2016 YouTube Rumor Mill Videos: Ideas That Make You Go Hmmmmm…

My posting of these recently aggregated ‘2016 rumor mill’ videos constitutes neither an endorsement, agreement with, or rebuttal of their contents, naturally. 🙂

The times we live in are strange enough that I consider nothing to be off the table. I personally have felt, based upon my own observations for the past 7 years of the Obama presidency, that nearly everything he was doing seemed calculated to erode, undermine and eventually to dissolve the United States’ primary position and standing on the world stage, as well as to aggravate and exacerbate the erosion of civil liberties at home. What used to be referred to as periodic “incidents of police brutality” 8-10 years ago have now become horrifying routine incidents of all-out police actions of the murder of innocent people, including many black and white youth and children. These incidents are aired live on TV, without shame, conscience,  or any respect for the families of the victims. Justice is rarely served.

The black community in America is justifiably outraged by what is happening to their own, and their rage turns violent from time to time in the sudden bursting forth of flash mobs which wreak havoc on unsuspecting civilians.

I now see an American society slowing but inexorably descending into chaos and anarchy. I have long implored families and individuals who are able – to leave big cities and relocate into smaller agrarian communities where their chances for survival are better should the US economy and normal society in America collapse entirely. I began writing, posting and advising people to do that as early 2009 on earlier news blogs I authored.

What I see now is an escalation of all-out lawlessness in this country, and I have no idea where the end is. Based on what I have already seen and documented during the first 7 years of Obama’s presidency, I would not be surprised at all if 2016 elections were cancelled, as outlandish and outrageous as that sounds. We all know that our government is adept at creating ‘false flag’ events which can quickly socially engineer fear and disruption, then inject federal justification for certain responses: new laws and ultimately even extended curfews and martial law.

As far as I am concerned, based on what I have already seen, [ most of which I have not even published ] nothing at this point, is out of the realm of possibility.

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NSA “touches” about 1.6% & analysts examine about 0.00004%, of worldwide internet traffic.

Cited from http://dni.gov:

NSA “touches” about 1.6% and analysts only look at 0.00004% of the world’s internet traffic.

Americans and others everywhere who use the internet daily have been increasingly worried about the security, privacy and sanctity of their online information as it passes through multitudinous international servers, hosts, portals, hubs and other routers each day. This evening I found an official press release which I thought was interesting enough to share.

You can read the original at:  http://www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/press-releases/191-press-releases-2013/917-joint-statement-nsa-and-office-of-the-director-of-national-intelligence

Joint Statement: NSA and Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 21, 2013

Press reports based on an article published in today’s Wall Street Journal mischaracterize aspects of NSA’s data collection activities conducted under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The NSA does not sift through and have unfettered access to 75% of the United States’ online communications.

The following are the facts:

Seal of the Office of the Director of National...

Seal of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. See more information: http://www.odni.gov/aboutODNI/DNIseal.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

–Media reports based upon the recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article regarding NSA’s foreign intelligence activities provide an inaccurate and misleading picture of NSA’s collection programs, but especially with respect to NSA’s use of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

–The reports leave readers with the impression that NSA is sifting through as much as 75% of the United States’ online communications, which is simply not true.

–In its foreign intelligence mission, and using all its authorities, NSA “touches” about 1.6%, and analysts only look at 0.00004%, of the world’s internet traffic.

–The assistance from the providers, which is compelled by the law, is the same activity that has been previously revealed as part of Section 702 collection and PRISM.

–FISA is designed to allow the U.S. Government to acquire foreign intelligence while protecting the civil liberties and privacy of Americans.

o Section 702 specifically prohibits the intentional acquisition of any communications when all parties are known to be inside the U.S.

o The law specifically prohibits targeting a U.S. citizen without an individual court order based on a showing of probable cause.

o The law only permits NSA to obtain information pursuant to Section 702 in accordance with orders and procedures approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

–When conducting 702 FISA surveillance, the only information NSA obtains results from the use of specific identifiers (for example email addresses and telephone numbers) used by non-U.S. persons overseas who are believed to possess or receive foreign intelligence information.

o Foreign terrorists sometimes communicate with persons in the U.S. or Americans overseas. In targeting a terrorist overseas who is not a U.S. person, NSA may get both sides of a communication. If that communication involves a U.S. person, NSA must follow Attorney General and FISA Court approved “minimization procedures” to ensure the Agency protects the privacy of U.S. persons.

–The collection under FISA section 702 is the most significant tool in the NSA collection arsenal for the detection, identification, and disruption of terrorist threats to the U.S. and around the world.

Barack Obama on NSA Spying and Personal Privacy: Classic Doublespeak

“No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war.” – Barack Obama speaking on privacy in 2005

Mr. Obama had plenty of harsh words to say about the NSA‘s data collection programs under the George W. Bush presidency back in 2005. Three years later he would run for high office on some of these same statements.  Listen in the video below to what he had to say regarding the NSA collecting data and spying on American citizens without their knowledge or consent. We already know that most political candidates for the US presidency will say ANYTHING  to win the public trust and get elected. Then once they are in office, all bets are off.

I have to admit, of all the many many broken promises that were made to the American people by Barack Obama before he was elected president, I find this one particularly offensive. It’s the kind of thing which can inspire a person to NEVER ever trust a presidential candidate‘s words again.

When a voting population has been lied to ON SUCH A SCALE that it strains all credulity, how will that same voting public EVER trust what a political candidate says in a campaign ever again? I didn’t vote for this SOB, and I am proud of it. But I cannot fathom how millions of people who DID vote for him now feel. I don’t think the word “sucker” quite covers it. Here’s the video:

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NSA Maps Americans’ Social Network Connections [ And More ]

Report: NSA Maps out a Person’s Social Connections

WASHINGTON September 29, 2013 (AP)
For almost three years the National Security Agency has been tapping the data it collects to map out some Americans’ social connections, allowing the government to identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information, The New York times reported.

Citing documents provided by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden, the Times reported that the NSA began allowing the analysis of phone call and e-mail logs in November 2010 to examine some Americans’ networks of associations for foreign intelligence purposes after NSA officials lifted restrictions on the practice. The newspaper posted the report on its website Saturday.

A January 2011 memorandum from the spy agency indicated that the policy shift was intended to help the agency “discover and track” connections between intelligence targets overseas and people in the United States, the Times reported.

The documents Snowden provided indicated that the NSA can augment the communications data with material from public, commercial and other sources, including bank codes, insurance information, Facebook profiles, passenger manifests, voter registration rolls and GPS location information, as well as property records and unspecified tax data, the paper reported.

NSA officials declined to say how many Americans have been caught up in the effort, including people involved in no wrongdoing, the Times reported. The documents do not describe what has resulted from the scrutiny, which links phone numbers and e-mails in a “contact chain” tied directly or indirectly to a person or organization overseas that is of foreign intelligence interest, the paper reported.

The documents provided by Snowden don’t specify which phone and e-mail databases are used to create the social network diagrams, the Times reported, and NSA officials wouldn’t identify them. However, NSA officials said the large database of Americans’ domestic phone call records revealed in June was not used, the paper reported.

Disclosures from documents leaked by Snowden earlier this year have sparked debate over the government’s surveillance activities and concerns that Americans’ civil liberties have been violated by the data collection. Russia has granted temporary asylum to Snowden, considered a fugitive from justice in the U.S., and his whereabouts remain secret.


See also US NSA and UK GCHQ ‘can spy on smartphones’

“Evil Genius” Right Hand Man to NSA’s Keith Alexander A Monumental Flop

This is one of those news stories that every red blooded American, whether liberal, moderate, or conservative, MUST READ. If you pay taxes, and give half a damn about what the FED does with the money, then read this story. You are about to find out just exactly how stupid the top dogs are at the NSA.

An Obscure ‘Evil Genius’ Engineer Was Instrumental To the NSA’s Expansion

If you aren’t angry enough after reading the above recitation of abject stupidity disguised as intelligence gathering, ponder the magnitude of the NSA’s fleecing of American tax dollars by reading the next article below:

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NSA Boss Keith Alexander’s Obscene “Information Dominance Center” Paid for With Your Tax Dollars

Here’s The ‘Star Trek Command Center’ That NSA Chief Keith Alexander Used To Woo Politicians

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While I Was Away From My Desk This Summer, Here’s What Happened


No, seriously.  I actually believe that this is the most important question facing the American public in 2013.  It trumps all lesser concerns as it presents the gravest threat to our national security – EVER.  One well placed Jihadist hired into the behemoth spy complex who gains access to what Edward Snowden gained access to could bring down the entire nation. We are foolish if we think “it could never happen.” We all thought 9-11 could never happen either.

I have never been more alarmed and concerned about time cherished American constitutional freedoms and civil liberties than I am at this time in American history.  From excessive force being routinely used by police, to increasing incidents of police officers gunning down innocent Americans in cold blood, often in front of dozens of onlookers, with impunity – our nation is not just slipping toward fascism – it is now plunging headlong.  What’s worse, the lack of any audible outrage by the majority of the American people about any of this is possibly the most alarming development of all.

I have been spiritually awake about many things, with my eyes WIDE OPEN, for a very long time.  At least 20 years. I started writing online about what I was seeing happen in the beloved land of my birth about 6 years ago.

Several years into my new hobby as a “news blogger” I began to experience firsthand the non-stop fiddling that the NSA [ and other alphabet spy orgs ] will do to the work of citizen reporters who are publishing uncomfortable facts about a sitting president that they don’t necessarily want revealed.  From 2008 until the spring of 2011 I authored another popular news blog, conservative in nature, [ now deleted to keep FEDS from knocking at my front door  ] and I did not hesitate to publish the truth about Barack Obama as I found it.  My former news blog was tinkered with, obstructed, posts disappeared, I was monitored online and surveilled as I worked, odd messages suddenly appeared on my WP dashboard, and on some days just the mere process of writing and posting a block of text which I wrote became nearly impossible.  I do not blame WP for any of this, as I now believe that backdoor programs run by the NSA trump any security settings on the server side of WP and that NSA employees enter the domain at will and do what they wish – at any time.  This was the ONLY explanation I could arrive at for what I was experiencing each time I began to author a post which the White House might consider contrary to it’s own agenda.


As trying to publish hidden truths which threaten American civil liberties got harder, I finally got to the point that I felt I just needed to step away from the web for a season. And so I did. Between the summer of 2009 and the spring of 2011 I had authored about 2500 pages of material in news blog form that I have now, sadly, chosen to remove from the internet in order to protect my privacy and my future as a private citizen. Another 3,000 pages of material I authored from 2008 to 2012 has now been “blocked” by the owner of the Wetpaint wiki in Seattle.  Those 5,500 pages of published material – now gone – are years out of my life that I will never get back.

No explanation has ever been given to me as to why my 3,000 pages of published material on Wetpaint.com was blocked. The block went into effect in January of 2013.  Much of the published documents had to do with the secret past of Barack Obama, plans for a one world government and currency, HAARP, project blue beam, FEMA, the US economy, and covert planing for a one world government. I also wrote extensively about the many hundreds of FEMA camps which have been built on American soil.

Suffice it to say,  I WELL KNEW from personal experience years ago how dangerous an unhinged unmonitored unbridled spy org like the NSA had become.  I was already experiencing the ugly end of NSA tinkering and surveillance of my internet work, years back, at least 2-3 years before Edward Snowden let loose what he had found on NSA computers. And I am just a little insignificant home based news blogger. Doesn’t it make one wonder what REALLY happened to one of the alternative news communities’ really big dogs, Andrew Breitbart?

Does the NSA Actually Run the Federal Government?

Due to my own personal experience as a news blogger / citizen reporter, I eventually arrived at some conclusions about the NSA back in early 2010, three years before Edward Snowden‘s stunning revelations pulled the pants down on an agency that appears to answer to no one other than murky generational Illuminati elements somewhere beneath or behind the set dressing of the White House.

Right about the time I felt spiritually inclined to remove my old news blog out of concern for my own future as an American citizen, I began wondering out loud in early 2011 [ mostly to close friends and offline ]  whether the entire US government is just one huge elaborate stage prop, not unlike a movie set, to convince television viewers that something called “governing” is going on inside, when the real “governing” of the nation actually issues from the offices of it’s multitudinous interlaced spy orgs:  the NSA, NCS, [ little known “National Clandestine Service“] CIA, DARPA, DIA and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

Alot has happened since I first began speculating in 2011 as to how much of the nation’s business is actually planned inside the halls of it’s spy agencies.  Much of what’s been revealed is proving me right. Some very interesting facts have come to light this year which seem to corroborate my earlier speculations about who actually runs the US government.

While I took the summer off to work on other projects, several significant events took place in the United States. So better late than  never, here are video reports and links for a few of them.

Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America

After Edward Snowden’s revelations, why trust US cloud providers?

Edward Snowden NSA files: secret surveillance and our revelations so far

First hour of September 16th 2013 Coast Radio Show, Interview with Charlie Smith about the NSA:

Edward Snowden Warns Of ‘Surveillance Gone Too Far,’ Accepts Whistleblower Award By Proxy (VIDEO)

Documents reveal illegal NSA intercepts

The Truth: The NSA Has Been Working on Domestic Spying for Ten-Plus Years

The NSA’s global spying operation in one map

The Truth About Spying: The FEDS Are Intercepting Your Internet Data and the Tech Giants Know it

Obama’s NSA spying: Eloquence vs. Honesty

Groklaw Shuts Down As True Cost of NSA Spying Mounts

Barack Obama [ Liar-In-Chief ]: We Don’t Have A Domestic Spy Program

CBS: Obama Has To Admit ‘Startling Truth’ On Spying

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