Wilder Than Ever Blue Yonder: Reports of New and Changing Space Objects Getting Ever More Bizarre

As the famous phrase goes, “You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.


Last week we saw reports and photos of a wild looking, mutating six tailed asteroid. This week it appears Comet Ison has become neon blue and is apparently sprouting a second tail.  The much ballyhooed space visitor to our solar system also has new competition for “most popular comet of 2013″ – newly discovered “Comet Lovejoy” which observers say is now visible also and brighter in the evening sky than Ison. [ Hmmm. ]

But it gets even better. The David Vose news channel on YT posted a report where it is posited than Comet Ison, is, in fact, the much discussed and dreaded NIBIRU, and may be as big as a brown dwarf star. But don’t run down the stairs and lock yourself into your bunker just yet. I don’t think their assessment is anywhere close to true. I included the video anyway. It’s entertaining, at the least.

Not to be outdone, since so many eyes are now on space, Lady Gaga decided to capitalize on the momentary fascination with all things celestial that grow tails, and has announced she will soon sing from space:

Lady Gaga to perform song from space

Wouldn’t it be great if she just stayed out there, floating mindlessly in the empty vacuum of space with her many heads and tails spraying out all around her, and never come back?  One can always hope.

Below are some of the assorted citizen journalist and official news reports I have rounded up from this week’s deluge which cover just part of the ever more strange and inexplicable goings on in space this month. Scientists are scratching their heads and amateur astronomers are going nuts over these newest developments, caught be Hubble and other telescopes.

And don’t forget …

NASA Curiosity Rover spots iguana on Mars



  1. Comet ISON‘s highly anticipated flyby of the sun is now just two weeks away, and scientists and skywatchers alike hope the encounter gives them another reason to be thankful this holiday season. If ISON survives this perilous plunge, the icy wanderer could put on quite a show in the ensuing weeks, becoming visible to the naked eye throughout much of December, experts say. ISON was discovered by …
  2. The potentially incredible Comet ISON has a companion in the morning sky. The morning sky currently plays host to a newly discovered comet, which is at the present moment is actually higher in the sky, noticeably brighter and easier to see than the most-ballyhooed Comet ISON. The new comet was discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy. Lovejoy discovered a spectacular sungrazing …

    Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Now Visible to Naked Eye After Outburst

  3. The much-anticipated Comet ISON is now visible to the naked eye according to reports from many observers. Comet ISON — the potential “comet of the century” — has suddenly brightened in an outburst of activity with just two weeks to go before it literally grazes the surface of the sun, In recent months, Comet ISON has repeatedly befuddled forecasters trying to anticipate just how bright it will …

Physicist James McCanney Discusses Comet Ison, the Sun and Space Objects

This is an important video and I’d like to encourage readers to listen to all of it and share. Thanks.


Professor James McCanney — Keck Uranus

October 25, 2012 radio show


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Biography Professor James McCanney, Physicist, Astronomer

More Huge Fireballs Seen In the Sky in 2013

This year there are increasing numbers of citizen journalist and eye-witness reports of large fireballs streaking across the skies, similar to the huge one which exploded over Russia earlier this year. I created this page to make a record of these reports. Earth is always subject to random meteors and burning meteorites, but since 2012 the fireballs are getting larger, more dramatic, and more frequent. Are these events instances where comet debris is being captured by the earth’s gravity? Is comet Ison the culprit?

Tags: fireballs in the sky, meteorites, meteors, falling stars, aerial phenomenon, aerial signs and wonders, skywatching, amateur astronomy, large fireballs, space debris, comet debris, asteroids

To browse more news reports about large meteors and fireballs seen in the sky click here.

To see more eye-witness video footage of large meteors and fireballs click here.

2013 Aerial Signs & Wonders, Comet Ison, Unexplained Lights, Video Reports, News Reports

Luke 21:25-26

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Tags: aerial signs wonders 2013, comet ison, ison, comet of the century ison, unexplained lights, 2013 ufos, end times

A Brief Survey of Cassini’s Remarkable 15 Year Journey to Saturn

Titan and Saturn

Cassini’s historic space journey to Saturn actually began back in 1990 when the onset of the behemoth engineering task was undertaken build the pioneering satellite. It took seven years to build, and was finally launched in October of 1997.  Just one of many “serendipitous” facts about the Cassini mission is that it would ultimately require the extra gravity boost of Venus [ twice ] and Jupiter to propel the tiny satellite all the way to Saturn, in spite of Cassini’s plan to be launched by the mighty Titan rocket, the largest space rocket on earth.  And it “just so happened” that just such a rare planetary alignment of Venus and Jupiter was to occur in the late 1990s which would not occur again for more than 600 years, making the October 1997 launch of Cassini a unique an unparalleled moment of opportunity,  a quite literal catapult into the 21st century of solar system exploration. I find this a remarkable fact about the Cassini Mission.

“Cassini launched in October 1997 with the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe. The probe was equipped with six instruments to study Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. It landed on Titan’s surface on Jan. 14, 2005, and returned spectacular results.”

To say that the journey of the tiny satellite was perilous at points would be an understatement.  As the satellite finally closed in on Saturn, Cassini actually had to pass through the rings of Saturn to achieve proper orbital lock around the giant planet,  risking obliteration by the trillions of rocks and ice particles, some as large as houses. Another serendipitous moment was checked off when the satellite passed through the rings unharmed, a near miraculous achievement.

Further, when the satellite’s smaller exploratory unit was discharged for landing on Titan, the signal it would send back to NASA and EU space scientists  on earth across more than 1 billion kilometers of space announcing it’s landing was no stronger than that of a mobile cell phone at the time.

Today some 15 years later we are treated to a brief photo essay of what Satellite Cassini has discovered, including moons too numerous to remember their names, and color images of the glistening blue lakes of Titan. Perhaps all the scientific focus on Mars has been misplaced. I happen to believe that the future of humankind might possibly be destined to become ever more entwined with the orbit, resources and mysteries of Saturn’s Titan.


Other Videos Covering Cassini’s Journey Through Space

Cassini Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

First color photograph of the surface of Titan taken by Cassini.

Cassini Creates the First Topographical Map of Titan


Comet Panstarrs [ C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS ] Will Be Visible in the Western Sky On the Same Day of the Papal Conclave

Tuesday March 12th 2013 will be a big day for planet Earth. Two fascinating global events will converge on that day which have bible students, soothsayers, bloggers, [ 🙂 ] astrologers and astronomers all buzzing.

Coast Radio had announced the discovery of Comet Panstarrs back in 2011 with this brief newscast on their website, which points to space .com’s report.

See http://www.space.com/11996-comet-earth-2013-flyby-c2011l4-pan-starrs.html

It’s now two years later, and who could have known back then [ serendipity or fate? ] that “next-to-the-last” Pope Benedict would stun the world in February 2013 by abdicating the Papacy, announcing his sudden retirement, throwing the Vatican into rapid high gear to quickly select a new Pope.

“Papabili” … Pope Replacement: Angelo Scola Seen As Next Pope Front-Runner

All I can say is that comet Panstarrs certainly has an epic sense of drama and perfect timing. Then again, it might just turn out that God knew all along, and just needed to do a few things to bring this particular Papal conclave to our attention. He recently sent a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth which exploded over Russia and awed the world.  Such acts, after all, are called “acts of God” on insurance policies. I believe in “acts of God.”  I try to pay attention to events which occur in groups and clusters. That’s just me.

Perhaps God is going out of His way right now to get our attention. Maybe not. But, I for one, am paying attention, keen attention, to current events at the Vatican.  I will be paying especially close attention on the day of March 12th.  Then I will walk out my front door right after sunset with a pair of binoculars, gaze west, and look for the comet. It should be visible to the naked eye for a brief time, right after sunset.

Maybe everybody should stop Psy Gangnam style dancing long enough to at least ponder what may be afoot.

Is this the most significant Papal conclave of the past 1,000 years? We will soon find out. Here’s what I’m reading:

See http://www.amazon.com/Petrus-Romanus-Final-Pope-Here/dp/0984825614/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362957955&sr=8-1&keywords=petras+romanus

See also http://www.space.com/11996-comet-earth-2013-flyby-c2011l4-pan-starrs.html

NBC News Airs Bizarre Asteroid Warning for February 15th 2013: RE: 2012 DA14 “Make Sure Your Affairs Are in Order”

Sit down and collect yourself for yet another WTF media moment. This news video just crossed my YT feed on 12.09.2012 [ see first video below ] and it is utterly bizarre. Did I actually just hear Brian Williams say that even though the 150 foot diameter rock most likely won’t hit earth, that it “never hurts to have your affairs in order“?

What?  What’s more bizarre is that Brian Williams spends exactly 15-20 seconds discussing the startling news item.How bad does it need to get before the American people collectively FIRE the MSM network news and boycott their make-believe newscasts entirely?

NBC aired just enough news on 2012 DA14 to scare the BeJesus out of someone, but nowhere near enough news to explain the story. I had to look up the asteroid on the web for that, and then got the full story via Coast to Coast Radio. Figures. Why does this not surprise me?

I am doing research right now on asteroid 2012 DA 14 based on the first news video below.

Spanish astronomers apparently first sighted the approaching asteroid about a month ago.  The asteroid is supposed to pass within 17,000 miles of earth on or around Feb. 15th 2013. I’ve posted the Coast to Coast Show which covers the close approach of 2012 DA14 after the news video.

See also: Closest Asteroid in US History to Pass Earth in 2013

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Updated 2015: Nibiru: Dead Astronomers, New UK Daylight Nibiru Footage

 I updated this report on 6.15.2015. Four of the videos I had published a year earlier were removed from the internet after I posted their links in the original report. Telling, huh?  If there is  NO COVER-UP, why yank those video reports?  It’s what I like to call “Illuminati self-incriminating censorship actions.” 

I’ll be adding new reports and links to this article as I locate them, so download and share what’s here, while it’s still here. They come in later and attempt to scour away what they don’t want to be known. It’s an ongoing task, keeping the information up here.

See also:  “Citizen Journalists Are Still Recording Footage of Nibiru That’s Hard to Explain Away: Video Reports”

Zemanta finds “no related articles” on Nibiru, yet it’s one of the most written about topics in the world. It’s just one more example of the global news blackout on the most important astronomy news story in human history.
New York Times, January 30th 1983:

Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X

Washington Post, December 30th 1983:

In 1983 The Washington Post reported:
“Mystery Heavenly Body Found By Orbiting Infrared Telescope”
The Washington Post – Washington, D.C.
Author: Thomas O’Toole Washington Post Staff Writer
Date: Dec 30, 1983


My deep gut has been telling me for some time that there is a federally sponsored internet “news blackout” going on regarding Planet X aka Nibiru. Videos come online, then they disappear. Some of my news blogs behave oddly when I try to post about Nibiru. [ See screenshot at the top. ]

I find ample information on the topic in other countries’ media outlets [ today I cite Italy and South America ] but a real sparsity of information in the US.

Astronomers keep turning up dead.

Yet citizen reporters like me keep returning to the Nibiru story over and over again. There is literally something in my own soul compelling me to keep researching this topic in the face of all ridicule. I can’t shake the fact that every Bible prophecy about the End Times that was given of old is already coming true, and following that logic alone, scriptural passages which describe some some of global astronomy related weather or earth-changing event indicate to me that a future encounter with a Nibiru fly-by in our solar system MUST still be waiting in our future. The big question is WHEN. As for dead astronomers, if we all keep reporting and researching Nibiru, what do they plan to do? Kill all the citizen journalists everywhere who blog about Nibiru?

If citizen journalists whose blogs’ have strong followings, who wrote frequently about Nibiru, begin turning up dead in 2013, then the people of the world will know their governments are collectively killing off the truth reporters, thus indicating that the return of Nibiru is real.

What if we had the times and dates wrong? What if the Nibiru fly-by is still about 20 years ahead in our future, give or take a few years? How would we know if astronomers are being killed off systematically to silence their warnings? What if we allowed the NWO’s Illuminati coverup and global news blackout on Nibiru astronomy to lull the world’s people into a false sense of relief that no rogue planet or brown dwarf would be paying our solar system a 3600 year return visit?

And what if the Holy Spirit continues to “move people from all walks of life” in every nation on earth to continue to do their own research and reporting on this species threatening future event, so that We the People of planet earth can collectively attempt to make plans to survive such a catastrophic close encounter? All those “what ifs” bring me back to posting about Nibiru this month, and here is what I am finding. This post will be updated several times so if you are reading this off your email , go to the original post on the blog to read the latest updates.

Rogue planet discovered: is the Mayan apocalypse coming?

Astronomers Discover Rogue Orphan Planet Near Earth

Newest Nibiru Second Sun Videos October 2011

Nibiru search results from Biblical Times news blog


[ Translated from Italian ] 
Rome– There is no day where you do not talk about Nibiru, the possible collision with the Earth in the period of the year when even the prophecy of the Maya is approaching.The asteroid on our route would have nothing to do with the “Planet X” theorized by Zecharia Sitchin: the scholar of Sumerian and Babylonian, who died in 2010, proponent of the thesis of ancient astronauts and the Anunnaki as parents of the human race.The scholar has always declared in disagreement with the hypothesis of a “cataclysmic Nibiru” supported since 1995 by Nancy Lieder, a contactee of Wisconsin who always claims to receive messages from the star system Reticuli and Z-forms of extraterrestrial life.To date, what we know for sure is that employees mole NASA issued to foreign journalists statements in a totally confidential confirming the presence of this asteroid and reiterating the probability of 30% that the celestial body hit the Earth or he gets there very close.The asteroid is about the size of the state of Texas in the meantime continues to travel in space. NASA neither confirmed nor denied. And this is the big problem: the absence of an official denial is not the best way to proceed in order to reassure the inhabitants of our planet or to throw water on the fire.
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Articoli correlati dal nostro network:
From Radio Santiago, translated from Spanish:
With the fever that has expanded in recent years, from about 2008, with the end of the Mayan calendar for the day December 21, 2012, there have been all kinds of theories about the end of the world for the same date.Far from the collective madness and as the date approaches the end of the world scenario, possible news leaks identified as authentic, still appear with all kinds of arguments moved or not by the popularity of the news right now in network Internet.The latest news of Nibiru has been published in various prestigious media like the BBC, CNN, ITN News and Aljazeera and others. It must be noted that not have dared to confirm that the information is true, but anyway all have added to the spread of the news of an asteroid approaching Earth.Returning to the news published on CNN and other media about the asteroid Nibiru way to Earth. It is said that the information was leaked by anonymous employees of NASA, in which these anonymous NASA employees say an asteroid called Nibiru, the direct path of the Earth, with a percentage of possible impact of 30%, although in some way ensure that only a 10% chance of impact, the alarm about the end of the world has reignited a little over a month of that date of December 21, 2012.NASA although it is known that hides a lot of information, NASA scientists have announced their position being more than simply claim that it is a fake or Doomsday (Doomsday) in English.Nibiru the asteroid approaching Earth and NASA remains silent is more than understandable, so it does not expand the panic among the population and until it has the necessary data to make an official publication on page Official web space agency.Anyway rumors say the asteroid Nibiru is not as big as expected, so it would not be a planet, but rather an asteroid the size of Texas, but anyway in the case of impact with Earth change or cycle was insured because it would produce a similar impact that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years.The date of the disaster on the possible impact of Nibiru but not detailed in any of the rumors or leaks, discarding those that say they will be on December 21, 2012, it is believed that the impact would approach or sometime between November and December 2012. For this reason NASA has not commented since the panic could break out among the population to be about important dates by millions of gullible doomsday for the aforementioned date December 21, 2012, fueled largely by the end of the Mayan calendar for that exact date. As the means of enormous prestige as the BBC, CNN, Aljazeera and others.PSG
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Other Research I’ve Done on Nibiru:

The Search for Nibiru and Dozens of Dead Astronomers: Connect the Dots

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UK Citizen Reporter Examines Nibiru in Bible Prophecy From Book of Revelations

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I’m thrilled to see more and more citizen reporters whose spiritual eyes are opening to see the detailed predictions and prophecies concerning Nibiru in the Christian Holy Bible. These passages of scripture have been hiding in plain sight for 2,000 years, or more. I had the very same passages in Revelation that this reporter references … Continue reading »

Scientists: “Jupiter Is Melting” – More Evidence Solar System is Warming, Nibiru the Cause

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“New simulations suggest that Jupiter’s rocky core has been liquefying, melting, and mixing with the rest of the planet’s innards. With this new data, astronomers hope to better explain a recent puzzling discovery of a strange planet outside of our solar system.” Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/03/22/jupiter-is-melting-scientists-say/#ixzz1q4OtasRK I have been posting research for several years now which … Continue reading »

Brief NASA Video Presents Clues About Nibiru, Brown Dwarfs, Orphan Planets in Space

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2.14.2012 – I happened upon this brief and somewhat mysterious little video clip [ see below] tonight while looking for something sun-related in a YouTube search. It is the only video uploaded to a YT channel dubbed “FoolOnTheStar” – and I really do not know what to make of it. I’m posting it for readers … Continue reading »

Ancient Astronauts, The Urantia Book, Nibiru, Kurdistan Discoveries and the Challenge of Modern Christianity

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Essay authored by Cherokee Shaman Chase Kyla Hunter [ a pen name ] on 3.7.2012 with updated material on new discoveries on 10.20.2012. [ Preface:  I’ve been a student of the Urantia Book for nearly 30 years and I know the papers well. I have always known the day would come when archeological evidence was discovered … Continue reading »

New 2012 Nibiru Footage

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This page will be updated weekly as more video goes online. 3.7.2012 – I found these videos on Youtube this morning, quite by accident. I haven’t reported on Nibiru in months, for all kinds of reasons, but mainly because the internet went dead quiet about the topic. I am investigating these videos to find out … Continue reading »

Breaking: Nibiru Visible From Antarctica, Daylight Video Footage from 2.27.2012

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3.7.2012 – I found these videos on Youtube this morning, quite by accident. I haven’t reported on Nibiru in months, for all kinds of reasons, but mainly because the internet went dead quiet about the topic. I am investigating these videos to find out more. There is an all-out mainstream media news blackout on all … Continue reading »

Newest Nibiru Second Sun Videos October 2011

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Looking for Nibiru? Short List of Astronomy Webcam Links For Examination

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Updated: Nibiru Second Sun With Satellites Rises Ahead of Our Sun: Aug 30th 2011 Mauna Kea Observatory Footage

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