MISSING PERSON: Police Search for Missing Wayne University Law Studen Tiane Brown

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Police search for missing Wayne State University law student Tiane Brown


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(WXYZ) – The Wayne State University Police Department and the Waterford Township Police Department are asking for the public’s help to locate a missing law student.

Tiane Brown was last seen on Monday, October 28 at 8:15 p.m. at the Wayne State Law School. Police say her parents reported her missing when she didn’t pick up her children at their house in West Bloomfield.

Brown is 5′-7″ and around 145 pounds with brown eyes and brown, shoulder length hair. Brown lives in Waterford.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact police at 313-577-2224.

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“GOV Food Stamp EBT System Goes Down Nationwide” Reports Boston WBZ 1030 News Radio

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I see many folks freaking out, or tweeting about others who are freaking out, because their EBT cards do not work this morning. I am monitoring Twitter on this issue [ #EBT ] and I have seen three different “official” reasons reported via news media for why the system is down.  So it’s actually anyone’s guess.

@JoeTalkShow : ‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy http://t.co/KmVv5U3dQN This just got real. haha #EBT 6 minutes ago

‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy

Danger Will Robinson! …


I’m wondering whether this is actually just a “glitch” or a portent of things to come?  Oklahoma EBT has now gone down, as well as Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and the city of Atlanta. I’ll update the post again in just a few minutes.

Boston news media local CBS affiliate WBZ 1030 News Radio is now reporting that the EBT system is down nationwide today, due to a computer upgrade.

Tweets now report system down in Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania …

Computer Upgrade Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday

EBT Food Stamp System Going Down 10.12.2013 – Latest links:


Here’s the report:

EBT benefits system down across Atlanta

EBT benefits system down across Atlanta photo
Georgia EBT card

By Jeremy Redmon

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The electronic system that allows welfare recipients to buy food with their benefits went down across the Atlanta area Saturday, according to local grocery stores.

Several news media reports say the Electronic Benefits Transfer system – which allows low-income people to spend their Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program benefits with payment cards – was not working in Michigan and Virginia as well.

State and federal officials could not be reached for comment Saturday afternoon. But NBC4 in Washington, D.C., quoted a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Human Resources saying a Xerox facility that handles the card transactions had experienced a power outage. The outage caused the cards to be rejected, NBC4 reported.

“It is not just Kroger,” said Kroger spokesman Glynn Jenkins. “In metro Atlanta, it doesn’t matter what retailer you are – the system is down.”

Embedded image permalinkPublix also reported troubles Saturday.

“We are experiencing a problem processing EBT for Alabama– and Georgia-issued cards,” Brenda Reid, a media and community relations manager for Publix Super Markets, said in an email. “Our information systems team is actively working to correct the problem.”

See also http://twitchy.com/2013/10/12/riot-time-food-stamp-users-in-near-panic-over-ebt-card-failures/

As if all the above was not strange enough, WILD rumors abound online that other more dire consequences of not raising the debt ceiling are soon to befall retired and senior citizens in America. I personally do not believe any of these rumors are true, but the video below, replete with links to reported news stories, is an example of the internet rumor mongering I am finding this morning. Please take it all with a grain of salt. Actuality may not resemble any of what you see reported below, but people are getting pretty panicked up and restless during this FED shutdown.

Cited from YT user acct above:

President Obama said that if the Republicans don’t cede to his will over the debt ceiling American retirees will not receive their Social Security checks. To use the sort of rhetoric he likes, he is holding these seniors hostage with a gun to their heads. Not only that, but he also let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the false notion that Democrats are the great protectors of Social Security.
“In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on time.”
Obama’s clear threat: If the Republicans do not raise the debt ceiling by October 19, retired Americans risk not getting their social security checks!

Obama’s clear threat: If the Republicans do not raise the debt ceiling by October 19, retired Americans risk not getting their social security checks!

CINCINNATI — Ohio food stamp and child support recipients are unable to use their cards to purchase anything because the Ohio Electronic Benefit Transfer system is down, an EBT staffer confirmed to 9 On Your Side on Saturday.

Lynchburg, VA – The Virginia EBT, or Electronic Benefit Transfer system has gone down across the entire area, according to customers and retailers throughout the ABC 13 Viewing area.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The electronic system that allows welfare recipients to buy food with their benefits went down across the Atlanta area Saturday, according to local grocery stores.

Detroit Michigan Earns Dreary Distinction of Being #1 Most Miserable City in America

I began a periodic documentation of the ongoing sorrows of Detroit Michigan last summer, right after I stated this news blog.  I had discovered several Michigan based blogs which were documenting the disintegration of a large 40 block section of the dying city in explicit photo essays. The jaw dropping pictures and video clips were dreadful to take in: row after row of crumbling, rotting, dilapidated mansions, abandoned homes by the hundreds, if not thousands, entire city blocks which had deteriorated into deathly urban ruins.  It was mind boggling.

HOW does this happen in America?

WHY did it happen in Detroit?

Detroit named most miserable U.S. city in Forbes ranking

But of course it’s worse than that now. Recently more dire news out of Detroit broke via ABC’s 20/20 TV current events documentary series that more than 12,000 unsolved rape cases have languished in the bowels of law enforcement departments in Detroit, evidence stacked in boxes from floor to ceiling for decades, literally, and either no one caring enough or not enough funds to proceed with trying to solve them and prosecute the perpetrators.

To be a young black woman trying to cope on the streets of Detroit must be it’s own hall of horrors. It makes the soul shudder.


“In fact, an investigation by 20/20 has uncovered a dirty little secret of law enforcement, unknown to victims and their families. Hundreds of thousands of rape evidence kits sit unprocessed on dusty shelves in police storage rooms around the country simply because police say they can’t afford the cost of processing them, which is on average no more than $500 per kit.

Safir, who is now a consultant to a company that owns a DNA lab, was stunned to learn that when he was in office, his department was one of the worst culprits, but by no means the only one.

“That’s outrageous,” said Safir. “It says to a woman who’s a victim: We don’t care.”

Safir said he found out about his department’s predicament when Barry Scheck, a prominent defense attorney, came to see him and told him there were 12,000 unanalyzed rape kits sitting on the shelves of the police department’s storage facility.

“I thought he was insane, and I looked into it,” said Safir. “I didn’t have 12,000. I had 16,000.”

What’s worse, nationwide Safir estimated that there are at least a half million unanalyzed rape kits that, if processed, could turn out tens of thousands of suspects. I have pondered this awful fact and I actually wonder if one of the reasons these backlogged rape kits are not being processed is that the number of convictions they might result in could overwhelm an already bulging and overcrowded penal system in the US. In other words, if all of the alleged rapists in the United States were caught and prosecuted, there might not be enough prison space to hold them.

If you wondered why gun ownership in the US among women is soaring, stop and think about it. The chances of a rapist actually being caught and prosecuted are so low in cities like Detroit, or Saint Louis, or Stockton California, a woman who walks city streets had better be well armed to defend herself from attacks, because law enforcement of the crime of rape is literally falling away.

Adding to the burden upon Detroit law enforcement are the burgeoning numbers of missing person and “Jane Doe” cases. Bloggers can aid law enforcement by publishing any helpful leads, missing person photos, or crime solving tips. It will take the concerted efforts of the entire country to help Detroit address their unsolved crime problem. It’s not just Detroit’s problem. It’s every American’s problem. What spills out of Detroit today could be in your backyard tomorrow, putting pressure on already strained law enforcement agencies in other American cities. Share and RT this post on your own social networks. Thanks.

See also:

Michigan Cases : Missing Persons & Unsolved Homicide & Jane Doe’s




Lab to test more than 1,000 rape kits. Finally.

Trick or Treat! World’s Most Outrageously Carved Halloween Jack O’Lanterns

A very talented sculpting artist who was born and raised in Long Island NY, Ray Villafane, is reputed to be the master carver behind these stunning Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns. The name of his studio appears on some of the photos:  Villafane Studios. Enjoy!

Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

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Walking Away: 14 Million Abandon Their Homes in 2012, Vacant Homes Up 43.8% Since 2000

Recently I have been looking into the plight of collapsing cities in America. I’m still doing research. I usually only post about 10% of what I learn on a given topic. I already knew it was bad. But I did not know HOW bad. We all know about Detroit. The collapse and failure of that city has been fairly well publicized. But that’s where I started. Check most recent posts and pages to see everything I am publishing about abandoned homes and collapsing cities in America.

One thing you will notice in these videos is that it’s not just small modest homes that people have abandoned. Huge palatial homes, grand estates and large mansions are among the casualties of abandoned homes. There are even large shopping malls that are now abandoned. It begs the question:  What happened here? Why does someone walk away from a multi-million dollar property?

See also https://21stcenturyscreenshots.wordpress.com/collapsing-in-slow-motion-detroit/

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Pondering the Ruins of Detroit Michigan


This fall everyone is watching the hit TV series “Revolution”which tells the fictional story of American survivors coping and fighting for their lives after the collapse of human civilization due to the sudden loss of electricity all over the world. Survivors hike through the overgrown rotted remnants of what used to be cities, towns and neighborhoods with swords tied to their waists, often fighting to the death over trifles. Death is commonplace. Hope is practically non-existent. Most people are now living like animals. You have seen at least one episode of the TV show, right? You know what I am describing.  It’s all written into the script.

“….the show presents an America transformed by calamity, a collapsed civilization living in the ruins and husks of mighty man-made environs reclaimed by nature…”

In the TV script for “Revolution” residents of big cities flee after a few weeks without electricity wrecks civilized normal life and people begin mugging, killing and kidnapping anyone they can find anywhere at any moment just to rob them for some food. Families begin to pile their belongings into whatever they can haul and they walk away from the remnants of civilization to try to find ways to survive on the land, away from the crime, death, looters, and gangs. Doesn’t that also sound eerily like what has happened in Detroit?

More than 40 square miles of the city of Detroit Michigan now lie vacant – one third of the entire city of Detroit. It is arguably the largest ever urban American inner city wasteland to exist within the confines of an adjacent urban city center since the founding of the nation. 

Detroit Michigan is a dying and disintegrating city in the United States where the grisly scenes and deadly scenarios of “Revolution” are already playing out in real life, albeit it has taken place so gradually over decades that millions of other Americans don’t even know it’s happening at all.

Instead of filming “Revolution” on a carefully dressed out TV set in Wilmington NC, shouldn’t it be filmed on location in the boarded up burned out neighborhoods which now litter many parts of Detroit? It seems it would be more suitable to include a little dose of present actuality into the mix of TV futuristic fantasy.  I’m just saying.

When part or all of a city collapses, it doesn’t always happen like a sudden bomb going off, all normalcy and civilized living disintegrating practically overnight. The collapse actually takes place in a kind of hideous slow motion, often stretching out over several decades, sadly giving the rest of the surrounding region plenty of fair warning that “something’s wrong here, very very wrong” and it needs immediate and urgent attention. Apparently for parts of Detroit Michigan that early warning cry was not heard in time, or it was ignored completely until it was too late.

It’s not as if the national news media routinely rushes in to begin to document the awful “before” and “after” snapshots which emerge from the erosion and decay of a great American city over time. That’s not necessarily a reality that the White House wants emphasized during an election year.  Sometimes sporadic local news coverage does take place, sometimes not.  I have been watching as increasingly bizarre headlines trickle out of Detroit Michigan in the alternative news media for several years now.  Many of them are really troubling. The story of the collapse of Detroit also includes many stories of greed, corruption and other financial crimes committed by community leaders who were intrusted with funds meant to be spent improving the lives of people in the region.

I collected and posted some of the emerging “Detroit” news stories on this page and it will be updated weekly.  I have become very interested to see how this story ends.

What is happening in Detroit is also happening in other parts of the country in 2012. You mostly never see it because the mainstream media is apparently under a mandate to skip over these ugly spots in the American landscape and follow the TV fake news script they are given to read instead. So if you haven’t heard about the slow motion collapse of Detroit it’s because many of the Big Media outlets are all but ignoring it, and they have been for some time. My gut tells me that the sorry story of what happened to Detroit is just one more ugly actuality behind the facade of “hope and change” fanfare that put Barack Obama in the White House four years ago. Looking in and reading the news out of Detroit, I see little hope and almost no change from the residents’ circumstances four years ago. If anything the decay is accelerating and the overall situation in the city is much worse.

Micheal Moore first brought America’s attention to the plight and blight of Detroit when he included some scenes from Detroit Michigan neighborhoods in his now famous George W. Bush era documentary “Fahrenheit 9-11.”

Here’s my brief snapshot of Detroit – before and after, over 40 years. I present this snapshot of slow-motion collapse as a series of headlines linking to the few stories out there which document in any part, what has happened to the city of Detroit Michigan since the mid-1960s.

Let’s begin here, with 100 Abandoned Houses.

Photos of the 100 Abandoned Houses, front page of the blog.

58% of Detroit Residents State They Have plans to Vacate the City: Survey Results 10.09.2012

Financial advisory board member warns Detroit could soon have cash crisis

Poll: Detroit Residents Have Little Confidence in Their Leaders

90% of Highland Park School District middle school students are functionally illiterate when tested

Human Remains Found Scattered Around Detroit Identified

Detroit Michigan Police Chief Steps Down Due to Sex Probe

Remembering Detroit, Michigan, in the 1940s and the 1950s, and my Awakening to the Divine Light of Islam!

Michigan GOP pulls cable TV ad bashing heavily Democratic Detroit following criticism

Abandoned Castle in Detroit

Man busted by feds for allegedly flying to Detroit to meet 14-year-old boy for sex

Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/man-busted-by-feds-for-alleged-flying-to-detroit-to-meet-14-year-old-boy-for-sex#ixzz28vx5Bz4y

Pugh Alleges Detroit Police Deliberately Sabotaging Court Proceedings

Man Electrocuted Trying To Steal Copper From Pole

Detroit home squatters forced out by police

So how did all this happen? What the hell actually happened to Detroit over time which created a 40 mile inner city vacant lot which is now littered with moldy mattresses, crumbling mansions, drug gangs, wild dogs, unsolved murders, daily muggings, rapes and robberies? it took about 40 years for it to come to this. What took place over 40 years? Author John Gallagher tells the unbelievably sad and sorry story in about 3 sentences and one word: politics.

Cited from Found Michigan news blog:

John: Well, the key to understanding what’s happening in Detroit as well as all these Rustbelt cities—Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, Gary, Flint, all of them—is that we blame white flight and de-industrialization, but essentially what happened after World War II is that all American cities spread out. Sunbelt cities were able to capture that growth through annexation. In 1950, Houston, Texas, for example, was roughly the same size as Detroit: Houston was 160 square miles, Detroit, 139. But today Houston is 600 square miles because it captured all that suburban growth—they annexed all their suburbs as they grew. Detroit and Cleveland and all the other older cities, however, were not allowed to do that for a variety of legal and political reasons. And so even though metro Detroit became much larger geographically, the city itself was trapped behind these rigid municipal boundaries, and the tax base went away to the suburbs. So today the tax base of metropolitan Detroit includes just a tiny part in the city and the vast majority is in the suburbs.

FM:And so that imbalance essentially starved the city.

John: Right, and so as a result you had city revenues—which were mainly based on tax base—inexorably going down while expenses inexorably went up. This became a problem as early as the 1960s; it became obvious in the ’70s and it’s been a crisis more or less ever since. Detroit has tried to deal with it over the years by creating a city income tax, having the highest property tax rates, having a utility tax—which most people probably don’t even realize they pay—borrowing very heavily—I mean, hundreds of millions of dollars of debt that they borrowed to meet current obligations—and it still can’t pay its bills. And now it’s to the point where it’s become this crisis where it’s got to be dealt with.

Right now “dealing with it” means that for the time being the state of Michigan has taken over the city of Detroit and will be running the city as a sort of temporary nanny custodian. They are calling this arrangement a “consent agreement”, but Detroit’s tax base problems won’t be addressed properly even if the state can balance it’s books and put a budget back together. That’s because Detroit’s tax base is leaving. 25% of the city’s residents have already gone. Of the residents that remain, 58% of them state they plan to leave too. You can’t exactly re-build a city with more than 70% of the former population gone. I’m not exactly sure what you could build, other than something brand new, very imaginative and innovative, very small, very high technology, with a vast resurrected “NYC Central Park” inner city wilderness recreation area where the existing 40 square mile slum stands now.

Today in spite of John Gallagher’s well intentioned book “Reimagining Detroit” there is no hope and there has been very little change in Detroit Michigan. Hopelessness has settled in. Residents are turning their backs on what has passed for leadership in the city. 58% of Detroit residents when surveyed said they want out, and plan to leave Detroit as soon as they can.

Can the Ruins of Detroit Michigan be resurrected?

The headline which caught my eye RE: this pressing question may answer the question once and for all. City leaders most likely would see not purpose in re-investing in Detroit when more than half the present residents of Detroit when recently surveyed states that they plan to leave the city for good as soon as they are able to.

“Glengariff president Richard Czuba said the survey shows Detroit residents overwhelmingly believe the city is on the wrong track and have no faith that the people in charge have a plan to turn it around.”

My take: Detroit Michigan needs a brand new sugar daddy billionaire to come in with outside talent and begin rebuilding the remnant of the city from scratch, from top down to the the ground up: new industries, new civic leaders, new architecture, new roads, bridges, condos, a totally and completely new vision for the city, something so spectacularly imaginative and unusual that young families from San Diego to San Francisco to Philadelphia to Miami would want to pick up and move to Detroit to begin a new life. Is this even possible?Could the indebted city literally be auctioned off to the highest NON-Government bidder who had pockets deep enough to take the tattered remnants of automobile greatness and begin again. I have a few ideas here:

1) Fire everyone who has been involved in city leadership in the past 20 years and bring in a fresh team from outside the city limits. Make it 57% women at least. They are less corruptible and they are smarter at solving problems without taking to the boxing rink to do so.

2) Call out the National Guard to patrol the city streets to try to stop the bleeding of good tax paying citizens out of the region. Do whatever it takes within legal means to restore law and order and keep people from leaving.

3) Bring the deep pockets of the internet community and the potentially explosive growth “private sector space industry” to Detroit Michigan. Offer jaw dropping incentives for internet companies – along with all the companies who flourish due to the wealth of big internet companies, and private sector space industries to relocate  to the region and set up shop.

4) Look outside the normal resource zones for economic fund raising. If Detroit begins to produce something that the world cannot live without in the next 100 years, Detroit can be “back in business” within 3-5 years and the become the greatest urban turn-around story in American history.

5) Don’t be afraid to fire people who continue to stand in the way. Show them where the door is, then don’t look back. You have to identify those “persons as obstacles” first then start handing out pink slips as fast as these obstructionists are identified. Begin again. It’s never too late.

6) Try just as quickly as possible to get Detroit out of the state of Michigan’s temporary nanny-care. It sets a horrific precedent that as American cities go bankrupt – many times due to their own mismanagement over decades, that the states must step in to handle their affairs. How would you feel if you had to file for bankruptcy and your own next door neighbors began knocking on your door, telling you that you no longer had the authority to balance your own checkbook, but that now they would be coming into your home to balance it for you? Well that is the equivalent of what is happening right now to Detroit.

Do I hear a “hell yeah” anywhere?  Is there anyone else out there in “internet-land” who thinks this horrific situation can be turned around? Can Detroit still be saved? Here’s what I am learning about sporadic recent efforts to restore and rehabilitate sections of Detroit:


Detroit Michigan news outlets:

The other region of the United States which I am watching that is threatened with outright collapse is parts of Southern California. But that is another story.

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