Video Report Provides Clear Evidence NASA Has Been Looking for Planet X For More Than Four Decades



I still check the web for murmurs about Planet X / Nibiru. I found these video reports this morning on #PlanetX Planet X / Nibiru and found them to be VERY interesting:

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Marshall Masters Lays Out His Case for 40 Years of Mainstream Media Coverup of Nibiru Evidence

The problem for astronomers and telescopes regarding the phenomenon of brown dwarf stars, also called “failed stars” is that they do not emit enough light to be visible via normal viewing methods. Infrared or other means must be used to try to find these space bodies. Complicating the task further is the fact that brown dwarf Nibiru has allegedly been cloaked in a black cloud of whirling dust and debris, making it harder still to locate the object.

When the work and research of some of America’s most prestigious astronomers mysteriously disappears from Google search results and news archives, it does give one pause.  I have experienced repeatedly in my own research that many important evidenciary documents and videos frequently just vanish from the internet. I had one of my own research sites, of some 3,300 pages of originally authored content, just VANISH from the INTERNET with no explanation, in early 2013 – in very much the same way.

So I have no reason to think that Dr. Masters is just creating more ‘internet drama’. His video below cites numerous instances when the work of a well known and respected astronomer has disappeared from the internet, especially if it alluded to hard scientific evidence that Planet X, aka Nibiru, aka a large mysterious non-visible to the naked eye BROWN DWARF star, was in fact, real and orbiting the remote edges of our solar system, heading inward, tugging on the mantle of the earth, creating all kinds of bizarre landmass aberrations which we do not know how to otherwise explain, odd events such as GIANT SINKHOLES, extreme weather oddities, a fast floating and more or less continuously displaced magnetic north pole, etc.

What also needs to be factored in are dramatic changes being observed in other planets in our own solar system. And there is the issue of DEAD ASTRONOMERS to consider.

This is an important video and worth watching and sharing. You can find more of Marshall Master’s Planet X research at

Last, but not least – Mr. Masters will be hard pressed to explain away the analysis below made by one living astronomer, who took the actual positioning data from R.S. Harrington’s 1988 abstract, punched it in to his own astronomy software, and easily concluded in less than 9 minutes than the actual return of Planet X would not take place for another 300 to 400 years. Be sure to watch this next video. So if this is true, one has to ask WHY Google and the other “powers that be” are so busy removing videos, documents, research and other postings about Planet X from the internet? What gives?

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Marshall Masters Planet X Nibiru Update Coast Radio September 26th 2013: New Nibiru Footage

This next  video below is the one referred to by Marshall Masters in his recent interview above with George Noory. I have posted literally hundreds of videos like this one over the past 3-4 years as astounded everyday people try to cope with suddenly unexpectedly seeing a “second sun” in the sky. Visibility of Nibiru only occurs at certain times and under certain rare conditions.

To peruse my historical research archive on Nibiru going back 5 years see

For more information on Marshall Master’s research visit

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Physicist James McCanney Discusses Comet Ison, the Sun and Space Objects

This is an important video and I’d like to encourage readers to listen to all of it and share. Thanks.


Professor James McCanney — Keck Uranus

October 25, 2012 radio show…er_25_2012.mp3

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Biography Professor James McCanney, Physicist, Astronomer

Bizarre Russian News Report on Comet Ison Released by Federal Space Agency

This citizen reporter begins with a reference to a brief news report out of Russia on comet Ison then quickly digresses into the deeper theories about the hidden history of the Annunaki and monotomic white gold.  I decided to post the video anyway, although the title is misleading. Some of his info is interesting.


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Marshall Masters: “For All of You Who Have Followed Our Work for Years, This is the Video You Have Been Waiting For.”

I continue to study video reports on Planet X / Nibiru because my deepest gut instincts tell me there is something out there, and that it is definitely incoming, not because I want to “believe” in Nibiru, or because I want to save face. I still have that unshakable intuition that the whole world is being lied to about this fact of suppressed and censored astronomy. I study reports because the Holy Spirit continues to prompt me to do so.

Marshall Masters has lost alot of credibility since 2012, and he is not alone. What the NWO Illuminati elites would love more than anything in the world is for all reporting and research on Nibiru to be completely ignored and ridiculed by a distracted, dumbed down and cynical public.  I wanted to see what Marshall Masters has been up to this summer, so I visited his site at this morning.  I have re-posted 2 of the videos I found.

Since Marshall has stated that this is the “video so many people have been waiting for” [ ? ]  I am re-posting it for my readers. I haven’t finished watching it, so I hope I don’t end up regretting this. Right now I am VERY concerned about Comet Ison and what might happen in Mid November 2013 instead.  We still don’t really know what’s out there RE: Planet X aka Nibiru.  Some like Marshall feel they already know Nibiru is real beyond all shadow of a doubt. What I feel is that the Spirit won’t let me ignore this topic. I keep returning to it again and again because, I, like hundreds of millions of others around the world, want to know the truth about Nibiru and the second sun brown dwarf with seven orbiting satellites which may be coming our way. God won’t allow me to let this topic go. And He is who I cling to and answer to, so I am researching it again this fall. Let’s see if this new video by Marshall Masters from the summer of 2013 has any new credible and convincing scientific hard evidence in it.

“I’ll be the first to admit that the predictions of the past were in the ballpark, but they were not spot on.” – Marshall Masters, said in discussing the many false alarms that have been reported about Planet X / Nibiru / brown dwarf system.



Incidents of meteors, meteorites, and exploding fireballs have increased exponentially in the past 8 years. This is hard science that we can examine and track. Where are these space objects coming from? I have theorized that these objects are the advance debris field of the approaching Nibiru brown dwarf system.

There has been a steady increase in the amount of methane gas being released in the oceans in the past 8 years. This presents a serious threat and could eventually be the cause of numerous climate related disasters.

There has been a steady increase in the amount of methane gas being released in the oceans in the past 8 years. This presents a serious threat and could eventually be the cause of numerous climate related disasters.

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Marshall Masters of Interviewed on Coast Radio, States Planet X / Nibiru is Real, Will Be Visible in Northern Hemisphere June 2013

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English: This artist's conception illustrates ...

This artist’s conception illustrates a Jupiter-like planet alone in the dark of space, floating freely without a parent star. Astronomers recently uncovered evidence for 10 such lone worlds, thought to have been “booted,” or ejected, from developing solar systems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The enigmatic search for the truth about the existence of Planet X / Nibiru began for Scientist Marshall Masters right before the decade turned. See Interviewed on Coast Radio on Monday night March 18th 2013, Masters briefly recited how his journey into searching for Planet X had begun nearly 15 years ago in the late 1990s – quite by accident – as an examination of the sun’s role in extreme climate change, aka global warming.

Masters and a small group of scientific peers were documenting changes in the sun. They kept noticing specific changes and reactions in the same region of the sun, which indicated to the group that the sun was reacting to an object in a specific locale. They also noticed that there was evidence to indicate that the entire solar system was heating up.

That’s how his quest began.

George Noory interviewed Marshall for more than two hours last night, and Mr. Masters issued statement after statement which dropped the jaw and re-ignited speculation about the existence and reality of Planet X, a worldwide pole shift calamity in our future, and the historically documented global cataclysms which have been caused by the planet’s 3600 year fly-by, including Noah’s global flood and the 10 plagues of Egypt during the time period of Exodus in the Old Testament. I was hanging on every word until about 4 am, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open a minute longer.

If there is absolutely no truth to the ongoing story which wont’ go away about the actuality of Planet X aka Nibiru, then my original and quite famous wiki, hosted on out of Seattle Washington, should have NEVER been blocked. I logged onto in late January of this year to find the entire site, including more than 3,000 pages of research and news reports on Nibiru, [ along with serious irregularities pertaining to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign ] had been blocked from public view. That website constituted more than 3 years of my life, spent researching and writing, day in / day out, now gone from public view. No explanation was ever given to me about this action by Wetpaint, no warning given, and no way was ever provided for me to contact the domain owners to query them about their actions. Bounced messages from their email servers indicated the servers had been shut down, although the mindless “TV fan trifles” websites which they host by the gadzillion continue to populate the internet like so much celebrity road kill, detritus.

SO: if speculation about the existence of Planet X / Nibiru is just that – harmless speculation, theorizing, imagining possible scenarios, then WHY BLOCK THE SITE? The action taken to block public access to more than 3,000 pages of research and reports which include investigations into the reality of Planet X / Nibiru speaks awfully loudly, doesn’t it?

Masters also discussed the ongoing issue of DEAD ASTRONOMERS and the search for facts and evidence concerning Nibiru. I also have written on this topic and one of my recent reports on the subject can be found here:

Nibiru Information Black-Out, Dead Astronomers, Rogue Planets, The Search Goes On

And then there is the worldwide phenomenon and ongoing issue of SECOND SUN sightings.  Before I removed “alternative-news-report-dot-net” from the internet in thew spring of 2012, [ I had excellent and urgent reasons for doing so ] I had documented more than 50 second sun sightings in news reports, which had been video recorded or photographed all over the world. By early 2011 these second sun sightings were so common it would take me hours just to get through all of them and post them to the news blog.

Hundreds of people who do not know each other, have never met, who live in scattered locales all around the world, and who just happen to be out sailing, or fishing, or hiking, or WHATEVER – who clearly see a smaller second sun next to the sun, and then record what they see, then post it to the internet, provide the most serious raw evidence yet that something is afoot in the solar system and that we all ought to be paying attention. The online news site refers to the rash of “second sun” sightings which continues all around the world as another aspect of the “new normal.”

So although all of this makes for a long winded introduction, I wanted my readers to know [ and some of you have followed my work since 2008 when I began writing on these topics in earnest ] that this story is NOT going way, because the truth cannot be obliterated, much as the elites would wish it so. I’ll continue to write and report on this topic, and I will continue to urgently urge others to do their own research and to do the same. I want readers to set aside two hours to listen to last night’s 3.18.2013 Coast to Coast Radio broadcast, then please share this report with others on your own social networks.  It’s only the most important blacklisted news topic in the past 3600 years which is NOT being discussed on Big Media news outlets – when it should. Therefore it’s worth spending some time with. The Marshall Masters interview comes up during the second hour of the show, but the whole show is worth hearing and sharing.

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