text has been edited for clarity, and links have been added to help explain Straub’s responses.)