Call Up an Army of Drones Which Will Rival the Locusts of Egypt to Obliterate ISIS Strongholds


Map showing cities in Iraq which are currently under ISIS control

Iraq Update 6.26.2014

With sectarian boundaries ever more delineated in fracturing Iraq, American public opinion is fairly split right down the middle as to how much our own military should be involved in the melee. Younger Americans tend to believe “this is not our war” as the aptly titled article on Slate reads this morning. Older Americans, who well recall that “doing too little too late” can result in disaster. Many Americans still have clear memories of the opening moments of World War 2, when the UK stalled and did nothing during the opening salvos of Hitler’s ‘blitzkrieg’ European land grab, only to be suddenly showered with bombs and have their nation nearly destroyed by a newly out-of-control fascist Germany.

Inaction is a bold and somewhat reckless gamble. Moderate military action may be ineffective and futile.  Bold aggressive military action risks the ire of the American people, who it’s reasonable to assume, are both sick and tired or war, and sick and tired of the Mideast saga that never ends, which has already nearly bankrupted the nation, if truth be told.

Since there will be no official ‘boots on the ground’, I continue to make a loud call for an army of US military drones be unleashed on ISIS strongholds which would rival the locusts of Egypt, with US intelligence directing their strikes to decimate leadership in the ranks of the ISIS army. Find the head of the snake and cut it off. Use drones to do this. Keep our people out, but send the robots IN, and keep them there. Make the daily existence of an ISIS foot soldier so miserable that the YouTube recruiting videos made by ISIS are replaced with new footage showing scenes of their own armies’ carnage, brought about by US military drone strikes which never end. Make it worth the untold billions we have spent on this military technology and USE the DRONES to put an end to the expansion of the ISIS insurgency.

From assault “hummingbirds” to nano insect drones, to the clomping stomping mule drones, overhead assault drones, everything we’ve got: use advanced drone robotics to fight the ISIS insurgency –  and do it with enough finesse to have justified the expense of building and developing these little high tech killing machines. Go after it. Now is the moment for the US military to actually show forth a glimmer of brilliance on the battlefield in [what used to be ] Iraq, without the loss of another single living US soldier in Iraq. That’s what I want to see happen.  American tax dollars paid for all this – let’s actually see what it can do to make it worth the terrible terrible cost of going to war in Iraq.

Because if we do nothing, this – ISIS inspired terror attacks – will all be on our doorstep on US soil in less than 2 years. We need aggressive military brilliance via drone use right now in the northern Iraq wastelands where ISIS has gathered, and we need it now, not later.

Examples of the Newest US Military Drone Technology from DARPA

BREAKING: US Military Boots on the Ground in Jordan: 200 US Troops Deployed to Jordan’s Border with Syria

We all know what this means. Once the “boots on the ground” threshold is crossed, it will only be a matter of time until more troops are deployed and the US will find itself embroiled in yet another Mideast conflict. I dreaded this news but also watched for it for months, well knowing that sooner or later we would be forced to send in our own due to the wreckage, war and anarchy in Syria. This should not have to become our battle, but we are loyal allies with Israel, and that forces our hand, like it or not.  The crack is open now. It will only get worse and the news will only become more dreadful out of Syria, where the Old Testament describes Damascus as becoming a “ruinous heap” in the end. Until Assad is dead there will only be death and carnage out of Syria, and the vacuum opened by his death will also leave a gaping rip in the geo-politics in the region where I am quite sure that “black flags” will try to rush in.

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Today One Dollar Equals 33,000 Iranian Rials: Dismantling Iran’s Currency – Will It Deter WW3?

In early 2003 Colin Powell told the UN and the world in his now infamous WMD presentation that economic sanctions were not working to deter Iraq from persuing the development of “weapons of mass destruction.” Most Americans bought his presentation as factual, and now, nine years and 3.5 trillion in military war debt later, Americans are faced with the same damning double edged sword regarding Iran and their nuclear ambitions. We are damned if we do something, and Israel may be damned if we don’t. It’s a miserable moment of deja vu for America.

Small hopeful news today, as reports indicate that economic sanctions applied by the US, UK, France and other European nations against Iran are finally having an effect on their currency. Today on October 4th 2012 one dollar equals 33,000 Iranian Rials.

I have great compassion for Iranian young people [ 60% of Iranians are under the age of 30], and it’s not at all pleasant to report on this blog that the actions of your own nation are helping to cause the utter collapse of a currency in another. But I wonder, how many young Iranians really want to bomb Israel into nuclear dust? What’s the real percentage of the Iranian population that actually shares President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s unstable beserker fury toward the nation of Israel?

The video below was taken yesterday by a “man on the street” in Iran who clearly feared being seen trying to video record the angry crowds and the riot police.

Riot police clashed with demonstrators and arrested money changers in Tehran on Wednesday in disturbances over the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 percent of its value against the dollar in a week.

If it presently takes the ultimate arm twisting of sanctioning Iran’s currency into worthless shreds to keep the peace and prevent nuclear war now, what will it take later, when Iranians are fighting each other in the streets over bread?  Won’t Iranian economic sanctions ultimately achieve the same boiling point of fury in the Iranian people to ignite even more hatred of Israel as the imagined source of all their new fiscal sorrows?

I see no defusing this age old hatred.  Only a sudden massive spiritual change of heart about killing your Mideast neighbor, or any neighbor could pour enough water on the fire in the Mideast to change the future and avert World War Three.

But we are not living in a period where sudden spiritual changes of heart take place in a population. No matter what Iranians really think and believe about war with Israel, the ignition switch that starts this conflict will spread like wildfire around the world within months. Has all wisdom now utterly fled the spiritual and secular leaders of the Iranian people?

Here is the $64,000 question. I pose this question to the Iranian people and their leaders, both spiritual and secular.

If you knew that a sudden authentic spiritual change of heart within yourself about the wisdom of killing your own Mideast neighbors could have a great enough impact to eventually avert World War Three from igniting, would you strive and pray to achieve that inner change of heart now, before it is too late?  Or have you finally slipped past the point of recognizing that hatred war and death lead to more hatred war and death and that the escalating cycle of your war lust will lead to a global nuclear war?

Next: Are you wise enough to realize that global nuclear war will seriously jeopardize the survival of the human race?

In other words, is your sacred hatred to which you cling so dear to you that you would deem it wise to risk the literal survival of the human species in order to hold onto it and act on it by attacking Israel? If your present lack of wisdom, spiritual intelligence and visceral common sense has reached the lowest level of abject evacuation, if you have achieved the final void of all insight and the absence of all ability to ascertain how present actions can affect the future of the world for all time, then YES, sanctions are needed to dismantle your currency, cripple your secret war machine, and rewrite the post World War Three future wherein a pitiful few radioactive survivors lie in the streets gnawing each other until they finally succumb.


The eventual final world war that Iranian leaders think they are asking for by accelerating their secret nuclear program will be more astonishing and conclusive than many would dare imagine. It won’t necessarily last that long, as global wind patterns will carry the radioactivity of just a few nuclear detonations in the Mideast all around the planet within a few days, poisoning everything as months pass. There will be no clean water to be found anywhere within a few months, and no land clean enough to grow crops. Famine, sudden and explosive, horrendous famine will be the first worldwide consequence of the foolishly planned “limited nuclear war” in the Mideast which Iranian war planners try to justify in their imaginations to sate their irrational hatred of Israel.

If breaking the back of the Iranian currency is our last peaceful option, if this is the very last card the West can play which might defuse the sparking tinderbox, then we need to exercise that option until it runs out, or until the Iranian people and their leaders DO garner a genuine spiritual and peaceful change of heart about their plans to obliterate Israel and ignite a global nuclear war. Since the odds of the Iranian leaders having any sort of genuinely spiritual thought or change of heart are very poor indeed at this point, Americans like me now turn to the Iranian people, including the young people,  to beg them to demand that  their psychotic President cease and desist his planning for the start of World War Three in the Mideast.

I can only implore  the Iranian people to awaken to the dire and dreadful path they are on now, if they continue to allow President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to make plans to attack Israel without realizing the eventual horrific and irreversible global consequences.

In the famous words of a well known rock singer from days gone by: “It Isn’t Gonna Be That Way.”

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As More Secret Video Airs, There’s Now No Way That Mitt Romney Can Win the Presidency


Thud. That’s the sound of the other shoe dropping as the second secret Mitt Romney video clip surfaces and begins circulating around the web.

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney finally put his foot so far deep in his own mouth he won’t be able to speak again without having surgery first.

It was bad enough a few days ago to hear Mitt Romney [ and I am a former Romney supporter and a conservative leaning Independent ] flatly state that 47% of Americans believed they were “victims” and were not willing to “take responsibility for their own lives”.

That one statement by Romney was so jaw-droppingly stupid and ill informed that it made me step back and actually ponder this man’s intelligence.

In one fell swoop Romney had just made a statement which insulted the primal dignity of anyone in the United States earning less than $50,000 per year, practically all of fixed income retirees who live on social security after working all their lives, and most all of the recently and long term unemployed, many of whom have high level skills and/or degrees who either cannot find work fresh out of college, or whom were laid off from careers in the 2008-2009 recession.

And now comes the next jaw dropper for conservative voters, the SECOND secret Romney video clip, which exposes Romney sharing his real feelings on Israel, foreign policy in the Mideast, the Mideast peace process and the option of a two state solution for Palestine and Israel. Be sitting down and NOT holding a cup of coffee when you watch this, as you are bound to spill it all over yourself in jarred disbelief:

It’s a sad [ and silly ] experience for the GOP and independent conservatives to watch Romney’s candidacy self-destruct in such high profile slow motion as everyday Americans and the media react to these revealing comments. It’s just incredible. If it weren’t so damn tragic it would be comical.In fact, I guess it IS kind of comical at this point. So much for a regime change in the US. It’s not going to happen. Not with Mitt Romney’s mouth being his own worst enemy. I personally see no saving this.  We all now know way too much about how Romney really feels about a variety of hot-button issues. The most incendiary commentary is Romney’s dangerously inflammatory opinion on the state of affairs, present and future, in Mideast relations between Israel and Palestine.

People in the Mideast and in America, especially US military families, need to be able to feel a sense of hope about the future of peace in the Mideast, we all need that, but the comments Romney makes in this clip are all but cemented in cynicism and hopelessness: “kick the ball forward.”Really? Spend the four years of your term in office as President just passing the buck to the next administration? That’s not a leader I want to vote for. In fact, that’s not my idea of a leader at all. It’s definitely not the disposition that the American leader of the free world should be assuming. I’m appalled. The British have a word for this condition:


I was an enthusiastic supporter of Mitt Romney all year, but I am now throwing in the towel. At this point, having learned all of this about Romney’s REAL disposition on America, Americans and Mideast foreign policy, there is no way I could forgive myself if I voted for this man. Without a sitting US president who is fully and wholeheartedly committed to the Mideast peace process and the defense of Israel as our primary ally in a world increasingly hostile  to the West, the planet will ignite in world war three within years, if not months.

I could not live with myself if I voted for this man having learned all this. And if I feel this way now, having been a staunch supporter of the Romney campaign all through the arduous process of his finally claiming the 2012 nomination, try to imagine how many others who are part of the “47%” he cited must feel.

I most likely won’t vote this fall. I feel sick with disappointment.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran six months away from nuclear bomb

As tensions and rioting in the Mideast escalate due to the recent promotion of a seedy anti-Muhammad amateur movie production, and more and more Western embassies  in the Mideast come under attack, Israel‘s Benjamin Netanyahu is reiterating again his earlier statements that a definitive “red line” must be drawn by the United States which would stop Iran from further work toward developing a nuclear bomb. Any sense of urgency seems to be lost on President Obama, who is seen in the video below bowing to Arab Princes on 9.11.2012 and referring to them as “your Highness.”

This kind of shameful public groveling is devastating for United States foreign policy and further erodes our position in the world.

It is a flagrant sign of weakness as perceived by Russia and other foreign countries with whom we have tense relations at this pivotal time. The world still looks to the United States for leadership. Israel needs the United States to make a firm stand regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

We need to elect Mitt Romney to the presidency, retire Barack Obama, and we must then make an urgent and immediate correction in our foreign policy to reflect the true status of the United States as a nation with a backbone of steel when it comes to containing growing foreign threats to our national security, both in the military and economic sense. Our nation has been a strong ally of Israel since the nation’s founding in 1948. Now is not the time to falter in our support of one of our only remaining allies in a world which is increasingly hostile to the United States. It does not matter how much foreign aid money we continue throw at Islamic led radical regimes. Their intent is clear to those who have the eyes to see.

The Obama administration needs to awaken to the new actuality of what is brewing in the Mideast. More foreign aid rendered to Egypt and other countries led by Islamic regimes is only arming these nations to turn on their primary benefactor with ever more blood lust as tensions rise. The American people can see the truth of this. Why can’t our leaders see it? What is blinding American foreign policy?

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