North Korea Prison Gulags: “They Beat You All Night Long”

I’m sick of having to post videos like this. But it’s all I know to do in response to what little the world knows about the miserable torture and abuse of North Korea’s people by their own government. These outrages call out for a solution, for justice, and for these people to be liberated from the living hell they are experiencing. How bad will it have to get before the world forms a coalition and does something to end the suffering of the North Korean people? We risk losing our own humanity by not taking action to put an end to the wickedness and sadism of the regime of the Kim family, the latest preposterous installment being that of Kim Jong Un. Please: for God’s sake – do something to end this hideous cruelty. Let’s find a way to bring this monstrous evil to an end.

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Kim Jong Un Executes His Uncle and Former Mentor, Jang Song Thaek

In a sudden development that is one of the most public “purges” in North Korea since the 1950s, chilling international ‘North Korea watchers’, Kim Jong had his own uncle and former political tutor / mentor, Jang Song Thaek, arrested during a general meeting of North Korean leaders, taken away and executed by firing squad on December 12th 2013.

“Although high-ranking leaders, including members of the Kim family, have been deposed before, we haven’t seen anything this public or dramatic since Kim Jong-un’s grandfather Kim Il-sung purged his last major rivals in the late 1950s,” said Prof. Charles K. Armstrong, a North Korea expert at Columbia University and the author of “Tyranny of the Weak: North Korea and the World, 1950-1992.”

Charges were announced by top North Korean officials in the DRNK that Thaek had been planning a military coup against the Un regime, which is doubtful at best. A long laundry list of allegations were made by the DRNK against Thaek to justify his execution to the general populace, including the bizarre allegation that Thaek often “failed to applaud with enough enthusiasm” when in the presence of North Korean leadership.

The indications from this action are that Kim Jong Un intends to assume sole dictatorial and executive authority in North Korea with an absolute iron fist.  Instilling fear and terror into his remaining advisors and military leaders, some of which are blood relatives, had to also have been a motive in the sudden and especially cruel action by Un.

Thaek had been the second most powerful man in North Korea and mentored the youthful Un in his new role as dynastic heir and leader of the North Korean nation. The White House has condemned the brutal execution.

Cited: “The trial took place yesterday and the death sentence was carried out immediately, the official Korean Central News Agency reported today. Jang was arrested at a ruling party meeting last week on charges of factionalism and graft.

The blitzkrieg-style execution shows the North is determined to wipe out any potential source of dissidence,” Koh Yu Hwan, a professor of North Korean Studies at Dongguk University in Seoul, said by phone. “More purges are expected.”

Jang has now been airbrushed out of all existing photos and videos, another sign of old school “Josef Stalin style” hardline purges, indicating renewed brutality and the strict over-control of all historical record keeping and official documentation of the new regime of Un.

Cited from the NYT news website: “If Kim Jong-un was sure of his control of power, he would not have needed to execute his uncle,” said Lee Byong-chul, a senior fellow at the Institute for Peace and Cooperation in Seoul. “There will be big and small bloody purges, and at a time like this, desperate extremists may lash out. Pyongyang is no longer safe.”


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Children and Families Forced to Watch Hundreds of Public Executions in North Korea

There is not enough news being broadcast about North Korea in the United States which informs the American people of the truth about the horrific conditions which are taking place in that nation. The horrors of Hitler only went on for a few years. This nightmare of abject human suffering, starvation and death has gone on for decades and the entire world MUST address this situation. This cannot be allowed to continue for another decade while the world turns a blind eye. I found this report today on a UK news website. I want others to know about this. I know this is not a pleasant topic but the magnitude of the human suffering which is going on in North Korea calls out for help from every citizen reporter who has a pulse and gives a damn about human life.

Here is the re-post:

North Korea barbaric regime revealed: ‘My children had to watch hundreds of executions in the street’

13 Apr 2013 00:00

A nurse who defected from leader Kim Jong-un’s regime just three months ago speaks to our reporter. She kneels in prayer below.

Pray: Choi Eun-Ok is scarred by her experiences
Pray: Choi Eun-Ok is scarred by her experiences

The sickening routine was heralded by the loud horns of North Korean Army trucks, followed by the hammering of fists and boots on nearby neighbours’ doors.

Pistol-wielding security thugs would line up villagers, insisting their children stood still and waited for the most obscene street show on Earth.

They would then watch in horror as a soldier dragged out a weeping suspect, who would then be shot in the back of the head at point-blank range.

Choi Eun-Ok, a nurse who defected to the South from leader Kim Jong-un’s regime just three months ago, recalls the horror with a blank expression.

Our translator can barely hear her as she is so used to whispering through fear of eavesdropping spies misinterpreting her conversations.

She says: “I saw hundreds of executions between 1998 and 2005, perhaps as many as three in one week and all of them in the street in front of me and my family.

“This period was when we saw the most regular executions, between 1998 and 2005, when it became really bad.

“Everyone in the village – children and adults – were forced to watch.”

National meeting to celebrate the first anniversaries of Kim Jong Un's election
Dogma: Kim Jong Un’s followers

Mrs Choi, 54, fires us a stern look that emphasises the importance of what she is about to say and continues: “Both of my ­children saw the executions because the soldiers insisted.

“They want to convince everyone at a very early age that they have to obey and they have to witness what will happen if they do not obey.

“I had no choice – each time they came to our home and ordered us all to bring out our children to watch people getting executed.”

What she then tells us exposes the level of cruelty the security forces will descend to as they create a climate of fear.

She says: “The soldiers would shoot the people whilst the victims were wearing thick clothes to keep out the cold.

“At least this meant we would not have to see too much blood.

“But after 1998 they wanted to make the killings more horrifying for us and scare us into not disobeying the system so they forced victims to come out in thinner clothing.

“We could see so much blood. It made us much more fearful.”

North Korean children hold up red scarves to be tied around their necks during an induction ceremony into the Korean Children's Union
Brainwashed: Kids indoctrinated

It is a measure of how the barbaric system made civilians grateful for small mercies when she holds her head in her hands and says quietly: “It seems awful but somehow killing people in thick clothes seemed less cruel. When they started shooting people in thin clothes sometimes my children would not be able to eat for days they were so disturbed by the executions.

“It was terrible. In recent years there has hardly been any food anyway.”

Slightly-built Mrs Choi is sitting in the home of Pastor Kim Seung-Eun, 48, whose church The Caleb Mission has helped more than 1,000 defectors and refugees escape the hell of North Korea.

Now she lives in a bustling South Korean town outside the capital Seoul but even now she has not escaped the immense cruelty of the place she fled.

She had spent most of her adult life with her husband and latterly their two children, a boy and a girl in the poor town of Gyung Seong, north east of Pyongyang, close to the Chinese border.

Some years ago her son died in a fishing accident, she tells me.

North Korean children hold up red scarves to be tied around their necks during an induction ceremony into the Korean Children's Union
Devoted: North Korean children in a parada in North Korea. Many of the them look terrified and resigned.

But she fled North Korea to find her daughter, who recently crossed the border to China.

Sadly she learned her daughter had fallen into the hands of Chinese ­gangsters who sold her on. She has heard nothing about her since.

Many shady human-trafficking gangs have emerged on the North Korea-China border who sell young girls into prostitution.

To search for her daughter, Mrs Choi slipped into China past border guards who were bribed. But she could find no trace of the girl after several weeks.

Finally Pastor Kim Seung-Eun, a South Korean campaigner who has smuggled more than 1,000 people out of the North, helped to bring Mrs Choi to Seoul.

There he helped her settle while he and his contacts investigate the girl’s whereabouts, which are still a mystery.

Pastor Kim Seung Un South Korean who rescues people from the North
Rescue: Pastor Kim Seung Un helps refugees

When asked about her husband, Mrs Choi shakes her head, stares at the floor and says: “He is still there.”

She weeps as she tells me: “Now I know I have escaped that place and I feel I am safe here but where are my family?

“My husband and my daughter – I have nothing. I have nothing.”

In order to protect family members still stuck in North Korea, we have agreed not to publish details of her husband and have changed her name.

Most of the 25,000 North Koreans who have fled to the South since the 1953 armistice still fear the regime’s ruthless network of spies operating in the region are trying to track them down.

Defectors hope that if it is not known they are in South Korea then they will be labelled “missing presumed dead” and remaining relatives will be left alone.

A North Korean soldier stands on the bank of Yalu River, near the North Korean town of Sinuiju
Brutal: A North Korean soldier stands guard

During her life in the North, Mrs Choi has seen many of her friends and ­neighbours disappear over the years.

She says: “You never knew when you were talking to a friend or simply someone you knew, who was a spy. There were spies everywhere.

“You talk to a family member one day and that person could be working for the security people and tell them what you said.

“If it was thought harmful to the country or you said anything about Kim Jong-il when he was alive or Kim Jong-un now you’d disappear.

“Sometimes we saw ­security people come for th­em and they would be taken off to prison.

“One year the father of a family we knew was taken to one of the two prisons in our area and nobody knew why.

“A year later the security men came and their entire home was emptied of furniture, belongings and clothes.

“And then the rest of the family, wife and children were taken away. We never saw them again.”

15 people saved by Pastor Kim Seung-Un
Safe: 15 people helped by Pastor Kim Seung-Un

The two main prison camps in the area are Camp 21 and 22, the latter of which is a notorious gulag where many inmates have been killed or die of ill-treatment.

Mrs Choi confirmed she had heard of both jails and they were in the area where she once lived.

It is feared that as many as 400,000 prisoners in North Korea have died in labour camps in the past 30 years and many were killed by biological or chemical experimentation.

Even now Mrs Choi is thin and looks underfed but when she fled North Korea she weighed just six stones. Now she has put on a stone.

Occasionally sobbing, she says: “Every day was a struggle to get food. As a family we were able to live on one meal a-day but it was never enough for us.

“I gained weight when I moved to the South and thankfully I feel reasonably healthy physically.

“But I think of my family. I have my freedom but I don’t really have it as I cannot be free until I know what happened to them.

“I think of them all of the time.”

Our North Korea video shocks the world

Our harrowing video revealing the grim reality of life in North Korea was picked up by broadcasters around the world yesterday.

Over half a million people viewed the exclusive footage on our website exposing the truth that rogue leader Kim Jong-un wants to hide from the outside world.

Our front page story uncovering the appalling existence inflicted on his people was picked up by Daybreak on ITV and was the lead story on Sky News – as well as featuring on ITN, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, ABC news in the US and other stations from Denmark to Japan.

Several major newspapers in France and Germany followed up our story which had six million page views on

The chilling video shows a child of around 10 dying of starvation in a gutter while soldiers close by load enough rice on to trucks to feed families for weeks.

As the boy slumps on the grimy curb in his filthy, over-sized army jacket, locals stroll by without a glance.

North Korea Escapee Living in the UK Provides Plethora of Inside Information on Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam

What could possibly be worse than a nuclear North Korea with Kim Jong Un at the helm? A nuclear North Korea with his goofy older brother, gambling addict Kim Jong Nam, at the helm.

Kim Jong Nam

North Korean refugee Joo Il-Kim bought his freedom from the horrors of North Korea by swimming across a treacherous river in the dead of night to escape into the remote wilds of China back in 2005. He had lived in constant fear of being arrested and either executed in public or sent for the remainder of his natural life to work in the dreaded NK gulags, which it’s estimated more than 200,000 prisoners are slowly being worked and / or beaten to death in North Korea.

Il-Kim was alive, and that’s what mattered at the moment. He eventually made his way into Great Britain, married there, and now lives as a free man in the region of Surrey.  Il-Kim now runs a North Korean insider news website which reveals many astounding facts about Kim Jong Un and his family members. Most of the material I found on this site I had not seen published on any American news sites.

Kim Jong Un did not do well in school in Switzerland, had very poor grades and most days did not show up for class until after 12 noon, if he showed up at all. He was absent 40% of the time classes were held. Technically he should have been given a failing grade, and / or expelled for non-attendance, but due to his family’s name he was allowed to remain “theoretically” enrolled in the Swiss Academy. He attended this school under the pseudonym “Pak Un.” Below is a rare photo of the [ much slimmer ]  teenage Pak Un in school.


Kim Jong Un’s older half brother and the oldest of the 3 males in the Kim family line of descent is gambling addict Kim Jong Nam.
Jong Nam’s lifestyle habits are so questionable and his spend-a-holic lifestyle so entrenched that the Kim father overlooked him as the next in line to rule the nation, choosing the youngest child, Kim Jong Un instead.
There is yet another mysterious brother between these two, who it is said was too effeminate to rule, preferring wild parties and rock concerts to any interest in governing North Korea. I am looking for photos and more references to the mysterious “middle Kim brother.”
China is purported to be financially supporting the older Kim brother, Kim Jong Nam, with a posh apartment in China for him and suitable quarters for his wife and family. It is rumored that there is now a contingency plan to place this older brother into power in North Korea by China.

Cited:  “The financial difficulties started, however, after Kim told Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun in an e-mail last month that he has “doubts about how a young successor with some two years (of training as heir) can retain the 37 years of absolute power” wielded by his father who died on Dec. 17.

Kim’s youngest brother, Jong-un, has taken the helm of Pyongyang in line with their father’s plans to continue the hereditary power transition in the communist North.

Pyongyang cut off its funds to Kim Jong-nam as a punishment for his remarks, while China likely followed suit to avoid any conflict with the new Kim Jong-un regime, the Russian paper said.

The paper also offered an explanation for China’s support of Kim Jong-nam so far, saying Beijing was apparently making contingency plans to seat him in power.”

Another bizarre fact published on Joo’s news site is that Kim Jong Ilnever ate any sort of food before it has been tested on human subjects who were students at the North Korean Higher Party School.

It would appear that sending North Korean workers to China for any kind of training is not a good idea, as they often disappear and are never heard from again. At this point I feel it would be fair to say that NO ONE wants to actually reside in North Korea, even the blood relatives of the Kim family, some of whom are thriving outside North Korea. Nam is living in China, while he awaits his possible fate as a replacement for Jong Un. His son is enrolled in a university in Bosnia.

Rounding out the rumor mill finally is a report that Kim Jong Un is not necessarily a faithful married man. He is purported to be seeing another married woman outside of his own marriage.  Hyun Song-Wol is a popular vocalist in North Korea whom Kim dated years earlier.  Un is now married to another woman in an officially state-sanctioned union, but continues to see Song-Wol, although she also is married to someone else as well. Cited:

“Kim Jong-un accepted an order from his father to break up with Hyun ahead graduating from the Kim Il-sung Military University. At that time, Hyun married her current husband,” the defector said. “I believe that she has continued her relationship with Kim at the request of the latter although she is married.” The defector said that Hyun’s husband is an officer of the Guard Command.”


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North Korean Escapee: “Farm Animals Are Treated Better in the Outside World Than People in North Korea.”

A North Korean woman who defected to South Korea shortly after Kim Jong Un came to power recently spoke with a western CNN reporter and described a country where people are so desperate for food that they eat grass and leaves off of trees. I have actually seen video footage of North Korean citizens foraging for grass and leaves in the many immaculate public parks which dot Pyongyang.

The escapee stated that food prices had tripled in the last year since Jong Un came to power after his father’s death. She and her entire family were starving, hadn’t had food in three days, and they had at one point decided to commit suicide together by starvation, when she decided she wanted to live and begin making her plans to get out of North Korea. She now lives in Seoul South Korea.

“To survive, I had to eat grass. People pick grass and leaves and use them to make soup,” said the defector who now lives in South Korea. Reports out of North Korea suggest food prices have tripled in the past year.

More than 25% of North Korean children under the age of five suffered from chronic malnutrition in 2012, according to the National Nutrition Survey of North Korea, a report backed by UNICEF, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization. The report also found nearly one in three women suffered from anemia.

As many as 3.5 million people are estimated to have died during North Korea’s severe famine of the 1990s, according to South Korean NGO Good Friends Center for Peace, Human Rights, and Refugees. Official North Korean numbers estimate 220,000 people died.”

She made the statements to the reporter that after she got out and was exposed to the rest of the world she realized that “farm animals in the outside world are treated better than the people of North Korea.”

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What Kind of Military Weaponry Does North Korea Have? Chart Shows Massive But Antiquated Arsenal

North Korean War Propaganda Videos and The ‘Lighter Side’ of Sabre Rattling

So, what’s the real disposition of the North Korean people regarding a possible war with the US and South Korea? Today I went looking for answers to this question, [ if they exist] in video form. Here is part of what I am finding.

North Korea:  The Back Story

America’s Warning to North Korea

North Korea: The Darker Side

North Korea: The Lighter Side

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Full Text of Latest Propaganda Statement from North Korea Published By UK News Website

North Korean Propaganda Artist Escapes and Becomes Satirical Cartoonist Who Lampoons North Korea

North Korean War Propaganda Videos and The Lighter Side of Sabre Rattling

UK News Site Publishes Photos of Kim Jong Eun Signing Off on Plans To Attack US

UK News Site Publishes Photos of Kim Jong Eun Signing Off on Plans To Attack US

“…. Hopefully what will occur is that cooler heads will prevail…. and this will de-escalate.” – US Senator Bob Corker

The ongoing game of “military bluff” between  US and North Korea military leaders is getting deadlier by the day, and neither side seems to be backing down.

We all know what the deadly game of “chicken” is all about, when two speeding vehicles are facing head on, trained upon one another on a collision course, traveling at break neck speed, and the first vehicles to veer away from the imminent head on collision is the “chicken”.

It would appear that’s where we are here. I’m not comfortable with it, and I wasn’t thrilled to learn that the head of our own military command is not actually sure “how our actions [ US Stealth bomber SE Asia fly-over 3.28.2013 ] are being interpreted in North Korea” by Jong Eun. Isn’t that like tossing a weapon into the air then wondering right before you catch it  “…wow, I hope this thing’s not loaded ….”

Can our nation afford the luxury of not knowing how this week’s stealth bomber fly-over of North Korean targets would be interpreted by an unhinged, untried, untested young lunatic head-of-state in North Korea? Judging from recent propaganda videos which are emerging from North Korea, the North Korean people are already being whipped up into a frenzy to go to all out war with South Korea and the US.  This has to be a nerve wracking time to be living in South Korea. The video below appears to portray an invasion of South Korea by the North, among other things.

Cited:  “Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the North’s ruling communist party, said that with “the ceasefire agreement blown apart… no one can predict what will happen from now on”.

Voiding the armistice theoretically paves the way for a resumption of hostilities, as the two Koreas never signed a formal peace treaty and remain technically at war.

“The North is giving the impression it wants to put things back to where they were 60 years ago,” said Yang Moo-Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul.

Experts point out that North Korea has declared the ceasefire dead or obsolete nearly a dozen times in the past 20 years.”

It’s way past time to de-escalate this ongoing war game and ratchet down the growing tensions. Let’s please NOT let this ongoing military PR show get to the point where Jong Eun actually believes that a pre-emptive strike on US soil is a thinkable, doable action that his nation can survive.

Is there anyone anywhere out there in foreign policy [ WHERE is John Kerry right now? ] land who can remind Jong Eun of what will happen to his nation if they let loose a missile trained onto the United States? There are millions of innocent lives at stake here.  Hello???

Cited news report:

North Korea plan to attack US mainland revealed in photographs

North Korea has revealed its plans to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental United States in photos taken in Kim Jong-un‘s military command centre.

North Korea has revealed its plans to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental United States in photos taken in Kim Jong-un's military command centre.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (sitting) convening an urgent operation meeting at 0:30 am on 29 March 2013 at an undisclosed location Photo: EPA

By Julian Ryall, Tokyo

12:08PM GMT 29 Mar 2013

The photos appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and were apparently taken at an “emergency meeting” early on Friday morning. They show Kim signing the order for North Korea’s strategic rocket forces to be on standby to fire at US targets, the paper said, with large-scale maps and diagrams in the background.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered strategic rocket forces to be on standby to strike US and South Korean targets at any time (EPA)

The images show a chart marked “US mainland strike plan” and missile trajectories that the NK News web site estimates terminate in Hawaii, Washington DC, Los Angeles and what they claim is Austin, Texas.

The text on the map, which shows the west coast of North America, says “Plan to hit the U.S. mainland”

The meeting of Pyongyang’s senior military leaders was called after two US B2 bombers, flying out of bases in Missouri, carried out simulated bombing raids on North Korean targets on an island off the coast of South Korea.

“He finally signed the plan on technical preparations of strategic rockets, ordering them to be on standby to fire so that they may strike any time the US mainland, its military bases in the operational theatres in the Pacific, including Hawaii and Guam, and those in South Korea,” the state-run KCNA news agency reported.

A U.S. airforce B-2 Spirit stealth bomber flies over Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, South Korea

It added that the B2 test flights demonstrated Washington’s “hostile intent” and said the “reckless” act had gone “beyond the phase of threat and blackmail.”

The North’s military was placed on its highest alert level earlier this week and a hotline link with the South Korean military was severed.

North Korea has also cut the mobile Internet link for foreign visitors, only weeks after the 3G service was introduced.

North Koreans have held a rally at Kim Il-sung Square in central Pyongyang in support of military actionDespite the increasingly belligerent rhetoric and new images emerging from the North Korean regime, analysts believe its missiles are not capable of striking targets as far away as the US mainland and are not, as yet, capable of delivering a nuclear payload.

The images of Kim surrounded by his officers and diagrams of targets in the US are designed for a domestic consumption and to demonstrate the young leader’s mastery of military affairs, experts believe.

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Full Text of Latest Propaganda Statement from North Korea Published By UK News Website

North Korean Propaganda Artist Escapes and Becomes Satirical Cartoonist Who Lampoons North Korea

North Korean War Propaganda Videos and The Lighter Side of Sabre Rattling

UK News Site Publishes Photos of Kim Jong Eun Signing Off on Plans To Attack US

Dennis Rodman: “Kim doesn’t want to kill anyone – he wants to talk peace.” Latest North Korea Propaganda Video Shows White House in Flames.

Meanwhile, back at the propaganda ranch in miserable, skinny North Korea, here is the most recent video put out for the world to see via the official ministry of propaganda.

New North Korean propaganda video shows White House in flames

The White House is blown up in the latest North Korean propaganda video.

And oh by the way, Dennis Rodman is not only an idiot who has no idea of what he is doing, but he’s also being used as a tool by the deranged little fat man to play to the world stage. Someone needs to put Rodman back on the bench where he belongs. Or send him back to the manscaping beauty parlor.

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