CoverGirl Launches ‘Star Wars’ Themed Collection — See The Out-Of-This-World Collab

CoverGirl Launches ‘Star Wars’ Themed Collection — See The Out-Of-This-World Collab.

The Future of Motion Pictures: 7D Holographic Technology Will Enhance the Movie Going Experience

It doesn’t take a very big flying leap to arrive at a thesis for what seeing a new movie release in a film theater might be like in just a few more years. Super realistic high definition 7D holography can bring wild animals leaping from the screen right over the movie goers heads, or have an astronaut float out of the film frame and right into the midst of the audience. I would venture to speculate that by the end of 2015 we might see the first public test screenings of 7D holographic enhanced film releases. If the technology can be affordably and smoothly deployed to enhance existing films and popular older films, [ imagine ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ enhanced with 7D holography – wow! ] we could soon see a whole new explosion of profitable re-releases of films like The Transformers franchise, most all science fiction films, travelogues, feature length cartoons and more.

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It’s Not Just the Problem of a Rising Idiocracy, It’s a VIOLENT Idiocracy We Are Facing couple of weeks ago I watched a movie with a friend of mine titled “Idiocracy.”  Most of the movie takes place about 500 years into the future in America. Ten minutes in, we found the film pretty accurately captured what’s happening NOW in the United States with more than a small degree of accuracy. I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t take 50 years, or even 500 years, for our country to arrive at the abjectly pathetic state of national affairs which is portrayed in the film. We’re almost there already. If you haven’t watched this film, have a look, then look around you at what you see in the news. Then you tell me how close you think we are.

American society is NOT TOO FAR AWAY from arriving at the final morass of a majority of humanity portrayed in the comedy which is no longer intelligent enough to cook, [ oh, we already have millions like that ] drive [ Ooops. Young folks aren’t interested in learning to drive anymore. Mommy does that for them ], read and write [ don’t even get me started ] or vote [ there’s a documentary film listed in my Charter free movie listings titled “Learn How to Vote”].

A mewling puking steaming heap of stupid overweight people who breed like rabbits is not our only pressing concern. It’s also their gnawing addiction to extreme violence, which apparently no amount of abjectly gory new TV programming and motion pictures will satisfy.

Why are television executives and movie producers pandering to this emerging depravity? We could engage in ample debate as to which comes first:  the extremely violent TV program, video game, movie – or – the kid who goes off in a movie theatre, thinks that he’s the “JOKER” in Batman, dyes his hair orange and randomly murders anyone he can gun down before they can flee.

Every ounce of good, just, right, moral and common sense I have in me states that delivering endlessly more violent and appalling TV / Flim / Video Games to a population only induces more and more severe types of violent incidents, outrageous crimes which are a signpost which screams “SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG HERE.”  I KNOW I am not wrong. This is NOT rocket science.

Yet every new TV season producers up the ante by airing such incredibly graphic violence in their TV programs that I usually just get up and leave the room. I find less and less reasons to even turn the damn TV on, unless I feel the need to document “just how bad it is this year.” What the hell is wrong with the script writers and producers of this material? Is there a total and complete disconnect from understanding that what you broadcast today, will come right back to you like an ominous boomerang in the form of new, more hideous violent crime ten months from now? How can entertainment media producers be this blind, this uncaring and this reckless about the consequences to society of what they write, film, produce and air on TV?

But wait. I forgot. This too, is all PART OF the new idiocracy. How foolish that I forgot to factor that in. We now have total spiritual idiots producing TV / Film / Media/ Video Games for a rabid, endlessly media consuming American idiocracy.  So the producers of this material are no longer capable of perceiving that anything they are producing is morally wrong.

With ‘Dexter’ came the final, inane, immoral threshold crossed of portraying ‘serial killer as folk hero’.  Now there is no turning back. Idiots create and produce entertainment media for other idiots. The rest of us, who are trying really hard NOT to live like idiots, who are still pure enough and moral enough to be appalled by all of this, write about it. What else could one do? Go before Congress and speak about it? Remember: Congress can no longer govern. But they are VERY good at fighting, dueling, contriving, undermining, and deadlocking. I could just sit waiting in the halls of Congress with my number in my hand until they removed my white bones, covered in spiderwebs.

Outraged news bloggers like me are just an irrelevant minority who lament upon what we see in post after blog post, never really making a dent in the putrid stream of filth which issues forth from American society.

It’s getting harder and harder to know what to do or how to address what I see taking place. I write for lack of knowing what else to do. Do I think my writing raises any awareness? I’m not sure right now. But I press on. I think it helps me cope.

“We’re the Millers” Official Trailer Released

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anniston stars in new comedy: “We’re the MIllers” – news stories that she strips in a scene in the film are going viral on 5.23.2013. Jennier, now in her 40s, look better today than she did in her twenties, and is more popular than ever.

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Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond: 007 In Photos

Once a Bond fan, always a Bond fan. Guilty as charged.

Hollywood Pop Candy

Author Ian Flemming’s fictional British super-spy 007 launched what is arguably the most popular film franchise in movie history. I can think of no other motion picture series which has successfully spanned 50 years and continues to draw new fans after five decades. I was a little kid in grade school when the first James Bond movie “Goldenfinger”appeared on American movie screens. I was mesmerized by it at a Saturday matinee movie house in my hometown for 25 cents. Most gripping was the sight of the dead gilded girl for the first time. That was pretty heady stuff for a little kid in the 1960s. I was both dazzled by the film’s display of what was then “high technology” and thrilled by all the excitement of watching 007 fight to save his own life and to save the world, down to the last 5 seconds of the movie a…

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