What If North and South Korea Went to War? The Query Has No Answer, Because the Answer is Too Terrible to Consider.

The query presented in the first video below is rolled about, and facts are stated by the narrator for the record, but the query is never actually answered in the video clip. It cannot be answered. There are too many unthinkable, yet entirely plausible possible scenarios which could rapidly unfold in response to even the first two or three days of a war between North and South Korea. Millions upon millions of precious innocent souls could die during the first 24 hours of a war between North and South Korea.

The list of possible ‘unthinkables’ regarding North Korea are almost too numerous to even attempt to consider. The recent Clinton / Obama era foreign policy response tactic of “ignoring” North Korea has proven to be a complete failure, resulting in the morbidly obese growth of Kim Jong Un’s nearly psychotic hubris, until we have now come to the next unthinkable moment – the possibility that North Korea may have detonated a small hydrogen bomb underground on January 6th 2016. Ignoring the crazy little fat man is no longer working, and it was never the right way to handle the threat.

There are also too many other potential dire unintended exploding political chain reactions from hell which could also begin to cascade rapidly into the picture, once war broke out, which really cannot be answered adequately, as only God knows how those options might play out. Any war between North and South Korea would very quickly escalate into a most terrible yet proxy confrontation between China and the USA, an utterly awful and soul debilitating scenario, which has already played out once before in lesser form, during the Vietnam War era from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. We all know how that ended. It was an absolute fiasco for our country. 58,000 American men and women died for nothing, absolutely nothing, other than the foolish hubris of 3 consecutive American presidents who did not know how to finish what had been started, and feared losing face on the world stage more than they cared about those precious American lives. Not to mention the tens of thousands of innocent South Vietnamese who died in vain.

I see NO SCENARIO where North and South Korea go to war which would NOT escalate into US involvement on the South Korean side, since we are their committed allies. North Korean backer and prime ally China would be pulled into the conflict almost inevitably. With four nations now involved, possible escalations could array themselves in any number of scenarios. Iran is an ally of North Korea. So is Syria. Saudi Arabia is a sworn foe of Iran and Syria, but a close friend of Turkey. India hates Pakistan and Pakistan hates her back. Both are nuclear armed nations. ISIS psychosis sits squarely in the dark hole center of the Mideast, ready to be armed by black market nukes smuggled in from North Korea. Turkey secretly arms Syrian rebels and hates Russia. Russia is furious with Turkey and supports Assad and wants to rule the Mideast and own her oil. Turkey is in the way. EVERYONE wants the Mideast oil. China needs it badly. ISIS wants to invade Great Britain. They have already terrorized France. Mighty little David vs. Goliath Israel sits squarely in the middle of all this mess which is ready to ignite at any moment. We live in a hair-trigger world, often nearly deranged by the ongoing stress of it all.

And so it goes and so it goes. Funny. The video clip didn’t mention any of that. That’s because it’s a question that cannot be answered, and no amount of studying the pieces on the chessboard can solve the riddle. It’s a prepper’s nightmare for all of us, all over the world. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly.


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NY Times Op-Ed: “Bomb North Korea Before It’s Too Late”

So it’s not just me, huh?

You know how serious it must be when the New York Times weighs in and implores our military to please do SOMETHING about North Korea. I actually thought this headline was a spoofed item, until I followed the link and saw the article posted on their “opinion” page. The article reads like a foreign policy directive. Hmmmm. We don’t really know what the White House and Pentagon are doing about North Korea from behind the scenes, but I would be much more comfortable getting the mood of US foreign policy from the horse’s mouth, rather than the NYT.

I’m sure my readers are sick to death of hearing me rail on and on about North Korea, but why hang the lovely canary in your coal mine if you are not going to check to see if it’s still singing once in a while?

Well, right now, I’m still singing. The signs are all awful, they are all as ominous as hell, I live on the “f%$#@king west coast” and of course I am livid about all of it. Writing about it brings a brief modicum of relief.  [ Send me a bag of good strong pot. That would REALLY help. ]

But don’t take my warning song seriously. Go on over to the New York Times and get a gander of the tune they are singing right now. I am officially wondering out loud whether this OP-ED is for real, or whether it is just carefully calculated “fear porn”?

In related news, on April 13th a peculiar news story appeared on the website http://superofficialnews.com. The report alleges that an American business man in South Korea had access to tourist telescopes from the rooftop of his hotel. He claimed to observe via telescope as US Stealth Bombers dropped thousands of leaflets all over Pyongyang, warning the people of the city to evacuate en masse to save themselves ahead of a missile strike which would destroy the entire city. A copy of the alleged leaflet appears below:

Leaflets warning North Korea of impending attack

Below is the English translation:


Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, the city of Pyongyang and its surrounding military bases will be destroyed. Unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s humanitarian policies, the United States Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate Pyongyang and save your life.

Your military leaders have refused to quiet their threats of a nuclear war against South Korea. Kim Jung-Un has been warned multiple times to end his rhetoric of nonsense and pull back his military forces but refuses. The actions of this insane, immature, reckless, evil dictator will no longer be accepted by the U.S. and the rest of the world. This aggression will not stand, man.

The American people and the rest of the world truly feel for you innocent people who are being held against your will. Hopefully by destroying Kim Jung-Un and most of the military your country can start fresh. This attack will give your people the ability to rise up and claim your country as your own. You will no longer have to fear the prison camps and being tortured for speaking out against your ruthless leaders. You will never have to listen to the propaganda and lies that your government tells you on a daily basis. You will be free to own your own business and make your own money. You will be free to disrespect your leaders if you do not agree with them without fear of being tortured and your family imprisoned. You will no longer be shut off from the rest of the world. Unfortunately though, all of this is up to you. America and it’s allies will be sending NO ground forces to North Korea. The only attacks will be bombs dropped from overhead, just like this leaflet that has come into your possession. America is not fighting the North Korean people but is fighting the military clique which has enslaved your people. Hopefully after this is over, a new, better and free North Korea will emerge. You can restore peace by demanding new and good leaders. It is your country. This is your time to rise up and take what is yours. Every one in the world wishes you nothing but the best. EVACUATE PYONGYANG NOW!”

At this time the only information known is that the leaflets are just being released over Pyongyang. The Korean Broadcasting System is saying the amount of leaflets being dumped number in the millions.

I am assuming the above news story is an “Onion-worthy” satirical piece. It has several misspellings in it and the vernacular is riddled with common slang. One Example: “This will not stand, man.”

The story is assumed to be NOT real. But interesting nonetheless. See also:

Bomb North Korea, Before It’s Too Late


See also Contrasting Views on North Korea Underscore Sensitivities and Lack of Evidence

See also US Stealth Bombers Drop Leaflets Over North Korea Warning of Attack

Children and Families Forced to Watch Hundreds of Public Executions in North Korea

There is not enough news being broadcast about North Korea in the United States which informs the American people of the truth about the horrific conditions which are taking place in that nation. The horrors of Hitler only went on for a few years. This nightmare of abject human suffering, starvation and death has gone on for decades and the entire world MUST address this situation. This cannot be allowed to continue for another decade while the world turns a blind eye. I found this report today on a UK news website. I want others to know about this. I know this is not a pleasant topic but the magnitude of the human suffering which is going on in North Korea calls out for help from every citizen reporter who has a pulse and gives a damn about human life.

Here is the re-post:

North Korea barbaric regime revealed: ‘My children had to watch hundreds of executions in the street’

13 Apr 2013 00:00

A nurse who defected from leader Kim Jong-un’s regime just three months ago speaks to our reporter. She kneels in prayer below.

Pray: Choi Eun-Ok is scarred by her experiences
Pray: Choi Eun-Ok is scarred by her experiences

The sickening routine was heralded by the loud horns of North Korean Army trucks, followed by the hammering of fists and boots on nearby neighbours’ doors.

Pistol-wielding security thugs would line up villagers, insisting their children stood still and waited for the most obscene street show on Earth.

They would then watch in horror as a soldier dragged out a weeping suspect, who would then be shot in the back of the head at point-blank range.

Choi Eun-Ok, a nurse who defected to the South from leader Kim Jong-un’s regime just three months ago, recalls the horror with a blank expression.

Our translator can barely hear her as she is so used to whispering through fear of eavesdropping spies misinterpreting her conversations.

She says: “I saw hundreds of executions between 1998 and 2005, perhaps as many as three in one week and all of them in the street in front of me and my family.

“This period was when we saw the most regular executions, between 1998 and 2005, when it became really bad.

“Everyone in the village – children and adults – were forced to watch.”

National meeting to celebrate the first anniversaries of Kim Jong Un's election
Dogma: Kim Jong Un’s followers

Mrs Choi, 54, fires us a stern look that emphasises the importance of what she is about to say and continues: “Both of my ­children saw the executions because the soldiers insisted.

“They want to convince everyone at a very early age that they have to obey and they have to witness what will happen if they do not obey.

“I had no choice – each time they came to our home and ordered us all to bring out our children to watch people getting executed.”

What she then tells us exposes the level of cruelty the security forces will descend to as they create a climate of fear.

She says: “The soldiers would shoot the people whilst the victims were wearing thick clothes to keep out the cold.

“At least this meant we would not have to see too much blood.

“But after 1998 they wanted to make the killings more horrifying for us and scare us into not disobeying the system so they forced victims to come out in thinner clothing.

“We could see so much blood. It made us much more fearful.”

North Korean children hold up red scarves to be tied around their necks during an induction ceremony into the Korean Children's Union
Brainwashed: Kids indoctrinated

It is a measure of how the barbaric system made civilians grateful for small mercies when she holds her head in her hands and says quietly: “It seems awful but somehow killing people in thick clothes seemed less cruel. When they started shooting people in thin clothes sometimes my children would not be able to eat for days they were so disturbed by the executions.

“It was terrible. In recent years there has hardly been any food anyway.”

Slightly-built Mrs Choi is sitting in the home of Pastor Kim Seung-Eun, 48, whose church The Caleb Mission has helped more than 1,000 defectors and refugees escape the hell of North Korea.

Now she lives in a bustling South Korean town outside the capital Seoul but even now she has not escaped the immense cruelty of the place she fled.

She had spent most of her adult life with her husband and latterly their two children, a boy and a girl in the poor town of Gyung Seong, north east of Pyongyang, close to the Chinese border.

Some years ago her son died in a fishing accident, she tells me.

North Korean children hold up red scarves to be tied around their necks during an induction ceremony into the Korean Children's Union
Devoted: North Korean children in a parada in North Korea. Many of the them look terrified and resigned.

But she fled North Korea to find her daughter, who recently crossed the border to China.

Sadly she learned her daughter had fallen into the hands of Chinese ­gangsters who sold her on. She has heard nothing about her since.

Many shady human-trafficking gangs have emerged on the North Korea-China border who sell young girls into prostitution.

To search for her daughter, Mrs Choi slipped into China past border guards who were bribed. But she could find no trace of the girl after several weeks.

Finally Pastor Kim Seung-Eun, a South Korean campaigner who has smuggled more than 1,000 people out of the North, helped to bring Mrs Choi to Seoul.

There he helped her settle while he and his contacts investigate the girl’s whereabouts, which are still a mystery.

Pastor Kim Seung Un South Korean who rescues people from the North
Rescue: Pastor Kim Seung Un helps refugees

When asked about her husband, Mrs Choi shakes her head, stares at the floor and says: “He is still there.”

She weeps as she tells me: “Now I know I have escaped that place and I feel I am safe here but where are my family?

“My husband and my daughter – I have nothing. I have nothing.”

In order to protect family members still stuck in North Korea, we have agreed not to publish details of her husband and have changed her name.

Most of the 25,000 North Koreans who have fled to the South since the 1953 armistice still fear the regime’s ruthless network of spies operating in the region are trying to track them down.

Defectors hope that if it is not known they are in South Korea then they will be labelled “missing presumed dead” and remaining relatives will be left alone.

A North Korean soldier stands on the bank of Yalu River, near the North Korean town of Sinuiju
Brutal: A North Korean soldier stands guard

During her life in the North, Mrs Choi has seen many of her friends and ­neighbours disappear over the years.

She says: “You never knew when you were talking to a friend or simply someone you knew, who was a spy. There were spies everywhere.

“You talk to a family member one day and that person could be working for the security people and tell them what you said.

“If it was thought harmful to the country or you said anything about Kim Jong-il when he was alive or Kim Jong-un now you’d disappear.

“Sometimes we saw ­security people come for th­em and they would be taken off to prison.

“One year the father of a family we knew was taken to one of the two prisons in our area and nobody knew why.

“A year later the security men came and their entire home was emptied of furniture, belongings and clothes.

“And then the rest of the family, wife and children were taken away. We never saw them again.”

15 people saved by Pastor Kim Seung-Un
Safe: 15 people helped by Pastor Kim Seung-Un

The two main prison camps in the area are Camp 21 and 22, the latter of which is a notorious gulag where many inmates have been killed or die of ill-treatment.

Mrs Choi confirmed she had heard of both jails and they were in the area where she once lived.

It is feared that as many as 400,000 prisoners in North Korea have died in labour camps in the past 30 years and many were killed by biological or chemical experimentation.

Even now Mrs Choi is thin and looks underfed but when she fled North Korea she weighed just six stones. Now she has put on a stone.

Occasionally sobbing, she says: “Every day was a struggle to get food. As a family we were able to live on one meal a-day but it was never enough for us.

“I gained weight when I moved to the South and thankfully I feel reasonably healthy physically.

“But I think of my family. I have my freedom but I don’t really have it as I cannot be free until I know what happened to them.

“I think of them all of the time.”

Our North Korea video shocks the world

Our harrowing video revealing the grim reality of life in North Korea was picked up by broadcasters around the world yesterday.

Over half a million people viewed the exclusive footage on our website exposing the truth that rogue leader Kim Jong-un wants to hide from the outside world.

Our front page story uncovering the appalling existence inflicted on his people was picked up by Daybreak on ITV and was the lead story on Sky News – as well as featuring on ITN, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, ABC news in the US and other stations from Denmark to Japan.

Several major newspapers in France and Germany followed up our story which had six million page views on mirror.co.uk.

The chilling video shows a child of around 10 dying of starvation in a gutter while soldiers close by load enough rice on to trucks to feed families for weeks.

As the boy slumps on the grimy curb in his filthy, over-sized army jacket, locals stroll by without a glance.

North Korean Escapee: “Farm Animals Are Treated Better in the Outside World Than People in North Korea.”

A North Korean woman who defected to South Korea shortly after Kim Jong Un came to power recently spoke with a western CNN reporter and described a country where people are so desperate for food that they eat grass and leaves off of trees. I have actually seen video footage of North Korean citizens foraging for grass and leaves in the many immaculate public parks which dot Pyongyang.

The escapee stated that food prices had tripled in the last year since Jong Un came to power after his father’s death. She and her entire family were starving, hadn’t had food in three days, and they had at one point decided to commit suicide together by starvation, when she decided she wanted to live and begin making her plans to get out of North Korea. She now lives in Seoul South Korea.

“To survive, I had to eat grass. People pick grass and leaves and use them to make soup,” said the defector who now lives in South Korea. Reports out of North Korea suggest food prices have tripled in the past year.

More than 25% of North Korean children under the age of five suffered from chronic malnutrition in 2012, according to the National Nutrition Survey of North Korea, a report backed by UNICEF, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization. The report also found nearly one in three women suffered from anemia.

As many as 3.5 million people are estimated to have died during North Korea’s severe famine of the 1990s, according to South Korean NGO Good Friends Center for Peace, Human Rights, and Refugees. Official North Korean numbers estimate 220,000 people died.”

She made the statements to the reporter that after she got out and was exposed to the rest of the world she realized that “farm animals in the outside world are treated better than the people of North Korea.”

See The North Korea we rarely see

See also John Kerry: “A nuclear armed North Korea is unacceptable.”

What Kind of Military Weaponry Does North Korea Have? Chart Shows Massive But Antiquated Arsenal

What Kind of Military Weaponry Does North Korea Have? Chart Shows Massive But Antiquated Arsenal

John Kerry: “A nuclear armed North Korea is unacceptable.”

Cited:  “We are all united in the fact that North Korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power,” Kerry said. “The rhetoric that we’re hearing from North Korea is simply unacceptable.”

As an American citizen living on the west coast of the United States, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Kerry.

I spotted this North Korea arsenal chart today and wanted to share it with readers. I am officially “breaking” my blogging silence on North Korea with this post, which by the way is my 501st blog post on the new Screenshots news blog. My 500th post was the one just before this about more giant sinkholes.

Send strawberry cheesecake and red port by way of congratulations, thank you.



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Micheal Hayden: “Possibility of North Korean Nuclear Attack Somewhere Between Remote and Zero” – David Cameron: “North Korean Nukes Can Hit the UK”

Jong Eun is shown “signing off” on a nuclear pre-emptive first strike on US mainland in propaganda photos published mostly for the benefit of his own people and to bolster his standing as a leader.

South Korea reported late last night that North Korea has begun moving missiles toward their east coast. Our US base in Guam is on it’s highest alert, and the world is watching, wondering just how far Kim Jong Eun will step toward the edge of all reason to peer over the edge into the abyss which would spell the end of his life, and the end of his nation.

I would bet that every American [ like me ] who lives on the west coast is also glued to news developments about North Korea 24-7. Even though we are all re-assured daily that Jon Eun will not and actually cannot technically make good on his threats, this situation feels awful and I really am furious about it.

Cited: Former CIA Director Michael Hayden told LIGNET this week that the possibility of North Korea launching a nuclear attack is “somewhere between extremely remote and zero,” but that he believes the current situation with the North is extremely dangerous and is becoming more so by the year. The cycle of threats by North Korea followed by promises of aid must be broken, he said.

See http://www.lignet.com/ArticleAnalysis/Hayden–Policy-of-Tremendous-Restraint-Has-North–?promo_code=125BD-1&utm_source=125BDTelegraph_Media_Group&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1

Adding to all this conflicting information, Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has come out with a statement claiming it’s a “known fact” that North Korea has the technology to strike the UK with a nuclear missile.

So if this is a “known fact” then why are US military analysts telling the American public that North Korea does not have the technological ability to actually make good on their [ now daily] threats?  Which statements are true? I happen to think that is a question of urgent concern at this moment.

Forgive my French, but WTF?

Cited from the Telegraph.co.uk news website on 04.04.2013:

“The Prime Minister said he was “very concerned” about the threat from North Korea and warned that Pyongyang now has capabilities to strike the United States and Britain.

Speaking to workers in Scotland, the Prime Minister said the threat from North Korea showed that Britain needs to keep the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Asked if he was concerned about North Korea the Prime Minister said: “How concerned am I about North Korea? Very concerned, it has extremely dangerous technologies in terms of nuclear and its weapons.”

Hayden: Situation With North Korea ‘On the Edge’

Cameron: ‘fact’ that North Korea has ‘technology’ for nuclear strike against the UK

US base on standby as North Korea moves missile to the coast

North Korea’s missile launchers on the move, indicating possible new provocation

North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous Hackers Acquire 15,000 User Records from North Korean Site ‘Uriminzokkiri’ in Recent Hack

UN chief says North Korea crisis ‘really alarming’

Chinese Troops and Artillery Massing on North Korean Border

Chinese troops march toward the northeastern border with North Korea.

It’s difficult to ascertain the difference between bluff, hot air and empty rhetoric when examining breaking news from North Korea.  We’re all kind of used to that by now.

But it seems to me that Chinese troop and artillery movements toward the North Korean border is a development that ought to be discussed on American network TV news broadcasts. This activity has been going on for more than two weeks and I just learned of it today – on the web of course, making traditional TV news channels and their scripted broadcasts more irrelevant than ever.

Last night’s CBS Evening News [ 04.02.2013 ] covered the ongoing North Korea story “only so lightly”, NBC gave it considerably more attention, but neither network even mentioned the most recent dire development: the fact that China is now moving troops and artillery toward the North Korean border, and has been since mid March.

We really do live in a sort of huge “news censored” adult playpen here in the states. I had to learn of this newest twist off from the “Washington Free Beacon” news website.

Does it bother anyone else that breaking world news such as CHINESE TROOP MOVEMENTS is completely ignored by lamestream news channels, and that news items like this aren’t just under-reported – they are not reported at all.

If the opening salvos of the Asian side of WW3 were actually fired off, would we learn about it 3 or 4 days later from a teenager’s Facebook post? Do the networks think if they don’t report it to Americans, then it’s “not actual reality” yet?

Here’s the story link and more resources:

Cited:  “Chinese military movements in the border region that began in mid-March and are continuing.

The buildup appears linked to North Korea’s March 30 announcement that it is in a “state of war” with South Korea after the United Nations imposed a new round of sanctions following the North’s Feb. 12 nuclear test and because of ongoing large-scale joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises.”

The U.S. Navy is moving a sea-based radar platform, like the one seen in this 2006 file photo, closer to the North Korean coast in order to monitor that country's military moves, including possible new missile launches, a Defense Department official said Monday, April 1.!-- --/brThe U.S. Navy is moving a sea-based radar platform, like the one seen in this 2006 file photo, closer to the North Korean coast in order to monitor that country’s military moves, including possible new missile launches, a Defense Department official said Monday, April 1.

China’s army is on high alert due to recent statements and action from North Korea.

Military buildup in China near North Korean border continues as tanks, armored vehicles spotted

North Korea’s Nuclear Talk Is Making China Very Nervous

China mobilizing troops, jets near Korea

China Sees Spate of Defections from N.Korean Soldiers

US Warships Move Closer to North Korea

North Korea Escalates Tensions By Declaring Intent to Restart Nuclear Weapons Production

“Nuclear threats are not a game,” Mr. Ban said at a news conference in Andorra. “The current crisis has already gone too far.” – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Kim Jong Eun is apparently now ‘giving the finger’ to the US and the rest of the world. While the US and South Korea continue to hold a stern line [ the US sent a nuclear warship into international waters to watch for any attempted missile launch by the north over the past few days ] Jong Eun continues to do and say ALL THE WRONG THINGS TO KEEP THE PEACE, escalating tensions most recently by announcing on 04.02.2013 that North Korea will soon revive all of it’s shuttered nuclear reactors and begin processing plutonium again for the purposes of expanding it’s nuclear arsenal.

Cited:  “The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said Tuesday that North Korea appeared to be “on a collision course with the international community,” The Associated Press reported. Speaking in Andorra, where he is on an official visit, Mr. Ban said the crisis had gone too far and international negotiations were urgently needed.”

Upping the Ante with the International Community: Photo of one of North Korea’s dilapidated nuclear reactors.

Complicating any efforts to monitor this latest development is the fact that a small scale plutonium enrichment plant [ about 600 square meters in size ] could actually be built and operated literally underground in one of North Korea’s more than 8,000 tunnels which criss-cross the nation. Should North Korea choose this route any aerial surveillance of the plant would be impossible, of course. North Korea’s underground tunnel system is elaborate. Much of it is decades old and is believed to be for both military use and for civil defense purposes. I have included some photos of the North Korean tunnel systems. In 1974 it was discovered the North Korea was tunneling under the DMZ into South Korea.

Cited: North Korea is rich in uranium ores. Unlike the plutonium program, which included a large and easily spotted nuclear reactor, an enrichment plant composed of 1,000 centrifuges occupies a 600-square-meter space, small enough to be hidden in one of the estimated 8,000 tunnels North Korea has dug for military purposes across its mountainous terrain, South Korean military officials said.”


“On November 15, 1974 while in operation in the western DMZ near Korangpo, allied reconnaissance troops found steam rising from the earth’s surface indicating that a tunnel was present underneath the DMZ. The tunnels depth is believed to be some 45 meters, has a total length of 3,500 meters of which 1,000 meters invaded into the DMZ. The tunnel is along a course that would have exiting soldiers heading towards Korango, Uijongbu and is some 65 km from Seoul, 8 km northeast of Korangpo. It has a prefabricated wall of concrete and slate. When discovered, there were 220-volt and 60-watt lamps, electric lines, railways, and track vehicles. The ground is inclined by 5 degrees to the north to prevent water from gathering. There are turning points on the railroad. The tunnel is large enough to allow the transit of a regiment of troops and heavy artillery every hour.

On March 19, 1975 a second tunnel was discovered following the testimony of Kim Bu-sung, former official of the Liaison Bureau of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, who participated in the construction of underground tunnels and defected to the South in 1974. The South Korean Army analyzed the sound of underground explosions which started to be heard in Cholwon in 1972, and examined suspected sites. The arch-shaped tunnel is double the size of the 1st Underground Tunnel. There is a plaza where troops gather, and three exits which were to be used for both conventional and unconventional warfare. The tunnel is located some 13 km north of Cholwon and is 101 km from Seoul. It has a total length of 3,500 meters and is 50-160 meter below the surface. About 3,000 armed troops and their vehicles, artillery and tanks can pass per hour.”

See http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/dprk/kpa-tunnels.htm

North Korean Infiltration Tunnels Under the DMZ


See also North Korea Constructs “Underground Runway”

Illustration of a Third 1978 Underground Tunnel Built by North Korea into South Korea


The 3rd infiltration Tunnel

“A North Korean defector told the South Koreans that tunnels were being constructed to allow N. Korean troops to invade S. Korea. After four years of searching, this large tunnel – the 3rd – was discovered. To find the tunnel the S. Koreans sunk many water pipes into the ground, filled them with water and waited. When dynamite exploded near a water pipe, the vibrations caused the water to spill from the nearest pipe alerting the S. Koreans to underground activity. North Korea claimed the tunnel was a coal mine and even painted the walls with coal dust but the tunnel was closed. We were able to take a long underground walk to visit the end of the tunnel but no cameras were allowed.

From Wikipedia: “The third tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. Unlike the previous two, the third tunnel was discovered following a tip from a North Korean defector. This tunnel is about 1,600 m (1,700 yd) long and about 350 m (1,150 ft) below ground. Foreign visitors touring the South Korean DMZ may view inside this tunnel using a sloped access shaft.”

North Korea Nuclear Test Information from 2010