Interesting 1934 Political Cartoon Which Appeared in the Chicago Tribune

1934 cartoon from the Chicago Tribune

1934 cartoon from the Chicago Tribune


“The Great Depression was not invented by the stock market. It was created by the forces of unsound international finance and sumptuous laws imposed upon the subjects of various nations both in the United States and in Europe. There is no doubt that the fate of the stock market in the future will be largely dictated by the swings in confidence within the international monetary system. …

In conclusion, the fundamental explanations of the ups and downs of the stock market and the world economy cannot be simply drawn between an inference with interest rate actions or with corporate earnings. The impact of public confidence is by far the most profound influence in both the investment world as well as the world economy. Capital flowing back and forth between nations affords the closest relationship with the movement within the stock market and this perhaps can be most readily seen through the movement of foreign exchange markets as well. The issues are never purely domestic. No matter what market one may look at in whatever nation you may reside, the international influences will always be a subtle guiding force behind the more illuminated domestic issues of the day.

— from “The Greatest Bull Market In History”, Martin Armstrong

50 to 100 million New Health Care Insurance Cancellations Could Come in 2014 Due to Obamacare

CNN, Reporting on October 30th 2013:

The implementation of Obamacare: We had known it was going to be bad, but we really had no idea it would be THIS bad. In my extended family there are at least 6-7 small business owners, and the dinner table discussion for at least a year often included what would happen to local health insurance rates once the law kicked in. At one point a relative flatly stated he would be keeping all of his employees on 30 hours a week or less to make sure he never had to offer health insurance plans for his staff. Since he is kind of the “alpha guy” in the family, most other business owners would follow suit. It was the only way they could afford to stay in business, once Obamacare kicked it. For him, it was either offer health insurance under the new ACA requirements – and go out of business in 3 years  – OR opt out of offering health insurance entirely, and manage to stay afloat. Other business owners all over Oregon have had to make the same grim decision, now that Obamacare is the law of the land.

Now that the roll-out has staggered into effect, with all the odd consequences still unfolding, news analysts predict a “second wave” of health insurance policy cancellations next year, which will be, in effect, a literal tsunami, compared to this year: a staggering 100 to 150 million health insurance policies may be canceled next year by small business owners all over the country. I am wondering if another wave of lay-offs and small business closures is to come in 2014 as the law begins to be implemented across the country. With a weak, wobbly recovery inching along, can America actually afford to implement this law without doing more harm to our economy than good, in the long run?

If you have observed that the implementation of ACA has been a rocky road thus far, just wait until the full brunt of 100 million health insurance policy cancellations hits the economic streets in 2014. I see a fiscal calamity coming in 2014, as the nation struggles to try to actually implement this ill conceived, poorly written, cumbersome health care law.

See Report: Second wave of health plan cancellations looms

Alex Jones News Channel, reporting on October 10th 2013:

Brief Rundown of Recent Headlines on

Paul Joseph Watson | Financial analyst Celente calls new draconian measures “unprecedented”.

Kurt Nimmo | Says opposition profits from attempt to save America from economic ruin.

Kurt Nimmo | Pain for average Americans will continue on schedule.

Steve Watson | Mother Angry At Punishment: “Anybody can look at this gun and say its a fake”

Paul Joseph Watson | “You are all sons of the devil,” stenographer shouts as she is dragged away.

Mac Slavo | We hope you’re paying attention.

Paul Joseph Watson | Capital controls imposed on small business owners.

Michael Snyder | It may not happen this month, or even this year, but food stamp riots are coming to America.

Anthony Gucciardi | Chase information center employees admit ‘orders from the top’ were issued to limit finances for unknown reasons.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama’s number one job is not to defeat the Republicans.

Washington’s Blog | How Many Constitutional Freedoms Have We Lost?

Business Insider | China on Thursday welcomed the resolution of the US debt ceiling deadlock, saying it will contribute to global economic stability.

Zero Hedge | Finally – see you all again here in three months.

Mike Adams | This is the beginning of the capital controls we’ve been warning about for years.

Kurt Nimmo | Eugenics, as always, provides the answer.

Steve Watson | Delaware officials celebrate as FIRST person in state signs up.

Julie Wilson | Soldiers receive “riot control” training.

Adan Salazar | Maddow selectively edits clip to demonize peaceful activism.

Paul Joseph Watson | EBT shutdown risks widespread looting, riots by welfare recipients.

Kurt Nimmo | Dependency on federal government handouts results in hardship as orchestrated shutdown continues.

Kurt Nimmo | Liberals and other worshipers of government power over the individual still refuse to accept reality.

Kit Daniels | Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state.

David Knight | A dragnet warrant for “certain tangible things” by a judge who operates in secret and whose decisions are “Top Secret”

Colin Flaherty | Newspapers may be loathe to report the black mob violence that struck cities over the weekend.

Mike Adams | The mainstream media loves Obamacare.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington’s prestige and credibility have been hammered.

CBS 11 News | A surprising statement from one of Texas’ top leaders: President Obama should be impeached.

Washington’s Blog | Debunking Government’s Justification for Mass Surveillance. | As Cory Booker looks set to win the junior Senate seat in New Jersey Wednesday, his supposed neighbors in Newark say Mayor Booker doesn’t live in the Gateway City. | Shade exposes the true power structure embedded in our global reality.

Julie Wilson | “I just assumed that it meant the bathrooms were closed, not that I would be breaking the law.”

Steve Watson | Squint hard enough and you can almost see the protest.

Paul Joseph Watson | Suggests 2nd Amendment may not apply to individuals, despite Supreme Court ruling.

Julie Wilson | “Playing politics with veterans pay and benefits it not an option.”

Kurt Nimmo | Peddles terror fiction to sell Americans on NSA 24-7 surveillance.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video blogger claims new note contains chilling images of future nuclear attack on U.S.

Kurt Nimmo | Surveillance society panopticon is the future and holds promise of boundless profitability.

Paul Joseph Watson | Looting hit several Walmarts after system was down for just hours.

Mike Adams | Those who face reality and prepare for the inevitable EBT debit card crash have a far better chance of surviving it than people who had no idea this could happen.

Off Grid Survival | A glimpse at what this country will look like during a nationwide crisis.

Forbes | HHS didn’t want users to see Obamacare’s true costs.

Paul Joseph Watson | School tells parents boy’s rights as transgender trump their daughter’s privacy rights. | Two days after the rain, access to the hike and bike trails was still locked with police tape was draped across it.

Washington’s Blog | The National Security Agency is harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts.

Michael Snyder | Are we on the verge of another major economic downturn? | People offer their opinions on “recent events.”

Steve Watson | Told to try at “off-peak” times, but system still fails at 3am on Sunday morning.

Kurt Nimmo | Denigrates veterans as Confederate flag waving Tea Party nuts.

Paul Joseph Watson | Outraged vets removed and dumped them outside White House yesterday.

Julie Wilson | Vets, “End the shutdown now.”

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BREAKING: Chase Bank Bans International Wire Transfers, Limits Withdrawals

Video news report by Christopher Greene c/o AMTV alternative news:

The news story appeared yesterday on October 16th, and cites an official letter from Chase Bank dated October 9th to their business customers, informing them that as of November 17th they will no longer be able to do international bank transfers.

In addition, Chase is implementing a $50,000.00 “monthly cash activity limit” on business accounts. I find this a very ominous development. If you are a large business customer and you bank with Chase, you might want to consider getting the better part of funds needed to run your business operations OUT of the bank before November 17th. I frankly don’t see how a run on Chase bank could NOT happen with a letter like this going out.

I wonder what Chase knows that we don’t know … [ yet]?

See also:

See also

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Government Shutdown: How Ordinary Americans May Be Affected

This video report is re-posted courtesy of CBS News:

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Over the Top Sweets: Jeff Reuben’s Outrageous Candy Couture

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What’s Behind the Recent Plunge in Silver and Gold Prices? Elites and FED Conspiring to Drive Middle America Out of Holding Precious Metals as Currency Hedge

Well aware that this headline may be hard to prove, I wrote it anyway because my soul knows what my soul knows. And I clearly cannot prove what my soul knows, but my soul knows it anyway. Take that however you wish.

Three days ago while the America and the world was reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing, something else was taking place which knocked the feet out from under millions of middle class Americans who have been investing in gold and silver as a hedge against hyper-inflation and the steady erosion in value of the paper dollar.

In one day on April 15th 2013, gold fell more than $235.00 an ounce and silver followed, plummeting about $4.75 in price, losing practically all the gains achieved in about 2 years.

For those weather worn metals investors who have seen it all in 40 years of rising and falling commodity prices this sudden correction was surprising and somewhat illogical, but it did not spell the end of the world. For newcomers who are brand new at buying and selling metals, it caused a fair degree of consternation and knee-jerk  panic. Over the next two days more panic selling took place, as emotions replaced analytical reason and margin calls had to be met on paper portfolios over weighted with metals investments. The faint of heart just got flushed out of gold and silver while the wise went running to take advantage of the sudden dip to strengthen their positions.

A neighbor who stopped by expressed his alarm and his inability to make sense of the wild downward correction, knowing what he knows to be true about runaway deficit spending and printing press money. I wanted to tell him that the upper crust of the top of the heap elites along with the US federal government were both conspiring to try to shake out middle class America from the metals market and begin hoarding for themselves at lower prices, but I knew he wouldn’t believe me, so I just didn’t say a word.  Sometimes silence is the very best insurance policy when the truth is so ugly you know in advance that most of those around you won’t believe what you have to say, even if you offer proof of it. I have been here before. I’d like for you to watch these videos and browse some of the links below. Just listen and read and then think it over. That’s all I will say for now. We can tag this post ‘theoretical’ if it makes you feel better.

Cited:  “According to former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, last Friday’s price drop was the result of some 500 tons of gold being dumped onto paper markets, an amount equal to about $25 Billion dollars worth of the metal. Likewise, silver saw a similar dump and price drop. Moreover, the very same thing is taking place this morning, suggesting that some very large and influential market makers are involved.

Who has that kind of money and can afford to lose it in naked short positions? According to Paul Craig Roberts, “only a central bank that can print it.”

Thus, one must assume that this is not a natural effect of the free market, but rather, a coordinated attack on the global precious metals exchange orchestrated by our very own Federal Reserve, an organization run by a board of directors that includes representatives from some of the world’s largest banking institutions.”

Read:  What’s Behind The Take-Down In Gold and Silver Prices?