Nibiru Second Sun Now Visible in Florida and California: Planet X Update from Marshall Masters

Nibiru aka the Second Sun was clearly visible near Sanibel causeway in Florida in late October 2015.

Nibiru aka the Second Sun was clearly visible near Sanibel causeway in Florida in late October 2015.

Dr. Marshall Masters, founder of, brings us his latest update on Nibiru for November 2015 in the video below, which includes stunning photographic and video evidence of eye-witness sightings of the ‘second sun’ in Florida. I captured some stills from his video report which are below. You can subscribe to his news reports at the website, which I recommend that everyone do as soon as possible. We are all aware that our Illuminati-Elites owned and controlled mass media here in the USA will refuse to inform the world public about the geologic upheavals to come on our world with the return of Nibiru / Planet X until it is far too late, if they choose to warn humanity at all.


My own deep gut tells me that the secret world government has long planned to use the return of Planet X as the perfect opportunity to install their own global fascist government as a preplanned ‘solution’ to the chaos which will ensue when the second sun passes close enough to earth to bring massive destruction and a possible tilting of the earth on it’s axis, also known as a geo-crustal pole shift. Although I have written about the return of Planet X for more than 10 years now, much of the earlier material I authored on another blogging platform was removed in early 2013, without my knowledge or consent. You can find several hundred of my other Nibiru reports which have survived thanks to the kind folks at WordPress over at one of my other news blogs Biblical Times. Be sure to download videos, photos and text, and to share what you learn with others. Thank you!

Screenshot blog author

Other interesting videos that help to understand the astronomy of binary or twin stars, brown dwarfs and other theories regarding Nibiru / Planet X

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First Came the Giant Sinkholes: Now We Have Massive Gashes Opening Up in the Earth

Let there be no doubt: earth changes are escalating in every nation on earth, and have been growing more frequent and much more dramatic for more than 15 years. Right before the turn of the 21st century many new age seers, clairvoyants and prophets had predicted, as Edgar Cayce had done half a decade earlier, that huge sections of many nations would soon flood, that severe weather and a rapidly changing global climate would cause the coastlines of many nations to be altered more or less permanently. Severe extreme “earth changes” were predicted which sounded outrageous to many at the time. When many of these dire predictions did not come to pass immediately during the late 1990s-early 2000s, some of these forecasts were claimed to have been debunked. But since the year 2000, no one can argue that around the world, weather patterns have become increasingly disrupted, massive fish and other sea life kills are noted annually, huge sinkholes are increasingly appearing on every continent, and no consensus among scientists can be found, as to WHY.

We were all just getting accustomed to seeing such shocking video footage of massive sudden yawning circular sinkholes: swallowing buses, cars, even entire buildings, when the newest earth drama appeared: massive huge “gashes” opening up in the earth like new fault lines.

This newest ‘wild earth’ phenomenon is escalating, and it is happening on more than one continent: the sudden appearance, often within seconds, or overnight, of massive deep long gashes in the earth, the same kinds of sudden gashes which open up during massive earthquakes. No shaking or seismic actions are usually felt around these gashes – they just suddenly yawn open, and in many cases, the gash continues to open and get larger, longer and deeper for weeks or even months after they first appear.

Theories differ wildly as to why these dramatic earth events are taking place. Some officials assert that unusually severe seasonal rains have inundated the water table, shifting massive tons of silt and soil beneath soils which were geologically unstable to begin with. Florida is a case in point. An increase in underground seismic activity has also been pointed out as a possible factor.

In 2013 an enormous sudden gash opened up in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands ‘gash’ from 2013: any sudden massive land movement into the Atlantic ocean could trigger a tsunami which would strike the USA east coast and could endanger the lives of tens of millions of American citizens. Geologists and city planners on the US east coast ought to be creating contingency evacuation plans which could accommodate millions of people in the event of a massive earthquake on the Canary Islands which might displace tens of thousands of tonnes of earth and soil into the sea.

Here’s video:

In 2014 a massive gash opened up in the ground in Mexico.

The Mexico ‘gash’ opened in 2014.

Here is video:

It happened in Wyoming just a few weeks ago. [ See below. ] Now it has happened again, this time in Mississippi, as a colossal “gash” opened up in the ground under an I-Hop parking lot, engulfing dozens of vehicles in a long wide deep muddy red hole, which also looks exactly like a “sudden new fault line” has opened up in the earth.

The warning signs of yet more severe earth changes are clearly being given in these early events. I see a steady increase year to year in sudden and unexpected geologic events and the events are happening all over the world. I have yet to see a geologist or other weather official make any appearance on USA network news media to make an effort to explain these frightening and unprecedented earth change events. No one knows where this is going to take place next. Are our emergency preparedness officials doing what is necessary to try to protect or evacuate the public in the events of sudden multiple earth opening events?

Shouldn’t finding the reason for these geologic upheavals be an urgent national priority for our scientists? Have many more “giant earth gashes” have to open before geologists start to take these events seriously? Maybe a giant gash needs to open up across the White House lawn, so that geologists, FEMA and top American scientists will take notice.

Recent related earth changes video reports:

The location of the new sudden ‘giant gash’ in Wyoming, just a few dozen miles beneath the southern end of the massive Yellowstone caldera, begs the question as to whether underground changes in the caldera are affecting the land regions surrounding it. How close are we to an eruption? Is this Wyoming gash a sign of more drastic earth events to come?

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#BREAKING: Controlled Demolition of the US Dollar & Mysterious Banker Deaths EXposed

Preface:  I began to suspect back in the fall of 2008 that something very ominous was afoot with the US banking system, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. It looked to me exactly like a well planned “slow motion controlled demolition of the US dollar” over the past 5-6 years by Illuminati Elites working within the US government, Wall Street, and the biggest US banks. This was all taking place during the Obama presidency, during which time the national debt has been run up higher than at any time in US history, and now teeters at more than 17 trillion dollars, an unthinkable, unimaginable sum of money, a debt so huge, it can never be paid off – EVER.

My gut would rumble with each new bizarre development during the sudden and spectacular events of the fall of 2008, when according to a complicit media, [most of which is owned by conglomerates of the same Illuminati Elites who were orchestrating events], our own economy and thus the word economy, nearly collapsed entirely, due to a rash of sour mortgage investments. We were all told that only a sudden and massive bailout by American tax-payers would immediately stop the chain reaction of defaults that was happening, stop the financial bleeding and save the US economy.

Beginning there, in the fall of 2008, distinguished guest Douglas J. Haggman of Northeast Intelligence Network who spoke on Coast radio last night, explains why he believes that an ongoing controlled demolition of the US dollar is now underway, leading to the eventual collapse of the dollar and the introduction of a new NWO global currency. This show is probably one of the most important Coast shows I have listened to in decades, and I wanted to share it. This link is to the entire two and one half hour long show, so set the time aside and give this intelligence expert serious attention. I believe every tax paying American ought to hear what he has to say.

Here’s the show.

See also:

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Excerpt: RE: How the Cyber Warriors for Obama work online to discredit truth researchers, independent conservative journalists and alternative news reporters;

“The instructions seemed very specific. Infiltrate web forums, collect screen names, avatars, and posters’ tag lines, and attempt to resolve these to their actual identities. I read one paragraph that listed circumstances when the “asset” was only to monitor but do not disrupt without authorization. There was another section titled “Divert, Disrupt and Destroy,” listing “how to’s” in certain cases.

There was also a section on maintaining a social media presence, and another on the most effective use of Twitter.

Lastly, there was a “reference section,” which included statistics, specific language to use to marginalize different posters, and effective methods to discredit people while maintaining a sense of legitimacy.

It was surreal, to say the least.

Oh, one more thing that’s important. As I said, these “kids,” or young people I believe, are known collectively as “Cyber-Warriors for Obama.” The subheading was “And the truth shall set you free.”  Truth? Really? They were hired on their hacking abilities, or more precisely on their abilities to make postings through proxy servers and effectively use alternate identities and multiple e-mail addresses. Their purpose is to spread disinformation, not truth.

There were also motivational statements on various pages, including one that referred to Obama as the “Pharaoh of the Internet,” which I thought was an odd characterization.

But what’s important is that suddenly, through the use of Internet aliases, multiple e-mail addresses, and screen names, a project that employs 3,575 people will have the appearance and effectiveness of maybe 10,000 or more different people.”

Also … Google: “Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project”

Top 100 Safest Cities in the USA

Click on any city name below to get a report

rank city
100 Mason, OH
99 San Clemente, CA
98 San Juan Capistrano, CA
97 Hoffman Estates, IL
96 Elmhurst, IL
95 Goleta, CA
94 Leawood, KS
93 Northbrook, IL
92 Milton, MA
91 Winter Springs, FL
90 Pacifica, CA
89 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
88 Upper Arlington, OH
87 San Ramon, CA
86 Lakeville, MN
85 Danville, CA
84 Lake Oswego, OR
83 Brunswick, OH
82 Chino Hills, CA
81 Foster City, CA
80 Shelton, CT
79 Marion, IA
78 Holly Springs, NC
77 Mission Viejo, CA
76 Walnut, CA
75 Carol Stream, IL
74 West Chicago, IL
73 Vernon, CT
72 Park Ridge, IL
71 Midland, MI
70 Kaysville, UT
69 Yorba Linda, CA
68 Palatine, IL
67 Soledad, CA
66 North Andover, MA
65 Leander, TX
64 Keller, TX
63 Peachtree City, GA
62 Lake Forest, CA
61 Spring Hill, TN
60 Menomonee Falls, WI
59 Melrose, MA
58 Mount Prospect, IL
57 Hanover Park, IL
56 Cupertino, CA
55 Germantown, TN
54 Dublin, OH
53 Weston, FL
52 Mundelein, IL
51 Plainfield, IL
50 Parker, CO
49 Fair Lawn, NJ
48 Lincoln, CA
47 Ballwin, MO
46 Shoreview, MN
45 Ossining, NY
44 Bethel Park, PA
43 Moorpark, CA
42 Logan, UT
41 Westfield, NJ
40 Temple City, CA
39 Milton, GA
38 Laguna Niguel, CA
37 Lexington, MA
36 West Linn, OR
35 Buffalo Grove, IL
34 Merrimack, NH
33 Carmel, IN
32 Castle Rock, CO
31 Flower Mound, TX
30 Brentwood, TN
29 Cheshire, CT
28 Glastonbury, CT
27 Fort Lee, NJ
26 Dracut, MA
25 Andover, MA
24 Aliso Viejo, CA
23 Los Altos, CA
22 Long Beach, NY
21 North Ridgeville, OH
20 Friendswood, TX
19 Fishers, IN
18 Little Elm, TX
17 Florence, AZ
16 Needham, MA
15 Wellesley, MA
14 Johns Creek, GA
13 Glen Cove, NY
12 Rexburg, ID
11 Agawam, MA
10 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
9 Shrewsbury, MA
8 Sammamish, WA
7 Saratoga, CA
6 Ridgewood, NJ
5 Bella Vista, AR
4 Bartlett, IL
3 Greenwich, CT
2 Bergenfield, NJ
1 Franklin, MA

See last year’s top 100

Irate Hampster On a Treadmill, On Acid, Chasing a Carrot, Which is Actually a Hologram

The national debt has increased by 88% under Obama’s watch.

The United States government must  borrow 3.9 billion dollars a day to stay in business. 41 cents on every dollar the US spends is borrowed.

The citizen reporter in the first video below shares many of my views on the incredibly reckless colossal amount of debt which has been taken on by the US government since Barack Obama took office. The national debt has increased by 88% under Obama’s watch. I had often mused several years back that what I saw Barack Obama’s administration doing was exactly what a president would do if he deliberately WANTED to destroy the currency of a nation for decades to come in the future.  I can find no other explanation for the Obama administration’s fiscal policy that makes any sense to me. It’s stomach churning.

The currency of a nation is it’s lifeblood. Once it is ruined through deliberate intentional debasement a chain reaction ensues which cannot be turned back. I felt relieved when I watched this first video and saw that another citizen reporter also sees what I see and is reporting on it. You cannot intentionally debase the currency of a country for years without paying the piper at some point. Hyper-inflation will eventually ensue [ $10 usd for a loaf of bread, $14 per gallon gasoline etc. ] and pandemonium will follow.

This is not a “democrat vs. republican” issue. This will soon cease to even be a “political” issue at all and will become an “economic survival of the nation” issue. I found it fascinating that at least one of the heads of the FederAL Reserve out of Kansas City stated she will not go along with another raising of the nation’s debt limit.  I wonder how that’s going to go over.

If you don’t comprehend what exactly is taking place regarding the “federal debt” – imagine this:

You are dangerously under-employed, but hanging onto a part time job for dear life. You owe Tom, Dick,. Harry, and Mary more than $15,000.00 in credit card debt and the meter is ticking.  You presently have a lousy part time job and about $30 left in all your bank accounts. You have 3 cans of soup in the pantry. You have a flat tire and a busted clutch on your car. Someone sends you a credit card offer for a new credit card with a $20,000.00 credit limit. You already owe at least $15,000.00 in past due bills.  What do you think the odds are that you will turn down that credit card offer?  You practically no income to speak of, a mountain of debt, and someone somewhere is ready to loan you MORE money on time-interest payments. Taking on yet another credit card will possibly keep your boat afloat for about 6-12 more months – if you are cunning, frugal and very lucky. So you take the bait and take out the card.  More shit happens. You quickly consume the $20,000.00 in about 3 months paying down some of the biggest old debts, their accrued interest, and paying interest on other new credit cards. Now you are $24,000.00 in debt rather than $15,0000.00 in debt.  Another credit card offer arrives in the mail for $35,000.00 at 24% interest. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s a never-ending cycle of sinking deeper and deeper into new debts to service the old ones. That’s exactly where we are as a country: flat ass broke and borrowing our asses off every month.  Your great great grandchildren will still be paying off the 13.9 trillion dollar federal debt if the madness doesn’t stop soon. If you see any brilliant solutions coming out of DC that don’t involve creating more money [ debt ] out of thin air, be sure to let me know. This I gotta see. I threw in some other interesting videos I found this afternoon.

If you and your family live in the midst of a large metropolitan urban area, make plans NOW to get out just as fast as you possibly can. Set up a rural retreat and make a bug-out plan. The toothpicks and band-aids which are now holding this whole train wreck together are fraying by the day. Make your contingency plans now.

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Online Store Updated with New Product Categories for 2013

Once a year or so I like to remind readers that my news blogs need a little love and support to keep on trucking.

I have just updated the online store that supports this news blog with a special new category featuring a broad variety of hand held Geiger counters, and other really cool radiation detecting devices. These devices and helpful aids cost less than $100 for the most part, and some of the other fancier units are less than $20o.00. There is a VERY interesting product included which turns an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone etc into a Geiger counter which I thought was just the bees-knees!

Not to seem dooms-dayish, but now would be a really good time to just look some of those items over and spend a little to make sure you can have some way of detecting radiation in your local region. It’s just a good common sense thing to do. I’m probably going to spend less than $100 and pick up a nice hand held Geiger counter so that I can know what’s in the air [ or not ] in my region on the South Oregon Coast. Check out all the store categories, and the Geiger Counter category is the last one listed at the bottom. Help me out here and Retweet and share this post on your own social networks. I need financial support to keep reporting the news and keep a roof over my head too, and I thank you in advance for your support.

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Australian Astronomer States A “Mini Solar System” Now Entering Our Solar System

Mini Solar System Entering Ours, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

See also

Important Update to Relocation Post from Last Week

Recently I posted a article on getting out of the city which included a list of the top 100 most dangerous cities in America. This week I have added some more information to that post which includes an important video. The presentation is about 2 hours, feature length, and anyone who is relocating should definitely watch this movie. It’s by Joel Skousen. Below is an excerpt from one of his most recent global intelligence reports:

Did you Know?

The Russians are building tremendous new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems–all with the assistance of US technology transfers. They are deploying on average, 3 new Topol-M 6th generation ballistic missiles per month. We built our last MX over 10 years ago, and are disarming unilaterally. Further, the Russians are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains, clearly intended to function during a nuclear war. The US intelligence community (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) knows this and are actively covering for the Russians, so the American people won’t become alarmed.

Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been supplying the Chinese with high technology weapons systems for years, knowing that they, in turn, are supplying other enemies (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea) as well. Both Russia and China continue to protest against any US anti-ballistic missile system, even though such systems are purely defensive. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that ABM systems only threaten someone who intends to launch ballistic missiles someday.

President Clinton directed our military to absorb a nuclear first strike rather than launch on warning (our only true deterrent to a first strike) and to prepare to retaliate afterward. That first strike will take down all command and control, all bombers (since none are on alert), most missiles, and all satellite and submarine communications.

According to the House Armed Services Committee, the following reductions have taken place during the Clinton Administration: Strategic and General Purpose Forces from 1990 to 1997: B-52 Bombers have gone from 220 to 56. B-1 Bombers from 90 to 60; Strategic Defense Interceptor Aircraft from 36 to 0; and Army Divisions (1990 to 1997) have gone from 18 Active down to 10. Reserve divisions have gone from 10 to 8. Army Brigades (1990 to 1997) have declined from 8 Active to 3 and Reserve brigades have gone down from 27 to 18.

Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief attempts to track the insider moves underlying the major stories you hear each week. The WAB is not a primary news source–but rather, the best source of news analysis. Joel’s purpose and strong point is to help you see how world and national events are shaping up in accordance with the secret agendas of men and groups who control government. The World Affairs Brief puts together the probable set of intentions and motives of the power elite by inductively cataloging their specific actions over time.

What will you do about it?

What is the risk to you and your family if there is a major terrorist attack on a U.S. city with chemical or biological weapons? What will you do?

Did you know the US, by policy, will not retaliate on warning of a nuclear attack –effectively removing any deterrent? Are you prepared if the “unthinkable” happens –nuclear war?

Have you considered what you will do if an economic crisis threatens your pensions, investments and other so-called “guaranteed” income?

What about a major earthquake or other natural disaster suddenly upsetting the natural social order for months at a time? Could you get out of harm’s way if massive social unrest erupts in the wake of a crisis?

What about your home? Do you have extra tanks of potable water should public water supplies be cut off or contaminated? Would you know how to collect and filter your own water if none was available for a long time?

Joel Skousen is a world-renowned expert in home security and Constitutional law. Joel, who publishes a weekly comprehensive analysis of world affairs, is also the author of books on home security, law, and government. His latest two books, The Secure Home and Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places, address the myriad economic, biological, and political threats that face families living in today’s complex world. The books also serve as guides for families wishing to relocate to a more secure area and become self-sufficient. In addition, Joel is available to consult privately with individuals to design high security residences and retreats, or to develop contingency plans for emergency situations.

My updated article is on the site front page and here is the video report. Feel free to forward, share and re-post this material if you or someone you know if trying to make plans to relocate and get out of the city. Thanks.

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