Yes. Every Week in 2016 DOES Get a Little More Orwellian. But Some of the Responses to the Orwellian-ism Are Actually ‘Signs of Intelligent Life.’ And Thank God for Those.


August 9th 2016

Most days I’m intermittently outraged, aghast, most definitely amused [ and simultaneously horrified ] by what I see unfolding, both in America [ land that I love ] and in the greater world at large.

This evening I stumbled onto a few videos where other “truth reportersvoice some of their own reactions and responses to the rapidly deteriorating situation in which we all find ourselves, as our beloved but very troubled ‘little blue watery world’ aka Earth, whirls around the sun.

The only thing which remains certain, stable, and more or less CONSTANT: is GOD, and the prehistoric orbits of local planets. Everything else is now up for grabs – including the collective sanity, reasoning power, and fundamental root level intelligence of the human race. Enjoy.

But they also produce little videos like this one [below]. And for that, these kids are absolutely my total HEROES.

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Under a Ted Cruz Presidency Expect All Civil Rights Gains for Gays to Be Rolled Back

NBC news is reporting on a very telling ‘robocall’ which went out last night in South Carolina to more than 180,000 republicans. The call was intended to paint Donald Trump squarely in the ‘far left’ corner, [ not true ], but in the process the call just happened to reveal to voters the true depth of hatred and vitriol that Ted Cruz feels toward America’s #GLBT community:

“The ad lists the predicted repercussions of the “forward motion” that Trump seemed to agree to.

“It’s about mandatory celebration,” the narrator says. “It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings, forcing clergy to officiate, about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school. It’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values.”

The ad then sharply states: “It’s about tearing down our America. Ted Cruz for president – now, before it’s too late.”

For starters, the contents of this robocall represent “gay fear porn” of the worst possible kind, playing upon the uneducated fears of the more homophobic elements in American society, who have long screamed that allowing gays and lesbians to gain their civil rights would result in the utter collapse of American society. What a bunch of insane hooey. So now we all know EXACTLY who Ted Cruz really is. He will be a president who will waste no time in rolling back every gain in civil rights and legal equality under the law that the #LGBT community has fought for over 30 years.

American voters should be on notice: if you are supporting Ted Cruz and intend to vote for him then you cannot pretend that you also support #EqualCivilRights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Here’s the link:

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Trump Supporters Make Short Work of Two Liberal Hooligans Intent on Disrupting Recent Rally

You’ll need to disregard the title of the cell phone video below, as it was shot by a friend of the two liberal hooligans who were trying their best to disrupt a recent rally for Donald Trump. Several nearby Trump supporters who were actually mature grown men,  not arrogant college kids, put a quick stop to the intended disruption and tore up the signs the two guys were holding. Then they stood by and waited for security. Security then moved in to remove the two disrupters, who were clearly at the rally just to make trouble. These guys had no business being at a Trump rally, since they consider Trump supporters to be “scary dumb” – as indicated by the title of their homemade video footage. Trump supporters aren’t dumb [ I have an IQ of 162, and I support Trump over the corrupt CFR/Illuminati/Bilderberg sponsored Hillary Clinton any day. ] but they are definitely not willing to sit idly by while Trump opponents crash his rallies and try to stir up trouble. Here’s the video:

Related Video:

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Poll Shows Trump With Solid Lead In Florida

ORLANDO, FL - NOVEMBER 13:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Sunshine Summit conference being held at the Rosen Shingle Creek on November 13, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.  The summit brought Republican presidential candidates in front of the Republican voters.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump could win the Republican presidential primary in Florida and beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the general election if either vote were held today, according to a new poll of Florida voters.

Source: Poll Shows Trump With Solid Lead In Florida

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If the 2016 Presidential Election Were Held Today, Here’s How GOP Contenders Would Fare.

[ Don’t shoot the messenger!  🙂 ]

These ‘election results’ are based on a voting poll which currently appears on the website on 8.27.2015.  Interestingly, neither Jeb Bush or Chris Christie got enough votes to even make the top five. Hmmm. Trump’s whopping 38% of votes is decidedly larger than other official media polls and news broadcasts which show him at about 24-28%.


As I was completing this post, the poll statistics on  The Donald jumped once again, and he is now polling at 40%. Here’s related info along with some other interesting poll numbers:

[ Courtesy article ]

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina three of the top five GOP presidential candidates, have never held office.

The Gravis results were as follows:

Donald Trump – 40.1%

Ben Carson – 13%

Jeb Bush – 10%

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)


– 7 %

Carly Fiorina – 5.2%

John Kasich – 4.8%

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)


– 4.7%

Mike Huckabee – 3.7%

Scott Walker – 3.5%

Rick Perry – 1.5%

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)


– 1.5%

Chris Christie – 1.4%

George Pataki – 1.1%

Rick Santorum – 1%

Bobby Jindal – 0.9%

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)


– 0.6%

The poll surveyed 3,567 voters randomly across the United States. It had a margin of error of plus or minus two percent and was conducted August 21-22.


Presidential Campaign 2016: Bernie Sanders Addresses Crowds in the Tens of Thousands as Hillary Clinton Addresses Crowds of Uhh, Dozens? Maybe?

Wow. What a significant story a certain odd video clip tells this morning. We’ve all seen the amazing photos of the HUGE stadium crowds that Bernie Sanders addressed in Portland Oregon [ 28,000+] and Los Angeles [ 25,000+]. See photo below.

Contrast that spectacle [above ] with this morning’s, strange, super-scripted, very sad media appearance by Hillary Clinton at the Iowa State Fair, where one would have to conclude that she [ or her ‘people’] arranged a press appearance so utterly stifled and hidden away, that you might be forced to conclude that Hillary either fears the American People, or secretly holds them in enough contempt that she would only agree to speak in public if she was placed in as small and discreet little shady corner of the Iowa State Fairgrounds as possible.

This press appearance did not look so much like a public appearance, as it did a perfunctory checking off of a more or less distasteful obligation on the campaign trail that Ms. Clinton would just have well skipped, except for how that would have looked.

Imagine That You Ran for President and Nobody Cared

I guess the campaign thinktank has decided that it needs to at least to “appear” as if Hillary is actually running for President, to the casual observer, at least. Just exactly WHAT Ms. Clinton is really doing is anybody’s guess at this point. Her campaign folks must have been given the directive in Iowa to “find shade” at the state fairgrounds first and foremost, rather than “gather crowds”.  In the carefully censored video clip below, you are acutely aware that Ms. Clinton may or may not be speaking to more than  about 50-75 people, as the cameraman is very careful NOT to pan the audience to show you how many people are gathered around. In the background, couples and families can be seen strolling right past the area where Clinton is giving her “email Q&A” forum into the fairgrounds, as if she was no more significant than a road sign.

In the video below, Ms. Clinton is wearing some sort of light blue “tunic” stiff round collared blouse which could not look more out of sync with the year 2015 if she had picked the item out of a time-traveler’s wardrobe personally. The collar on this blouse is so preposterously huge and bizarre it actually looks like a some sort of fabric MOAT sewn around Hillary’s head. Wow. That strangely huge socio-fascist collar is not at all dissimilar to the bizarre “inconspicuous” location where Hillary’s campaign set up on the outskirts of the fairground, far away from the bully pulpit area where all other candidates took questions from the crowds. Hillary continues to keep a psychological MOAT around herself on the campaign trail, something very apparent by the way this ‘meet and greet’ was handled.

I don’t usually pay much attention to political campaigns when the voting day is still a year and half away. But Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign almost seems ‘pretend’ at this point.  She can’t possibly be serious if she has her people go this far out of their way to make sure NO ONE finds Hillary as she steps into a small gathering of about 50 people or so to “meet and greet” and answer questions. It was the dullest campaign moment yet for Ms. Clinton, besides being one of the dowdiest. This lady not only needs to face her “fear and loathing of the American people” issue – which is very real – but she most urgently needs a make-over that will get her personal appearance more in line with the fashions of 2015, not 1948. Hillary’s campaign may or may not even be here in 6 months unless something begins to change in a large way very soon.

Interesting 1934 Political Cartoon Which Appeared in the Chicago Tribune

1934 cartoon from the Chicago Tribune

1934 cartoon from the Chicago Tribune


“The Great Depression was not invented by the stock market. It was created by the forces of unsound international finance and sumptuous laws imposed upon the subjects of various nations both in the United States and in Europe. There is no doubt that the fate of the stock market in the future will be largely dictated by the swings in confidence within the international monetary system. …

In conclusion, the fundamental explanations of the ups and downs of the stock market and the world economy cannot be simply drawn between an inference with interest rate actions or with corporate earnings. The impact of public confidence is by far the most profound influence in both the investment world as well as the world economy. Capital flowing back and forth between nations affords the closest relationship with the movement within the stock market and this perhaps can be most readily seen through the movement of foreign exchange markets as well. The issues are never purely domestic. No matter what market one may look at in whatever nation you may reside, the international influences will always be a subtle guiding force behind the more illuminated domestic issues of the day.

— from “The Greatest Bull Market In History”, Martin Armstrong

Barack Obama on NSA Spying and Personal Privacy: Classic Doublespeak

“No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war.” – Barack Obama speaking on privacy in 2005

Mr. Obama had plenty of harsh words to say about the NSA‘s data collection programs under the George W. Bush presidency back in 2005. Three years later he would run for high office on some of these same statements.  Listen in the video below to what he had to say regarding the NSA collecting data and spying on American citizens without their knowledge or consent. We already know that most political candidates for the US presidency will say ANYTHING  to win the public trust and get elected. Then once they are in office, all bets are off.

I have to admit, of all the many many broken promises that were made to the American people by Barack Obama before he was elected president, I find this one particularly offensive. It’s the kind of thing which can inspire a person to NEVER ever trust a presidential candidate‘s words again.

When a voting population has been lied to ON SUCH A SCALE that it strains all credulity, how will that same voting public EVER trust what a political candidate says in a campaign ever again? I didn’t vote for this SOB, and I am proud of it. But I cannot fathom how millions of people who DID vote for him now feel. I don’t think the word “sucker” quite covers it. Here’s the video:

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